Reality Suction Wins Out

Who was the psychologist who coined the indelicate term “reality suction”? Cannot remember any more. The term is not much to look at but explains a lot.

According to this fellow, we’re all of us trying to suck each other into our view of reality. Life is a game of reality suction.

For years and years, I fought against sucking anyone into my reality. I didn’t want to impose on anyone. I didn’t want to manipulate anyone.

But I give up. I surrender. I actually do want to suck other people into my reality. And, even more to the point, I announce that I do not want to be sucked into certain other realities.

I want to suck people into the view of reality that says that the world can work for everyone. Is that not a definition of Fifth-Dimensional life? Do I not want to suck everyone into being willing to take a walk on the wild side and embrace Fifth-Dimensional reality? You bet I do.

And do I not want to suck everyone into the reality that we should look after one another? In a world that is coming alive to the collective heart, never mind simply the collective consciousness? You bet I do.

And do I not want to suck people into the reality that grumbling and complaining is no longer coin of the realm. It won’t buy us anything any more. It’s time to build the new realm we intend to occupy. Grumblers, stand to the side. Make way for the worker bees. The opportunity is here for us to co-create.

And do I not want to suck everyone into the reality that things will work out fine? I know, I know. We wouldn’t think this was the case from watching TV or reading the paper. We wouldn’t think this was the case from watching the Illuminati-rigged economy fall. I know I seem to be swimming upstream.

But I’m not. The truth of the matter is that we stand a short distance away from abundance, peace, and harmony all over the world. I hear you that that’s not at all apparent to you, but it is to me.

The fact that you don’t know that is no reason for me to accept your view of reality. And the fact that I know that is every reason for me to stand pat on my own view of reality.

I am now going to suck you into that view of reality, boots and all, yes, to the last feather and shoelace. This may be hard-nosed permission giving but I’m insistent.

For once in my life, I’m going to suck everyone into my reality. Say goodbye to worry and complaint. Say goodbye to misery and despair. Life is going to work out. Why?

Because I say so. And you say so. And we all say so.

That’s how reality works.

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