Adamu: Four Essential Unitive Practices

Zingdad, Adamu's channeler

We are fortunate to have another message from Cdr. Adamu (not to be confused with Cdr. Adama)

Adamu styles himself “of the Pleiadian Monadic Entity.” My own sense is that he resides on a dimension much above the Fifth. Once, when asked to describe himself, he said:

“Please understand we are much more than simply humans with better toys. We are also beings of greatly expanded consciousness. We are you and we are that which you are becoming. And we are much more besides.” (1)

I first encountered his writings through Zingdad in 2008 and have found him one of the deepest of spirit communicators. I lost sight of him for a few years but am very pleased to have re-established contact via Zingdad and hope that the latter has time to continue sending out messages from him.

Adamu’s channel, Zingdad, is also starting an “Ascension School.” His contact form is located at for anyone interested in learning more about this new project. Zingdad lives in South Africa. See Zingdad’s further remarks at the bottom of the message.

I asked Adamu for assistance determining what the best Ascension practices would be. He rephrased that question with these results.

Steve B: What is the best thing we can do to prepare ourselves to achieve Ascension with the least possible difficulty? What is the work that we can do that will best position us?

I think that is the question on most people’s minds. Everything else seems subsidiary to that.

Adamu: Greetings to you Steve. You ask a question that is very close to my heart. And you are right – everything else is indeed actually subsidiary to the issue of your ascension.

Steve, from my perspective the Ascension journey is the journey of returning to Oneness. These are the same thing. So I could, for my own purposes, restate your question as “what is the best thing we can do to return to a state of Oneness?”

First of all we must recognise that all is already One. This is always true and it is only an illusion that you are currently experiencing that it is not so. With this new information we can again rephrase your question as: “what is the best thing we can do to lift the illusion of separation?”

With the question thus phrased it becomes a little easier to see what we are actually talking about.

There are a number of wonderful ways to go about lifting the illusion. Since the beginning of the creation of the duality reality you are inhabiting there have been those that sought to deepen the duality illusion and those that sought to awaken from the illusion and return to unity. The agents of unity have created many paths of returning using many different techniques and teachings – there have always been “ascension schools” even if they have not always been called that.

Sadly, over time the teachings of the ascension schools were often misappropriated by those that were actually striving for separation. When this happened a pure spiritual teaching would become transformed into a religion or a secret organisation.

But this is not cause for concern as new paths are being created all the time. Some are built using elements of the old paths, some created anew. The point here is that there are many, many paths. Each person that seeks for a way home out of the illusion of separation will be able to find a path. Some will find a path created by another and some will create their own path.

But you have asked me what I believe will best assist you and I will offer you four very simple thoughts:

1. Seek to be motivated always by love. Love is that which draws beings together and breaks down the illusion of separation.

2. Seek to release your fears. Fear is that which creates separation and builds the illusion of duality.

3. Find stillness and peace. Practising mediation is a very good way to do this. When you manage to quieten the noise of your ego-mind, which arises from separation, then you can begin to experience yourself as you really are. There are many wonderful meditation practices that you can learn or you can simply take time each day to be truly still, quiet, at peace and receptive.

4. Remember that you are a part of The One. You are a powerful creator being and what you experience around you is a reflection of what is within you. Seek then to create inside yourself that which you wish to experience around you. Create oneness within yourself if you would create oneness outside of yourself.

These four points are a good beginning. I realise they may seem like generalities when, possibly, you were hoping for more specific guidance. Unfortunately specifics are full of complex detail. And they will also depend on how you have created your own separation illusions. So this will have to do for now but please feel free to ask deeper, more probing questions if you like.

Keep shining your Light, my friend!
Adamu of the Pleiadian Monadic Entity

Zingdad: Steve I would like to add to what Adamu has said, if I may. I am in the process of starting an ascension school based upon wisdom taught by my soul family – including Adamu himself of course. The point of this school will be to do exactly this – to co-create a path out of the illusion of separation. I’ll be launching the school in “real life” here in my home town in South Africa first and then, as I go, making it available as online experience. You might find value in it and may wish to journey with me for a while. I’ll keep you updated.

I wish you boundless Joy,

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