Lady Nada and Sananda via Fran Zepeda: Illumination and Inspiration on Judgment


Fran: This capsule of information came in as I was pondering how much judgment has been a part of our lives, but also how things are changing, and asking for illumination on the subject, I received this and share it with you now: “Throughout your long existence in duality, judgment has been your stalwart, your […]


Mary Magdalene and Yeshua via Fran Zepeda: Creation and Manifestation ~ Mixing the Palette of your Love Essence

yeshua marymag

Hello Dear Ones. We Are Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, and we bow before you, together. The Sweet Pure Love Essence that we are, our energies entwined together, we offer to you now for your inherent manifestation. This Sweet Pure Love Essence that you are is there, and is magnified now in our Presence, if you […]


Mary Magdalene via Fran Zepeda: Jewels of Your Awakening


Hello dear ones. Awakening to the vast beauty within and all your exquisite gifts is but a step away. As you spread your wings of Love and become Divine Love Incarnate, this is a catalyst for deep awakenings. Beyond the fears and limitations that you are illuminating and clearing, opens a beautiful vista, a beautiful […]


Lady Nada via Fran Zepeda: You Have Entered a New Phase of Your Awakening


Greetings, Beloveds. I AM Lady Nada, here to present before you a new perspective on your awakening. Yes, you have come far. No amount of analysis could reveal just how far. You must instead FEEL the difference, the expansion and the sweet Lightness that you have achieved thus far. As you step forward into your […]


Mother Mary via Fran Zepeda: In Pure Love Essence We Breathe Together


Hello beautiful LOVE BE-ings that you are. I come to you with the sweet LOVE ESSENCE that you ALL ARE — Complete and Whole in your Love BEing … In your sweet Love Essence. You breathe, pulse, and radiate Love with all that you are. Consider this as you tune into your quiet, still Heart […]


Lady Master Quan Yin via Fran Zepeda: You Are Well on Your Way to Greater Peace and Harmony in the World


Received with Gratitude, April 8, 2015 Hello dearest ones. I AM Quan Yin. Today I come through to speak of the Purification process you have all been going through, bringing more Love, Harmony and Peace to the World. This purification process has many levels and nuances. It is, first of all, comprised of the clearing […]


Higher Self Teaching via Fran Zepeda: On Abundance and Manifestation


Received January 30, 2015 from my Higher Self, supported by Lakshmi, Lady Nada, and Yeshua: Abundance is a matter of intention, in full alignment with your soul purpose, and keeping in mind and heart the knowing that all you desire is at your fingertips, that all is present in your immediate Now for the taking. […]


Lady Master Pallas Athena via Fran Zepeda: Feel as If One with It All


Lady Master Pallas Athena: Hello, Dear Ones. It is I, Pallas Athena, infiltrating your very Being with Love and infinite completeness and wholeness, a wisp of Creator’s energy in every cell of your Being expanding at will with each breath of Love that you take. Take a step with me now into the unknown and receive […]