Time to Complete Old Issues – Part 3. Dropping Rackets and Completing Karma

The galactic and spirit sources we look at hold that Third Density or duality promotes separativeness and often results in conflict. Spirit teacher, Saul, calls 3D life insane.

“You observe people fighting, cheating, and betraying one another. How could even the smallest amount of rationality be found anywhere in that totally irrational and therefore illusory environment? Throughout your lives, from infancy to old age, you see the insanity of it all, and, yet when you attempt to draw that to the attention of others, they tell you that it is you who is insane!

“And you mostly agree with that assessment in the very mistaken assumption that you alone could not possibly be right when your thoughts on the matter are so completely at odds with the thoughts of so many others.” (1)

In the face of this situation, we create largely unsatisfactory, unfulfilling lives.

“It is not the least bit surprising that your lives are largely unsatisfactory; you were created to experience eternal bliss, and yet you choose to remain in the illusion where you never experience that, and only occasionally know brief moments of pleasure.  It is an unreal and frightening environment — a state of dreaming from which you need to awaken, and it is your will and your Father’s that you do so . . . and so you shall.” (2)

According to Saul, we entered into this experiment to prove that we were, and could be, independent of God.

“You built the illusion in an attempt to prove that you were independent of God and that you did not need Him, which was and remains an insane idea, as He is All That Exists, and therefore you are all inseparable parts of Him.  You are thoroughly bored with the game that you have been playing, and you are exhausted by the pain and suffering it has caused you.  You explored the outer limits of this weird environment without finding what you were looking for, and then turned around seeking the way out.” (3)
However when we attempt to leave the illusion, we are confused by the messages our egos send us and lose our way.

“[The way out] is well lit, but you keep straying from the path Home and go off again into the darkness because you are continuously being misled by the messages with which your egos keep providing you, which tell you that you are wicked sinners, unworthy of God’s Love, and that consequently God wishes to punish you for the horrendous sins that you have committed and which sorely offend Him.” (4)

This therefore has been our situation since time out of mind. Unsuccessful in our attempts to leave duality, we turn instead to exploiting our situation, creating patterns and programs to make the most out of apparently-unending separation, competition, and conflict. These patterns and programs are the barriers to our Ascension.

Our sources describe them in one of two ways. Terrestrial lightworkers follow the lead of certain psychologists like Eric Berne and Claude Steiner who borrowed from game and dramatic theory notions like games, stories, rackets, records, and scripts. These ways of describing our patterns and programs became the basis of the human-potential movement.

Galactics and spirit sources, who may not be familiar with these metaphors, tend to describe this programming more in terms of karma or unlearned lessons of resistance.

Lisa Renee is a good example of the first type of commentator. She describes our “mental games and control programs.” She says that the process of clearing that we’re going through relates to control programs from all our “self experiences,” whether in another lifetime or another setting.

“These memories are both ancient and recently personal, they are stemming both from our ‘multiple’ self experiences (the many human incarnation experiences of the same patterns) and that which have defined us to accept the belief that we are a part of the human race having an experience on the planet Earth.

“As a species we have many concepts or archetypes we believe to be true that define our human identity. All of these patterns are being refined during this time to give us the opportunity to see what we need to change or heal inside ourselves.” (5)

Lisa sees these control programs as “rackets,” a term that was popular in the human-growth movement many years ago and meant manipulative behavior usually designed to thwart or vanquish another. These are now being raised to be abandoned.

“As you study these old patterns you will begin to see them embedded as distortions that have impacted our energetic human being at so many different levels.  The mental games and control programs that are run by our unconscious self, those larger behavior patterns that are set by and accepted by mass society are coming into blaring review. We have to see who and what is running a ‘racket’ into the mental body of our unconscious mind.” (6)

She defines a racket for us.

“A ‘racket’ is a corrupt mental program running in our conscious or unconscious self that justifies itself into being to protect the psyche from its deepest and darkest fears. It is very tricky and manipulative. However we are being able to clearly ‘see’ these ‘rackets’ running as the ‘new energy foundation’ will not tolerate nor support them. Running rackets are the antithesis to embodying personal integrity, and in order to be congruent with the core essence and the nature of our true self, we have to be disposed of these ‘rackets.’

“This is a time of ‘Reality Check’ so that we can see what damage has been done and take stock of what we have left to process so we can live by and speak in the deepest truth and integrity that we are capable. Blind spots in our awareness or the perception we hold of others that keep us in denial and living inside the deceptive ‘psychological defense programs’ (or these mental rackets) cannot continue. (7)

Now is the time, she says, to be rid of this dramatic repertoire to reach what she calls “energetic mastery.”

“We are being rid of layers of drama, trauma and defense mechanisms that we have operated as a part of ‘being human.’ As the first part of the Ascension Wayshower’s we are doing this clearing in depth now. It may show up as a part of healing the larger macrocosm or healing something in your personal life. However its mechanism is the same.

“All of humanity is subject to running these ‘racket’ programs. This process can be painful as it requires you give it all up at the ‘Altar,’ nothing is held back, nothing is sugar-coated, nothing is veiled from your ability to see or live by the ‘truth’ as you know it. All we need to do is drop any resistance and let the circumstance ‘self correct’ as we participate by witnessing the pattern as it is being shifted or completely dissolved.

“(It is also dissolving the membranes that create energetic separation inside of us, so that we can be more ‘whole’ within and therefore also be more ‘whole’ in our interaction with others.) This can be intense for us so taking the necessary ‘time out’ and being gentle and forgiving in these circumstances is quite the practice of being in self energetic mastery.” (8)

SaLuSa is an example of an ascended master who see what needs to be cleared in terms of karma.

“Every soul is being given the opportunity to resolve any outstanding karma, and since you are in your last lifetime on Earth some of you are living hectic lives. Karma is normally worked out when the best conditions present themselves, and [does] not necessarily occur in the life immediately after the one in which it was incurred. It is a major factor that determines your life plan, and more often than not is related to personal relationships.” (9)

Karma is being rapidly cleared to ensure the highest levels of Light are reached upon Earth. The lower energies are being transmuted, as much due to your application of the Light as well as ours. From all over the Universe it continues to be beamed to Earth, and Lightworkers will find their energy levels constantly renewed. (10)

The terrestrial lightworker, D.L. Zeta, combines the human-potential perspective with the spiritual to look at how “karma” is created as a result of what she calls a “sacred wound.” In the human-potential movement, the sacred wound might be referred to as the life-altering psychic break usually experienced in childhood, the shocking loss or number one upset that creates our major incompletions and the predominent karmic lesson we have agreed to learn in this lifetime.

“Early in each lifetime, a sacred wound is “stamped” on the consciousness, usually through a set of circumstances, though it can be a single incident. Sacred wounds can be created through illness, accidents, family turmoil, and seemingly insurmountable challenges. At the root, a sacred wound is a karmic lesson carried over from past lifetimes. Throughout the life, each person begins the quest to gain the understanding that will satisfy their karmic lessons this time around. Once this lesson is satisfied, one is able to effectively achieve emotional freedom and step off the karmic wheel.

“Once free of enslaving emotions and impulses, the conscious mind is free to join in partnership with the higher self to rewrite the plan for the rest of the life on Earth. This plan usually involves creating a way to use one’s talents,earthly knowledge and spiritual wisdom to assist others with their own process of awakening. Once a person’s consciousness awakens, they experience a natural desire to assist others in awakening.” (11)

She describes what it looks like to have completed our karma. Since I’m not aware that she has ascended, we probably need to take her description speculatively.

“Many old souls have already paid the price of admission to this new time. You have paid your karmic debts. You have completed all homework and lesson plans. You have examined yourselves repeatedly, taking great care to connect with your guidance and putting into place all that has been asked of you. There is nothing keeping you from entering the fifth dimension. …

“We offer here a ‘snapshot’ of a soul that has satisfied karmic lessons:
This soul has practiced the ethic of good stewardship on the Earth, honoring and nurturing all kingdoms of life on the planet. They have willingly assisted those who walk two steps behind them, opening doors and mapping every frontier they encounter that others may walk more freely there.

“They have come into the understanding that what they do to another, they do to themselves; they have learned to see through the illusion, to joyfully greet all circumstances in their life as learning experiences, and to readily transform all energies they encounter with unconditional love. They have set their highest intentions, cultivated high-vibrational energies within, and radiated the light of spirit to all they encounter.

“If this is the path you have followed, we congratulate you for your efforts. You may now receive your diploma and step off the karmic wheel.” (12)

One situation that adds to the difficulty we face at this time, as the Pleiadian High Council explains, is that we are clearing our issues while opening into a thoroughly-absorbing and novel period of growth and expansion in all areas of our lives.

“The trickiest part in being trapped between worlds is allotting the required energy to resolve the past, while also allocating the necessary vitality to keep all those new projects that you have been nursing, afloat and in balance. Those things/people/situations/partnerships/projects/relocations/etc. that are waiting to blast off or finalize keep getting pushed back, postponed, and delayed while many more pieces of our past keep creeping up and jumping in front as a priority.

“These things that keep vying for our attention and seemingly blocking us from getting on with our new (and definitely more exciting) lives, will continue to pop up until there is literally nothing left to address. (12)

The ascended master Hilarion reassures us that, at this time, even if we’re not aware of it, we’re still well on our way to completing the issues that hold us in Third Density.

“You are all well on your way to the completion of the issues you have long been grappling with. It is still not clear to most of you the higher purpose of these issues and as with all those living upon the Earth plane, these events and situations are not clearly visible until much later, when you review the events from a different perspective of hindsight.” (14)

I personally hope he’s right.

We’ve seen that the rising energies are forcing the situation, causing incompletions and issues to rise to the surface to be completed. After first contact, the ascended masters associated with the Earth and from other regions of space will assist us as well to transcend our issues and incompletions, close down our rackets and records, and prepare for Ascension.


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