Stephen Cook and Anthony Morrison: Time to Take Our Leave…

Anthony Steve and Stephen

By Stephen Cook and Anthony Morrison, September 28, 2014 Back in very early 2011, my partner Anthony ‘somehow’ found this site, which was then called The 2012 Scenario. It became our daily ritual to head online every morning to see what Steve Beckow (and what was then a very small team) had sourced, found or […]


Stephen Cook: Robin Williams a Coward? No, just a Lightworker Who Used Laughter as His Sword and Shield

genie youre free

As fans around the world continue to mourn the tragic death of actor/comedian Robin Williams, Fox News has come out and called the comic genius a “coward” for his apparent suicide. Calls are now being made via an online petition (see link below, thanks to Suzy Star) for Fox reporter Shep Smith – who made […]


More Tsunami of Love Shares

flow of creek water

Here are more amazing shares about the Tsunami of Love.  As I did last time, I’ve grouped the shares, and my comments are in italics.  Names have been changed to initials only and they’ve been edited for brevity. This first one is very similar to the first wave of this energy I felt in mid-December 2012. […]


Stephen Cook: Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane: The Truth Still Lies ‘Outside the (Black) Box’ – Part 1/2

MH370 heart

By Stephen Cook – March 25, 2014 I suggest you read both parts to get the complete picture… By now, we’ve probably all read that the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak held a major press conference in Kuala Lumpur very late in the evening on March 24, Malaysian time, to make a brief statement on […]


Stephen Cook: Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane: The Truth Still Lies ‘Outside the (Black) Box’ – Part 2/2

MH370 heart. 2 jpg

By Stephen Cook – March 25, 2014 Continued from Part 1 above: Despite yesterday’s announcement by Malaysia’s Prime Minister that Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 had  “ended” in the southern Indian Ocean, it seems other on-the-ground theories continue to be discussed. Both in the mainstream and in the alternative media. Journalist Jonathan Pearlman, based in in […]


Stephen Cook: Truth, Questioning and Consciousness Raising Now Happening Globally as Missing Plane Rumours Fly Around the World

Indian sand artist Sudersan Pattnaik gives final touches on a sand sculpture with a message of prayers for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

By Stephen Cook – March 16, 2014 I think, somewhere inside, we all ‘know’ that something very unusual is going on surrounding the missing Malaysian Airlines plane right now. We can ‘feel’ it. It’s not so much because this investigation is now over a week old and still no finite answers have been provided by […]


Stephen Cook: Is Putin Working With the Help of Our Galactic Family – and Others? (Revised)

Putin galactics

Intro by Stephen Cook – March 5, 2014 I’ve been communicating with a number of people over the past few weeks who seem to have the same ‘gut’ feeling I do about the current Ukraine crisis: that it is a hugely important, monumental ‘moment’ that will change the course of this world we currently inhabit […]


Sacred Union with Ourselves

heart 45

Linda Dillon has a meditation called the Thirteenth Octave included in her book, The New You, and available on her website, In that meditation, one is taken and placed on the lap of the Father, held, loved and then placed in the arms of the Mother. Each of us has been birthed by and […]


Stephen Cook: Olympic Ceremony Rings Malfunction, Symbolic?

Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony

They say nothing is a coincidence. So there must be a message for the world coming out of the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics from Sochi in Russia after a critical and symbolic moment in the opening spectacular went wrong. What began as five snowflakes was supposed to morph, like spirograph patterns, into the […]


Stephen Cook: An Open Letter to the Leaders of Every Government Around the World: Please, Just Tell Us the Truth in 2014!


By Stephen Cook –  January 1, 2014 Please Help This Message Go Viral! Sign The Petition Now: An Open Letter to the Leaders of Every Government Around the World: Please, Just Tell us the Truth in 2014! Dear World Leaders, As a society, the human collective has been treated with such huge disrespect […]


Stephen Cook: 2013 – What’s Changed This Year?


By Stephen Cook – December 28, 2013 With just three days to go until 2013 has transitioned to 2014, I wonder what great and amazing things await us all? Each and every day lately, I awake with the sense that something ‘big’ is about to happen. That feeling of anticipation has continually increased, especially in […]


Stephen Cook: Comet ISON: Closest To Earth Now. “It’s Marking a Shift, Where Love is Reborn” – Mother Mary

Comet ISON back around sun

By Stephen Cook – December 26, 2013 Comet ISON is providing a unique energetic potential to humanity over this festive season and the next remaining  few days of 2013, according to Mother Mary (or the Divine Mother as she is also known). Right now, this intriguing and much talked-about comet is beginning its closest pass […]


Stephen Cook: The Avalanche of Truth Has Finally Begun…


By Stephen Cook – December 24, 2013 As we get to the pointy end of 2013, I’m personally delighted to see that it seems the avalanche of truth that we have long been hoping for – and have been told was coming – has finally begun. The NSA revelations continue to fall out, day after […]


Stephen Cook: All Eyes on ISON…Including Universal Mother Mary’s (aka The Divine Mother)

Comet ISON back around sun

By Stephen Cook – December 1, 2013 Comet ISON is certainly capturing our imaginations and our eyes right now. It’s as if a distant clarion call within our souls has been heard and ignited. Which it has. Which must also be why I keep getting ‘nudged’ to write more about this captivating celestial joy-rider. Besides […]


Lift Your Spirit: The New You and Beyond – Guest Linda Dillon, Tonight on InLight Radio

A great Christmas present!

UPDATE: Tonight’s show will feature exclusive audio of Archangel Michael at The New You Conference, Plus a very special message from Taka. Continuing our popular series focusing on The New You, Linda Dillon – channeller for the Council of Love and author of the books The Great Awakening and the recently-released The New You –  […]