Obvious But Not Simple

There are so many topics today whose significance is obvious but whose understanding is not simple.

For instance, take willingness. How many have gotten the utter, rock-bottom significance of willingness?

I imagine there will be some who will say that to them something like “willingness” sounds very plain vanilla, weak-meat soup. But much of what we’ll encounter in our future will seem like that to us at first.

“The human race loves drama,” Archangel Michael said on March 5, 2012. One of the questions I have in my mind is what will life be like without the drama? And will we be able to take the switch without going through a process of social withdrawal?

I awoke from a dream recently having seen the significance of willingness in a way I had not before and seeing how at least some of the difficulties I’d been having recently stemmed from my being unwilling.  We’ve been told that much of our education from now on may in fact come in our dream state.

Let’s look at the basis of the importance of willingness. We live in a free-will universe. I think that much is obvious to everyone. But how obvious is it that the people we are about to welcome into our lives from far-flung civilizations rigorously respect our free will so that, if we say one thing and will another, they will respect our lack of willingness?

How many of us actually understand the Law of Free Will and the other natural laws which our new space neighbors follow and which will soon replace many of the man-made laws we live under?

Do we realize that, despite our words, we actually get what we will – nothing more and nothing less? If we do realize it, are we willing to be responsible for what we will? And what we don’t will? How responsible? We may be about to find out.

Are we willing to be responsible for what we will at a subconscious level? For what we are totally unconscious of willing? For what we willed before birth and promised ourselves and the universe we would perform?

Are we universally willing? Hesitantly willing? Begrudgingly willing?

Are we open to life? Are we receptive to love? How closed are our windows and doors?

This is just one area of life in which we’re about to experience a revolution in understanding. Our receptivity to new learnings and to the fall of old paradigms is key to what comes next for us because we won’t be able to fall back on anything known before.

We may think that we’re simply entering into a world in which much will appear new, but in fact we are standing on the threshhold of a revolution in thought, feeling and experience. If we’re unwilling to learn and embrace the new, well hey, better stop the world and let us get off. There may be no sense in even contemplating the future that awaits us if we’re routinely unwilling.

And the same could be said of loving, creating, forgiving and so many other areas of life that stand to change from upcoming events. If anything, they’ll take on entirely different meanings and significance.

There is very little that went before that can prepare us for what comes next. Not this time around. To adapt, we’re thrown back on the basic stuff of the soul.  Just as our world’s old structures are being taken apart to make way for the new, so are our personality’s old structures.

In paradoxical manner, what we’ll fall back on is what remains after this deconstruction has taken place. In a very real sense, we’ll be called upon to let go and trust that all we’ll need will remain after what cannot go forward with us has fallen away.

Get ready to be deconstructed and reconstructed again from the foundation upwards. Before we ever end up in a new body or new ecology, we’ll end up in a new personality.  I personally think we’ll like what we find but whether we have an easy passage or not depends on … our willingness.


(1) Archangel Michael, An Hour with an Angel, March 5, 2012, at

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