Being Peaceful

An Hour with an Angel today is on peace. I’m impressed by the topic and wanted to comment, if you’ll let me.

Often we find ourselves pondering being a certain way in order to develop ourselves, to “grow.” When we ponder a way of being, we ask ourselves what value is produced by being that way.

Why should we be peaceful? What value is produced by being so?

If the purpose of life is for us to know ourselves as God, because God him/her/itself has so decreed, then the purpose of life is served by us becoming godlike.

And what is God like? The ways that God is like we often call the divine qualities. We probably have a sense of what these are from the sacred literature of the world’s religions and the channeled literature from the Company of Heaven. I think it safe to name love, bliss, joy, compassion, harmony, and unity among them. And safe to name “peace” as well.

God is peaceful. And if we wish to know ourselves as God, if we wish to be as God or like God, to live according to the divine qualities, we may wish to be  peaceful.

Being peaceful leads to and promotes being in other ways godlike. Love emerges naturally from us when we’re peaceful. Similarly, unity, harmony, etc.

Being peaceful is not something we need to cultivate per se. It’s only necessary to let go of ways that are not peaceful to fall back into peace because it’s an aspect of our original nature. It cannot be lost; only covered up. It’s always there underneath what must be let go of.

Peace and war are not opposites. Peace is a context and war is not. A context contains the whole of everything and doesn’t need to be maintained because it is the whole. It’s a default that everything returns to.

Peace is a default that everything returns to. War is not. War must be maintained by actions like moving and deploying troops, firing guns, attacking and defending. Peace needs no maintenance. When the guns of war fall silent, the world and everything in it returns to peace and stays there effortlessly.

When people argue, after they argue, their world returns to peace, whether they do or not. When worlds collide, after the collision, the universe returns to peace.

We’d expect peace to be a default and a context because God is peace just the same as he/she/it is love. And God is everything there is and therefore it might be no surprise to find that peace can also encompass everything that is. The whole universe is peaceful and probably other universes that are are also peaceful.

In our humanness and free will, we may choose not to be peace or love and our choice is doubtlessly respected. But if we were to uncover our native Self, our original face, I think we’d find that that original face is peace and love.

So the value of being peaceful is that it has us be godlike. And being godlike serves the purpose of life. Being peaceful aligns us with and fulfills that purpose and therein lies its value.

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