Clearing Old Issues

We seem to be going through a tremendous amount of clearing at the present time. In my case I’ve been told that I’m clearing “ancient issues.” I presume it’s the same for others.

Clearing old issues has two sides to it. One is managing the sleeping volcanoes that periodically go off when old issues are triggered. The second is breaking free from the habits of mind which are the residue, the lava flows if you will, from past eruptions of sleeping volcanoes.

When we clear old issues or when we feel out of sorts generally, the danger is that we relate what’s happening to present-day circumstances, when usually the cause is buried in long-past traumatic moments.

When we find ourselves imprisoned in old habit patterns, the danger is more that we continually repeat behavior that has never worked in the past and won’t work now.

All three will have to go and all three can be handled in much the same way.

The trick is to stay away from associating all three of them with what’s happening in the moment (unless of course we’re in the throes of actually-traumatic circumstances now) and to maintain an observer’s stance on them.

We can ask the mind to throw up an image of what’s driving us, providing we take the first image it casts up for us. Or we can simply maintain an observer’s stance and what is driving us will eventually make itself clear.

The Arcturians, speaking through Suzan Carrol (Suzanne Lie) referred to this mode of clearing third-dimensional patterns and habits in their message of Feb. 28, 2012.

“At first, you may not be aware that certain habitual actions and thoughts make you feel unhappy. However, if you continue to observe when you feel unhappy, you can begin to trace that feeling back to its source. For example, you may not know why you are feeling anxious for quite awhile, but you keep observing yourself. Then once day, you realize that a certain thought, that used to be unconscious and is now conscious, always makes you feel anxious.

“Therefore, you can begin to change that thought by trying to ‘catch yourself in the act.’

  • At first it may take several days for you to realize that you are feeling anxious, because you have allowed yourself to think in a certain way.
  • Then, with continued observation, you realize you are anxious because you just had that thought.
  • Then, you have the “last time” experience, in which you can catch yourself in the NOW of having that thought. But, you cannot change it! This is very important, for you can clearly observe how the type of thinking makes you feel anxious.
  • After you catch your self in the act, you can stop the thought just before you have it and transmute it into a higher frequency thought.
  • Eventually, you will heal yourself of thinking in that fashion and suffer much less anxiety.

Based on my own experience, I’d say that we’ve entered a time when issues may be coming at us and habits laid bare faster and deeper so maintaining a stance of observation on ourselves and remembering not to project our feelings and charges onto others may now be more important than it has ever been.

Meanwhile, when others project their feelings onto us, it’s a good time for us to practice loving-kindness and forgiveness. There is no sense losing friends over what are transitory conditions beyond our control. Soon we’ll be through these trying times and none of it will be shown to have any more substance or validity than anything else associated with Third Dimensionality.


(1) Suzanne Lie, “Releasing the Habit of Being Third-Dimensional,” Multdimensional News, Feb. 28, 2012, at

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