What Role Do the Universal Laws Play in Life? – Part 5

Our tendency is to think of the universal law as a collection of stand-alone laws which we set about to legalistically understand. But Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos and keeper of the universal law for Earth and Venus, offered us a discussion of it on An Hour with an Angel on June 4, 2012, in which he pointed out that the universal law could not be understood or made best use of in that way.

He described how the laws were intended to work together to lead us back to God and how they could only be understood as a comprehensive and orchestrated whole. Let’s listen to what he had to say on the matter.

Sanat began by describing the Divine Mother’s intention in creating the universal law.

“The Divine Mother brings forth ways of creation, of movement, of action in which we come to know and experience the Unknowable, that we can find that place of union between movement and stillness, between all and nothing. So the universal law as you think of it, as we all think of it, is a way for us to come to know, to understand, to create and to be closer in alignment and union with all that is. So it was a method or a tool, a creation.” (1)

He confirmed that God created the universal law (through the Divine Mother) to be known.

“[The universal law] was a way for us to understand and to be in closer divine union. So even in the very beginning, the alignment of will was such that there was a will in the Oneness, in the All, in the Source to be known and you have what creations came forward throughout many universes to understand and ways in which to be able to work their way back [to God]. So you can think of universal law …. as a guide, a road map, a way in which to know the Unknowable.”

Sanat pointed out that the universal law was not devised, and does not work, as a collection of fragments but as a coordinated and orchestrated whole.

“Universal law is not fragmented. Universal law is not this law or that law. … The Divine Plan and universal law [are] a comprehensive set, a body of understanding, and it is a body of understanding so that all the participants … [be given] the understanding in the most basic of ways of how … things work in my universe, of how is it that am I to undertake my life in sacred and meaningful ways when I am in my human self in a human journey, a spirit in form. How do I conduct [my life] and know that I am in alignment.”

He agreed that the constituent laws stood alone, but they form one entity.

“There are many aspects of universal law that you have thought of as standalone laws and there are dozens of them. But you are very correct to think that there is universal law … You can think of it as one entity, as one collective energy.”

If we were to envision the universal law as one law, then, according to Sanat, that law would best be called “the Law of Love.” It was sometimes referred to as the Law of One.

“But that has become misunderstood very often and misused in some realms upon your planet. So we will talk about universal law as the Law of Love. …

“When you are in that place of love, when you are in that collective understanding, when you have reached the place within your being, of simply acknowledging and being love, then that is it. You are in adherence, you are in alignment, with the universal law.”

Sanat’s statement here is echoed by SaLuSa:

“In the future you will have much more knowledge and understanding of the Universal Laws, and with full consciousness you will have no problem in adhering to them. It can all be summed up by living from a point of Unconditional Love, and although a great challenge in your present circumstances it will become easier as you ascend.” (2)

Sanat advised us against “trying to pick the laws apart. … That is not the spirit, not the energy of the law. … It is like trying to break things down when in fact the entire purpose of universal law is unification. It is bring together, not fragmentation.”

He asked us to think of the universal law as a unifying factor, bringing us back to the higher dimensions and joining us again to all who await us there.

“When you think of universal law and yourself, we want you, we guide you to think of universal law, how we, how Mother/Father, how He/She, Source, All One, how we beckon you back to join with us. So it is a unifying factor. That is what it is called ‘universal’ law. It is encompassing. It is embracing. It is to bring you and us and all together.”

Finally he encouraged us to forego a legalistic understanding of the law and rather choose alignment with it, advising us that to choose so was to contribute to the Ascension of the collective.

“And the more that you are in alignment, not with the understanding as if you are a legal scholar, … [but] with your multidimensional, universal, human, starseed, Earthkeeper Self in alignment with the law, then the more you are in alignment not only with all but also with who you are. And the more you are in alignment with who you are, the more you are contributing to the absolute Ascension of the collective.”

The universal law therefore is a road map leading us back to the higher dimensions and a help in having us reunite with the All. If it could be conceived of as one law, it would be a Law of Love. Its overall influence on us is to promote divine qualities such as love, joy, unity, and peace.  It is a unifying factor and a corrective to the separative impulses of the Third Dimension.


(1) Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are from Sanat Kumara, Interview on An Hour with an Angel, June 4, 2012, at

(2) SaLuSa, Feb. 24, 2012, at

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