Twin Flame Calling

Linda Dillon

I’m experiencing writer’s block and I’m afraid it won’t lift until I share something, at least in a few spare details, about an event that occurred today.  I hate it when people go on and on about an event of this kind, but, if I don’t say something, I’ll be unable to write.

This afternoon I had a reading with Linda Dillon of the Council of Love, down in Florida.  The reading took the form of my twin flame coming through and speaking. There is much spiritual power in a name and my own schooling on the subject is that one should not communicate a name loosely lest others use that name in ways that bring the individual into disrepute so I’d rather keep my twin’s name to myself.

The reading lasted an hour. My twin introduced me to my guides. I had already been told by another medium two years ago that I worked for the Archangel Michael but my twin confirmed that.

She said I’m from Arcturus and that my favorite spot in the universe is the Pleiades. She confirmed that we had indeed met in a dream a few days ago, as I thought we had.

Maybe I should add a word about meeting one’s twin flame in a dream, because my twin said this would be happening more often now for others. How can I say this?  When I saw her in the dream, though we were not introduced, it was like she was a magnet and I was iron. I literally rushed to her, embraced her and would not let go.

Can you imagine how silly it is to be so electrified and hugging someone so closely? Just take a moment to consider how that would feel. The yearning inside me was greater than anything I’ve ever known. That’s why I finally called Linda, because I needed to know what just happened. I was stunned when I woke up and did not want to awaken.  I just wanted to get back into the dream.

She said my special job in life was to look into the inner spaces within myself and communicate what I find and assist others to do the same inner exploration.  She referred to the counselling work I used to do which was a form of therapeutic listening. She said I would be working with the space brothers and sisters and that would begin not too far in the future.

She added that my special talent was to make something clear. In this time of chaos, my work was to make what was happening in the world clear. That makes sense.

She said that my writing was not something I was doing alone but was a cooperative effort and she indicated that the group knew that I

What a typical Arcturian looks like. Notice the ears (Just joking, Su!)

knew that and was allowing myself to be used in that way. I was just thinking about that the other day.

I’m very much aware of this process.  At a certain time every day, ideas for an article would start flowing and I’ve long suspected that I was not the source of those ideas. I would find myself forming whole sentences in my mind and have to race for the computer.  So that means that a lot of these articles are not coming from me or at least not alone from me.

She said the energetic changes had already started and that I had been pushed and pulled by the altering vibrations and responded very well. She said that major changes for me (see footnote 1) would start by the summer and continue for a period of two years from this present day.

She reported on my father’s transition a few month’s back (apparently he got the equivalent of a ticker-tape parade from family and friends when he crossed over and they couldn’t persuade him to rest from his illness because he was so eager to start exploring). Apparently also my mother is in the Twelfth Plane and does work repairing Earth’s consciousness grid, like a “cosmic seamstress.” My wtin said that only a small fraction of my mother incarnated.

That’s as much as I feel comfortable sharing. I’m only sharing it to break this writer’s block. The whole experience was extremely gratifying and reassuring.  Linda’s website is

One thing more about Linda. I’ve been looking for a good medium for years and Linda appears to be very, very adept. So I do recommend her. My reading was $125 – Linda has a special on right now, a discount for two readings. I think readings are ordinarily $175. Thanks to Len, who introduced me to 2012 and who kicked my butt until I finally called Linda.

Here’s a video of Linda channeling Sananda.



(1) My twin was not referring to NESARA, disclosure or any other public event. She was referring to when I personally would be experiencing significant evolutionary changes within myself.

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