An Adult Lives in the Center

The Region of the Center

Continuing with our discussion of the adult I-state and where it leads, (1) I’ve said that I believe an adult lives in the center.

But we may find that the center is not a finite point, as we’re used to thinking of it, but a spiritual region that keeps on opening up the closer we get to it.

The situation reminds me of one after a recent meditation retreat. I hadn’t been away from Vancouver for a long time and was now in a town called Merritt, British Columbia, some 200 miles north of here.

My wife and I began a leisurely drive back and when we reached the town of Hope, at the beginning of the Fraser Valley, I remember saying to myself, “Here we are in Vancouver.” But we were not. We were still some 100 miles away from it and just  at the first large construct (Fraser Valley) that Vancouver was in and that I could associate with it.

We drove in and came to a populated region called Surrey, which is the furthest reach of the continuous entity called “Greater Vancouver.”  I said to myself, “Ah, now we’re in Vancouver.” But we were not. Vancouver was still 40 miles away.

We travelled through suburb after suburb and entered the City and I said the same thing.  And I said it when we reached the downtown core, then city center, and finally the street on which we lived, and then the block, and the apartment. Once inside the apartment, I said, “Ah, now we’re in Vancouver.”

All of it was Vancouver but at finer and finer levels of specificity.

And the same, I think, applies to the center of our being. Our center, we will find, is an infinitely expandible region, and not a finite point. Our arrival at the center will first find us at the regional district; then a suburb; then the city; then the downtown core, city center,  street, block and finally apartment. And the apartment will see us merge again with the Center of the center, the One, the Most High.  Ah, now we’re REALLY in the Center!

In other words, what could be thought of as the center will open up and open up the further we move into it.

Up the Dimensions

The personal struggle

I also think that the more we penetrate the center, the farther up the dimensional ladder we’ll go. Not only that, but I’m willing to bet that the farther up the dimensional ladder we go, the easier will be our journey. Imagine the center in the Third Dimension as being a rope we must climb. We do it with great effort and are panting for breath by the time we reach the Fourth Dimension.

But the next leg of the rope may now resemble an escalator. And the next leg we may accomplish by flying up the rope; the next by merely thinking ourselves at the top of it; the next by entering meditation and not even thinking; and finally by what will seem a magic carpet, where we don’t even need to meditate. And so on, each leg of the journey becoming easier. Of course that’s just my guess,

We may be plumbing the center if and when we enter the orders of angels and even after we graduate from those levels to ones I don’t know about or even suspect.

Twin flames united

I think the center is a mystery, a portal, a doorway, a magical passage, the path home, the direct route. I think all that we’re hungering to find is to be found through the doorway of the center.

I could also have said the doorway of the heart, because the heart is the center. I think that, in some way we cannot describe or even understand, the center is not a center at all but something else that words cannot reach.

We’re given the opportunity to experience life at the extremes. The Third Dimension may be the most extreme of those extremes that self-consciousness can be found at. Below the Third Dimension there is, I think, no self-consciousness and therefore no experience as we know it. Above the Third Dimension, experience is less and less extreme and more and more subtle and sublime.

We think we need the highs and lows, the ups and downs of the Third Dimension, but even a taste of the Fourth and Fifth will show us what we’ve been missing and change our minds on what is desirable.

But we’ll never know that until we relinquish our taste for the extremes of life, the roller coaster of experience, the bumps and thrills of this Big Dipper ride we’re on that we call our “lives.”

Only when we’ve had enough of all that, or when the rising energies lift us up to a high enough plateau, will we begin to understand the more subtle pleasures of the center as opposed to the rough ride of the extremes and begin to turn away from the familiar territory of 3D and open up to the unfamiliar territory of the higher dimensions.

So ask me where I think we’re going? Into the center. Into the rabbit hole. Into the heart. Pack your bags, or for some leave your bags at the door, and get ready for a magic-carpet ride  second to none. All aboard!


(1) “Failure, Success and Appropriate Ways of Being,” at




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