The Need for Self-Awareness Has Never Been Greater

I said a while back that I didn’t feel I could revive the path of awareness, that it was beyond the skill of my pen.

Since that time, I’ve encountered so many situations where knowledge of the path of awareness would help that I’ve revised my opinion.

I still don’t feel my pen is adequate but the need for retrieving some of the skills that self-awareness fosters seems so great that someone, somewhere has to begin the process of bringing the learnings of that path back again. Anyone who can do a better job is welcomed.

Where does that need stem from?

In the first place, it stems from the Transition that we’re going through this month. It’s challenging many of us in a great number of ways. Our old energies are coming up for release and, unless we have some tools for dealing with that, we may suffer more discomfort than we need to.

In the second place, we’re forming teams and unless we have rules of engagement that flow from an understanding of the awareness path, difficulties can arise that might not otherwise. Lightworkers follow many different paths and the different paths may not speak to each other.  Self-awareness tools are useful no matter what path one is on and can furnish a common language and common skills and practices that help us on any path we’re on and can provide a basis for a team to work together.

In the third place, at some point, as I understand the matter, we’ll reach the Time of Separation (1) in which those who intend to ascend will begin to enter a different timeline (if they already have not) from those who do not. If separation is in the cards for us, then the tools furnished by the path of awareness may make that transition for us and for those we separate from easier and less painful than it would otherwise be.

In addition to these “needs,” there are also “desirables.” I can’t think of anything I enjoy more than observing myself, being in my life, experiencing my experiences, rather than head-tripping them, being absent from them, or refusing to experience them at all. Observing oneself moment by moment brings with it love. I’m not sure why. But nothing is guaranteed to do that more than watching one’s feelings arise and pass away, thoughts, moods, etc.

I’m going to change the name of the path, however. I’m going to call it the self-awareness path from now on, to reinforce from the get-go that the central idea of the self-awareness path is to stay with one’s self. It isn’t about the other person. It isn’t about making us right and someone else wrong. It’s about us untangling our own knots and observing ourselves when we work and when we don’t work. It’s about staying with ourselves and letting the other person stay with themselves.

I consider the task of discussing self-awareness an important task, especially in this month of the Transition and so I plan to suspend many other avenues of writing and concentrate on this.

And I also plan to get the material out as fast as I can because I think our need is great.

So let me post this now and get right on to the next instalment. I don’t feel there is any time to lose, quite frankly. The outside limit is set by the amount you’re willing to read and how deeply you’re willing to pursue the subject.


(1) See for instance “A Time of Separation Will Occur,” at

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