The Truth Will Set You Free

Perhaps I can comment on a property of the truth, in light of a discussion with one reader. Where I’d like to go here is to demonstrate that the truth can be used as a therapeutic tool to guide us in our personal work.

I imagine that readers of this site may agree that life was designed. The Creator, the One, the Source created life, as we’ve discussed on occasion, (1) so that God could meet God in a moment of our enlightenment.

God wanted to meet Him/Her/Itself and cannot do that when He/She/It is all there is. So God created illusory life forms (us) and gave each the task of knowing its true identity, essential nature, or real form.

Each time one of God’s creatures realizes itself, God meets God.

If we accept that this may be so (and it may not be so; I could be wrong), then we may come to see the special role that truth plays in life. The end of life is to realize the truth. Therefore truth has a very special place in life. It is what we all seek to know by God’s own design.

Knowing the ultimate Truth of our being sets us free from the round of life and death. Those who realize the ultimate Truth need not be reborn. They’ve completed the task for which they incarnated into this school we call life.

The Divine Mother raised the Child of God, teaching him or her by means of universal laws that mirrored back what was divine and what was not. The Child of God learned about the divine qualities and then modelled them. He or she became more and more like God. And then finally he or she realized the Truth – that he or she is God. Voila! Purpose of life accomplished.

If what I’ve said so far is acceptable, would it be any surprise that the interim truth, the truth of the moment, your truth and my truth, would also set us free in more minor ways?

For instance, would it be a surprise to say that my telling the truth of my situation would result in release from any unwanted (psychological) conditions I’m in or upsets I might feel?

If I’m feeling upset, examine what the situation is, hit upon what is really, really happening and actually tell you what that is, would it be any surprise that knowing and telling the truth of the matter would set me free from any upset feelings and other unwanted conditions?

If we know that the truth plays a special role in the drama of life, I personally would not be surprised to find that the truth would set me free from the unwanted condition. After all, needing to be reborn into this vale of tears is itself an unwanted condition and the truth sets us free from that.

So, again, if you accept what I’ve said so far, would it also be surprising if I said that this situation provides us with a very good therapeutic tool – a compass – to help us know which way to go in life? Knowing that the truth will set us free from upsets as well as from the incarnational round of life itself and can be used to show us the way.

Let me describe what I’m trying to say. If I know the truth would set me free from the upset, could I not watch myself and see if what I’m saying to you is setting me free from the upset or getting me more upset than I was? If it’s setting me free from it, if I’m experiencing more and more relief and more and more release, would I not be justified in saying and thinking that I must be telling the truth or getting closer to it?

And if I found myself feeling more and more bound, more and more upset, would I not be justified in thinking that what I’m saying to you cannot be the truth of the matter? Is not my feeling more tension and bondage proof that I’m not telling the truth?

So I could use this circumstance as feedback to myself on whether I’m telling the truth, could I not? More tension and bondage, no truth here. More relief and release, hmmmmm… I may be getting somewhere.

So the fact that life is designed such that the truth will set us free can be used as a therapeutic tool to help us know whether we’re getting closer to the truth or farther away. And the fact that it can be so used is deducible from the design of life itself.  Does that not make sense?


(1) For instance in the papers to be found here:

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