Dancers at a Masked Ball

Do you get the humor in our situation as Starseeds? We donned the mask and walked down the staircase to help others walk up. And like the Third-Dimensional beings we came to help, we forgot our true nature as well.

Like Marcel Marceau, we donned a mask that later we could not remove.

And now in the space of a single lifetime (whereas others have been here for countless lifetimes) we walk up the staircase and ascend to levels of higher consciousness, removing that same mask.

We’re dancers at a masked ball. It’s a very long masked ball, in fact a dance of many acts.

We went through scenes of comedy, scenes of tragedy, all the while believing it was real. And waking from the dream, and removing the mask has proven very difficult indeed.

The number of stories and histories that illustrate how difficult it is to see through Third Dimensionality is legion. My favorite is of Shiva in his lifetime a pig. He loved wallowing in the mud. He wanted nothing more than to snuggle with his honey and play with the kids.

Finally Vishnu, knowing that Shiva was needed, had to come down and thrust him through with a spear to get him to come back and assume his divine role once more. Death released Shiva from the fantasy and Shiva became Shiva again.

Well, I know that one! I love the delights of 3D. Granted that my appetites are dying down now, still sushi was wonderful, and chicken shwarma, and Angus steaks, and cocktails, and martinis, and the cornucopeia of Earthly delights.

“Here comes the Sun!” “I Had a Dream!” Pachelbel’s Canon. I loved it all.

And sex – don’t get me started. It was all wonderful. No wonder so many never want the ball to end.

Some of the sobering histories, oh my. I know a being who is so evolved in her native station that I shudder to think of it and yet a certain archangel described her as having “taken a left turn.” I know an angel or two who have lost themselves. Third Dimensionality can be stickier than a tar baby, more final than quicksand.

When bad, there’s no dimension worse than 3D. Why’s that? Because in First and Second Dimensionality we have no knowledge of ourselves, no self-consciousness. So conditions can be awful and we’d never know it. Only in this dimension do we suffer and know we’re suffering.

There are very few descriptions of the dimensions below the physical. Here’s one from an unnamed spirit communicator:

“Just below the level of the physical plane there is a sub-material world in which Cosmic Consciousness first individualizes in elemental degrees of manifestation under conditions that are difficult for you to comprehend, since they involve manipulation of space-time, matter-form, and fore-motion in an extrasensory environment and in dimensions outside the scope of your experience. You have no mechanism to respond to stimuli arising in the sub-universe and so are unconscious of it.” (1)

Think of it. The Moon can be cold; Mercury can be hot; Jupiter can be stormy and do the rocks care? Does the methane protest?

No, it’s only on the Third Dimension of this Blue Marble and others like it that life can be heaven or hell.

The physical plane is the butt of jokes among spectators in the astral world. Spirit communicator Philip Gilbert described Earth life as “the sediment in our glass of astral beer!” (2) John Heslop speaking from a lofty plane looked at Third Dimensionality and said:

“As we look down on your world, you seem to be living deaf, blind, dumb, and in the dark, and we have the substance of things; you only the symbols.” (3)

When Judge David Hatch contemplated his return to Third Dimensionality from Fourth, it wasn’t a pleasant prospect:

“I rather dread to go back into the world, where it will be so dull for me for a long time. Can I exchange this freedom and vivid life for a long period of somnolence, afterwards to suck a bottle and learn the multiplication table and Greek and Latin verbs? I suppose I must—but not yet.” (4)

So for those like Shiva who like to get down and dirty or who enjoy the dishes and drinks of Earth, Third Dimensionality is a joyful ball, though masked. For others, who’ve experienced life in higher dimensions, it’s a bad dream they’re happy and ready to wake up from.

Our awakening comes in under 90 days. As we contemplate the end of duality, will we awaken from a nightmare or leave this world with fond regrets?


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