Loss Upon Loss Until at Last Comes Rest

Lao Tzu: "Loss upon loss until at last comes rest."

Positive things happen. Negative things happen. I cannot ignore the one and see only the other. That is truly refusing to take in the whole of life.

But I also am not going to allow the dark to set my agenda. So, for instance, if North Korea shells South Korea, am I going to jump out of my seat and descend into fear? No. I know the galactics will see that war does not break out. I won’t allow the dark in the form of the North-Korean regime to distract me from the more important things that are happening in this world.

Or if the dark makes some moves towards … what? Invasion of privacy? Internet censorship? Regulation of natural foods? Am I going to allow the dark to send me into a fear-based reaction? No. The dark is on its last legs. I have more important issues to focus on than their futile attempts to continue their control over us. I know they will fail in that so time to set my own agenda rather than follow theirs.

In this continuing moultdown that is happening to me these days, ear fell away today.

That doesn’t mean that I feel somehow courageous or on top of the world. I simply feel an absence of fear. I had an appointment with the gastroenterologist today, which came up all of a sudden. He wanted to tell me the results of some tests. I asked him cheekily if I had one week to live or three? I just feel utterly without fear. (I just have a routine need for antacids, to finish off that story.)

Not letting the dark set my agenda any more is one part of the issue I’m looking at. The second part of the issue is not letting fearful lightworkers set my agenda either. There is a certain body of lightworker literature that says that dire things are happening, about to happen, have happened, etc. Even if they have, I’m not concerned. There is no reason to fear for the future, whether a darkworker is asking me to fear or a lightworker.

Lao Tzu said:

The Way is gained by daily loss,
Loss upon loss until
At last comes rest.

By letting go, it all gets done;
The world is won by those who let it go!
(Way of Life. Tao Teh Ching, Blakney translation, Verse 48, p. 101.)

Loss, loss and more loss. I am losing more and more of me, and I’m happy to bid it all goodbye. There is less of me here than there was yesterday and I sincerely hope that there will be less of me here tomorrow. Now if you misunderstood what I just said, don’t blame me.  This news of loss is not cause for lament. It’s cause for great joy.

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