Seeing in the Inner Universe


I have to take a moment out from transcribing my twin’s comments to pass along this observation. It won’t be in the final copy because it was said to me personally and I have to reword it to have it make sense in a wider context.

She mentions that fear is born of ignorance and mistrusting. Fear and lack of trust is an internal matter. To extricate ourselves from it, what she recommends is exploring our inner universe, our internal landscape, before we consider exploring the outer universe and landscape.

She advises us all to look in the nooks and crannies of our own being as the way to prepare ourselves for relationships with our brothers and sisters from the stars.

I thought that was a brilliant comment.  I haven’t even met her and I like her already. No, more than like her.

I was also watching Adyahsanti the other night on Cafe Dharma and he said something I also wanted to share.  He said that all of us were seeing the dark and the light and then going on to discuss and dispute what is light and what is dark, as if seeing what was light and what dark is what’s important.

But he pointed out that the act of “seeing” is what is important, not what we saw.  Both the light and the dark have to be “seen.”

Now that may sound esoteric in the moment, but what he meant by “seeing” is the same as what I mean by “being with and observing.” He said that the act of “seeing” is what causes the problematic to disappear.  This act of “seeing” is what my twin meant by exploring the inner universe.

The act of “seeing” changes darkness into light. It is by bestowing our passive attention on something that we cause it to dissolve, unlock, or move freely.

Put in the language I use, being present to a block and witnessing it is what will melt it. There is no other doing required and, in fact, Adya encouraged us to avoid all other doing.

Exploring every nook and cranny by being with and observing, or “seeing,” is what will prepare us for what comes next. I know that sounds mystical for anyone who hasn’t yet had an “Aha!” moment of what is meant by “seeing” but I encourage you to persevere. Once you see what “seeing” means and how it dissolves barriers, we won’t be able to hold you back from looking, from exploring the nooks and crannies of the inner landscape. This will become your meditation, I predict.

I also wanted to share a sense I’m having. I seem to be in a process of expansion and I assume you are as well. It’s causing me constantly to have to revise my opinion of what’s possible because I keep retaining yesterday’s impression of what’s possible even though the domain of possibility keeps expanding.

Put another way, I feel more competent today than I felt yesterday and my assessment of how I am more competent has not at all caught up with the actuality. I have no more to say about it than that. I have no sense of ever having gone this way before and everything about is is totally new.

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