The Father and the Father … by the Mother

Wow, Linda, Graham and I just finished pre-recording An Hour with an Angel, with the Divine Mother.  Linda has gone to rest, she’s so blissed out. I am wandering around in a daze, overflowing with ecstacy.

I’m not interested in promoting anything so I’m not writing this to say “you must listen” or anything of the sort. The interview is there … or will be there at 6 this evening, PDT … if you wish to listen.

But I did promise the Mother to clarify one exchange we had.  I had a moment of distress when the Mother was talking about the Father because I was saying to myself that she was not talking about the Transcendental Absolute.  And so I asked her: “Mother, are you talking about the conditioned Brahman [God within the material realm] rather than the Transcendental Absolute? [God outside the material realm]” And she said that she was speaking in ways that allowed the listeners to understand. So I said to her that, if she would just confirm that she was, I would do the rest. And she said “Yes.’

So here I go, doing the rest.

In speaking the way she did, the Mother described the dance of Shakti and Shiva, the cosmic male and female, which she confirmed meant the dance of movement and stillness. But there is also Mahashiva, in which both Shakti and Shiva dissolve. Of Mahashiva, nothing can be said.

Hindus distinguish between Shiva and Mahashiva by talking about the conditioned and the unconditioned Brahman [God].   The former exists within the phenomenal domain of the Mother; the latter exists outside it in the transcendental domain of the real and only Father, the One that is All.

The Mother is Shakti; she is Shiva; and she is also Mahashiva. The Mother is everything.  Now that is clear as mud, is it not?

In fact not only is she everything, but she said that there was no concrete wall between Mother and Father. All is fluid. One shades into the other.

She also said, and this blew me away, that the Holy Spirit/Shakti was only one small “dot” of who the Mother is.  (1) Whoa! That was a revolutionary statement to me. I had always thought of the Holy Spirit/Shakti as being co-equal with the Divine Mother. But evidently not. The Mother is much more than the creative, universal vibration known as Shakti.

Shakti or the cosmic “female” (there really is no “male” and “female” at the level of existence she is describing, the Mother confirmed) (2) is energy, movement, stirring, sound, cohesion, creation, the active principle. Shiva or the cosmic male is stillness, silence, no stirring, balance, the passive principle.  But Mahashiva is beyond both and in fact nothing “positive” can be said (that is, nothing can be posited or said concretely) about the latter.  So the Mother was describing the dance of creation as well and as much as it could ever be described.

And I think she was also describing the cosmic male and female to appeal to our human desire for an explanation couched in images and metaphors that appeal to us and that we can grasp. But she was not referring to the ultimate mystery, which would be beyond our grasp, beyond anyone’s grasp. And I just want to make that clear for anyone who would latch on to her description and say “Aha! She’s made an error.” No, she was just trying to stay within the realm of the comprehensible for our sakes.

She discussed the Transition that is occurring now. She said what it represented was us being “over the hump.” If we had not gotten over the hump, our future would be different from what it will be. Many fewer would ascend.  She said the Transition means we are now moving out of separation consciousness. She said that, even though we may not think so, we are ahead of schedule.

She revealed why enlightened masters like Adyashanti and Mata Amritanandamayi have not referred to Ascension. They are aware of it but they have their own missions. And besides, if their devotees attain the full enlightenment that they hold out to them, they will have accomplished more than just the Ascension that we are striving for. Now that was new to me.

She gave specific instructions to us as Starseeds on how to serve her Divine Plan. I’ll let you hear that from her. It was compact and very well put.

After the show, I asked her whether I had in my writings spoken correctly and how what I had written could be corrected where it was mistaken. She said that most of what I had written was correct and, in the areas where it was not, I was not to worry and not to go back and correct it but just to keep moving ahead. I asked her if she would perfect my knowledge of her and she said she would. I asked her to extend that to Graham Dewyea as well and she agreed. (I never thought of asking for Linda! I believed that she was very capable of asking for herself, I suppose!).

So I am filled with bliss. I have spoken to the one I serve. I am a devotee of the Mother’s, as she acknowledged at the beginning of the program. I’m going out to play and be silly. My life to this moment has been fulfilled. Someone please remind me of what it is we’re doing because, in this state, I forget!!! (3)


(1) This part of the conversation was had after the show.

(2) Again after the show.

(3) Which demonstrates why Starseeds might be unwise in asking for a robust enlightenment – because they would be so blissed out that they might forget what they came here to do.

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