What Role Do the Universal Laws Play in Life? – Part 4

9/11 resulted in exceptions to the law of free will

In this article, I’d like to look at the fact that God the Father who created the Universal Law through the Divine Mother can also change that law and make exceptions to it. I’d like to examine that subject by using the Law of Free Will as an example.

An Indian teacher once said that we have about as much free will as a tethered cow. That sounds about right to me. We have a certain amount of free will and no more. The extent of our free will is limited and God may abrogate our free will in response to a number of demands, as we shall see here.

It’s relevant here to remember that all of life is an intentional creation of the Formless Transcendental. The great spiritual masters of all ages and countries will tell us that life is really a dream the Creator is having, malleable to the Creator’s Will. This is the reason why Swami Vivekananda could say:

“This world is a superstition. We are hypnotized into believing it real. The process of salvation is the process of de-hypnotization. … This universe is just the play of the Lord – that is all. It is all just for fun.” (1)

God is beyond the dream. He/She/It is the dreamer. While dualistic notions like good and evil apply to us inside the dream, they don’t apply to the formless God, as Sri Ramakrishna makes clear: “Good and evil apply to the jiva, the individual soul, as do righteousness and unrighteousness, but Brahman [the formless God] is not at all affected by them.” (2)

The Dreamer has the ability to command that the dream proceed in any way He chooses. He can command that situations be so; He can make a law enshrining His command; ad He can change that law by a further command, as Sri Ramakrishna reminds us: “He who has made the law can also change it.” (3)

One instance that we know of in which the law of free will has been changed is the instance in which the free will of a higher-dimensional entity is deemed to take precedence over the free will of a lower. For example, Matthew Ward tells us how Earth’s pleas for help more than a half century ago took precedence over the law of free will as it applied to us.

“It is a God-given mandate that Earth shall be free of the control by dark powers. You may ask: How can God do that when He is bound to honor Creator’s law that ALL souls’ free will choices must be respected, and clearly some people do not want any changes in the status quo? Because God’s mandate IS within that law.

“More than half a century past, Earth’s soul cried out for help so her planetary body would not perish, and it is her free will to survive that God is honoring through the cooperation of light beings within, on and beyond the planet.” (4)

Another instance in which free will can be suspended is when the actions of one civilization cause destruction to another civilization, even though that civilization may be distant in space or separate in dimensionality. For instance, the little Greys complained that our explosion of nuclear bombs was destroying their planets. In a video with Lilou Mace, Drunvalo Melchizedek discusses what happened (see after the 2:44 mark.)

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Drunvalo states there:

“In 1945, we exploded an atomic bomb. That changed everything. What we did was illegal. It was against the law everywhere throughout the universe. You can work with fusion. You can bring atoms together. You can’t break them apart. That’s illegal. The reason is because everything is interconnected. And so if you do something on a small level like an atomic level it’s going to affect something on a big level. And in this case, it was the Greys’ home base. They were out of Orion. … We literally destroyed about a hundred of their planets. And so they were upset to say the least. …

“When the atomic bomb went off that triggered everybody in the universe. I mean everyone. Basically the cosmic police came in. And in .. the summer of 1946 there were spaceships all over every single military base in Europe. … And then in June of 1947 they were all over every military base in the United States and in Japan. … There were 42,000 sightings in 1947. “ (5)

The Greys asked that humans not be permitted to harm them in this way. Matthew distinguished between the transcendental Creator and the God of this universe in explaining what happened next.

“Creator established the cosmic laws and God, by whatever name one calls the Supreme Being of this universe, must honor those laws in this universe. A few years ago in your linear time, Creator ‘broke’ Its own law of free will by decreeing that there would be no more nuclear detonations in space.

“In honoring that decree in this universe, God correspondingly ‘broke’ the law of free will by denying that to souls who have attempted such detonations. He has done so by permitting civilizations to use their technology to prevent the success of those attempts, and since Creator issued Its decree, those civilizations have acted to fulfill God’s authorization throughout this universe.” (6)

Matthew notes a third incident in which God acceded to Gaia’s wishes never to have another event like 9/11 be permitted to occur. Again it involved exceptions to the Law of Free Will.

“God is bound to honor Creator’s law of free will. Therefore, in a subsequent issue affecting Earth, it may appear that not only is He ‘breaking’ that law, but in addition He is ‘breaking’ His own law of noninterference, or nonintervention, which is that no civilization may enter into any other civilization’s affairs without request.

“He did so by denying the free will of those who have tried to cause more devastation on the scale of 9/11, and again this is being accomplished through the efforts of higher civilizations.” (7)

Matthew states that here too, God is preferring the free will of a more evolved entity – Gaia – to that of the lesser evolved entities; namely, Gaia’s inhabitants.

“However, in so allowing this, God is honoring the free will choice of Earth, who is a sentient being, a soul with a planetary body, that no more deliberate destruction to that extent may befall her life forms.” (8)

Matthew tells us that since Sept. 11, 2001, the galactics intervened many times to prevent largescale false-flag operations on the scale of 9/11.

“By honoring Earth’s free will to never again experience any terrorist activity like ‘9/11,’ God has authorized extraterrestrial intervention to prevent all such attempts and they have successfully done so more than a dozen times since September 11, 2001, including the neutralizing of manmade viruses that were intended to create pandemics.” (9)

“What the dark minds intend is to precede a declaration of that unique significance [declaring martial law] with an event of such profound impact that the populace will easily submit to martial law. Such an event would require a reaction that would rival the shock of ‘9/11,’ and God has authorized ET civilizations to prevent all major terrorist attempts, which they have done successfully several times during the three years since September 2001.” (10)

Nonetheless, apart from exceptions like these, the Law of Free Will is honored, Matthew says.

“However, other than these instances, the free will of the ‘dark cabal’ must be respected in accordance with the cosmic law, and that is why they still are causing all sorts of mayhem, oppression, death and destruction.

“Those conditions will not continue much longer. The higher frequencies will end the physical lives of the people who are causing those conditions, the people who knowingly and deliberately refuse the light that would heal their fearful spirits and permit their survival in the higher densities where your planet is heading. And it is because of the massive light-beaming by numerous other civilizations that Earth is sufficiently rejuvenated to make this journey.” (11)

Another category of events altogether are divine deadlines. Free will can be overruled when a “divine deadline” is passed in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. Ascension is part of the Divine Plan, which the galactics serve, as SaLuSa explains: “The Creator has expressed a desire that all within your Universe shall ascend” (12) and the Galactic Federation are here “to fulfil the Creator’s Plan.” (13)

Evolved civilizations from outer space and other dimensions were invited to assist the spiritual hierarchy (celestials, ascended masters, etc.) to prepare the terrestrial population to ascend. In order to be able to prepare the population, the Divine Plan stipulates that the extraterrestrials be able to get to work by a certain date.

The dark cabal can obstruct events up to that date, by exercise of their free will, but after that date they cannot. They lose the right to oppose events after that. Here is SaLuSa explaining the concept of divine deadlines:

“We do … of course have a deadline date by which we should have started, and clearly it is not that far into the future.” (14)

“However, the Divine Plan does not allow for continued delays and there is a final date by which action is required. The Universe is ascending and all progresses well and as planned, but we cannot allow little Earth to dictate the timing. As important as you are to the whole, you are still a relatively small cog in a very big wheel.” (15)

“We will confirm that in the whole context of your Ascension, there is an ultimate date given us by which we must be able to commence our activities. We may find it necessary to make the first move, and remove those who are holding us up in our mission to Earth and all life upon it.” (16)

SaLuSa uses the example of First Contact to explain what happens when a divine deadline is reached: “There is … a specified date by which you must have progressed to First Contact. If by any chance it has not commenced in good time, there will be intervention on our part to ensure it can go ahead. That has been divinely decreed and is our authorisation to do so.” (17)

Here again he says: “There is an ultimate deadline for [first] contact and you are therefore assured of our eventual arrival on Earth.” (19) And, on another occasion: “We have a timetable to guide us and have absolutely no doubt that all will be completed as intended.” (19)

The Galactic Federation has been attempting to enlist the cooperation of Earth’s various governments for some time, but the dark forces in power would not participate. Only before the divine deadline does this refusal to cooperate stop the tide of events. Says SaLuSa:

“On a number of occasions we have tried to offer our help, and it has been turned down. However, we no longer … need … your permission to arrive on Earth, as it has become a divine order with an ultimate date by which we will appear. We will do so in a perfectly correct manner and first approach those who are your legally-appointed representatives.” (20)

It is not only SaLuSa who puts forth the notion of a divine deadline. The Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation speaking through Sheldan Nidle say the same:

“Remember that Heaven is unfolding a divine plan and this plan lays out specific time points that we need to observe. These stipulations will be our orders to initiate first contact and we go planetward when so directed. Until then we follow the directives of the operation outlined in this and previous updates.” (21)

So what we’ve done here is to look at the fact that exceptions can be made to the divine law. We’ve seen that the universal law does not apply to God and that God can change the law at any time. We’ve looked at a number of instances in which God has in fact changed the Law of Free Will: to respond to Gaia’s pleas for help, to respond to the Greys’ complaint that we were destroying their worlds, and to respect Gaia’s wishes that no other attacks as destructive as 9/11 can again occur.


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