Tell Me Who You Are

I’m having a most enjoyable time over at Darran’s discussion group (1) and I find I’ve tripped off a line of reflection that won’t let go of me until I say a little about it here.

In my own personal, biased viewpoint, I have to say that what feeds me, nourishes me, propels me forward is telling you who I am and knowing who you are. The truth, at its deepest level, is what provides the jet fuel that sends me to the stars.

Years and years ago, I was haunted by something that Jesus said, which you’ve heard me repeat many times: “The truth will set you free.” (2)

In encounter groups and later in the est Training, and later than that in enlightenment intensives, I began to explore that notion.  I tried telling the truth at deeper and deeper levels and watching its impact on me.

And telling the truth actually did result in release from bodily tension and an increase in awareness. At one point, I stated what I jokingly consider to be Beckow’s Theorem: “Awareness varies inversely with tension in the body.” And I would test that theorem over and over again.

I am now convinced that what Jesus said is true on every level, the relative and the Absolute. and on every level of the relative. God is that Truth and She designed the world so that it responds to truth.

It’s as if God created the game of “Warmer/Colder” and made it the essence of our voyage through life.  When we tell the truth, God uses a release of tension in the body to say “warmer, warmer” and when we don’t tell the truth She uses an increase in bodily tension and a decrease in awareness to say “colder, colder.” And that is the device She uses to lead us to Her.

There is therefore nothing more important to me, nothing more desirable, nothing that I seek more, than to know the truth. And the truth that pays the highest dividends, given the way that life is constructed, is for me to know who you are. At the deepest level. Why?

Because God so constructed life that when we know who we are, absolutely, the whole truth is known and we are liberated from the game of life.  The truth has set us free.  That is the design of life.

I am God. You are God. We all are God as is everything we see, touch, feel, and taste.  God has so constructed life that when we discover who we are, we experience the greatest joy and bliss and all other treasures that life has to bestow on us.

So it could be said that I am here for two reasons, and two reasons only: To tell you who I am and to know who you are.

Period. Full stop. End of sentence.

There is nothing more to say.

Tell me who you are. This is who I am. In this moment. On this question. From this standpoint. In relation to this matter.

I am here to serve God. I am here to serve the Divine Plan for this era. I am here to protect those who are beset by others who still, from their own ignorance, pursue evil. I am here to plant seeds of unity, harmony, love, joy. I am here to serve the vision of a world that works for everyone. I am here to reveal myself to you. I am here to be known by you, warts and blemishes, wet and dry, sleeping and awake.

Who you are matters to me. Who I am matters to me. Nothing else matters to me. How we can assist each other to know the truth matters to me.

So thank you, Darran, for hosting a space in which I can reaffirm for myself what is important to me and exactly who I am and who I’m not.



(2) He actually said, if the King James Version is to be believed: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (Jesus, John 8:32.)

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