Stephen Cook: Ascension Week – Zonked!

zonked - Stephen Cook

Ascension Week: Zonked! By Stephen Cook – December 18, 2012 OK, so I have now taken complete and total responsibility for my all and every action, thought and deed throughout this entire period leading up to this week’s final days of our Ascension process: Ascension Week: Taking Self Responsbility. But what happened yesterday I was […]


Stephen Cook: Ascension Week – Taking Self Responsibility


Ascension Week: Taking Self Responsibility By Stephen Cook – December 15, 2012 Talk of ensuring we all ‘go within’ – go into our hearts; into our heart spaces – at this crucial time is everywhere right now. There are thousands of columns, commentaries, radio shows, videos and websites dedicated to it. To us Lightworkers, it […]


Memo – Good News Only


Hi all, Just a quick update re: news stories here on the site in this coming, important week… Over the next seven days we see our role as assisting you all to enjoy a calm and serene progression towards our expected Ascension with Gaia in just over a week’s time. So, while we do appreciate […]