Push Me, Pull Me

How timely that these events should be transpiring immediately before I have a reading with Archangel Michael. And what he had to say may be of interest to you. I don’t think I’m the only one by a long shot who may be going through circumstances like this, either now or later.

Since I wrote that piece this morning (1) I’ve gone through vertigo and awoke after a nap with the feeling that I was letting go of (it actually felt like disgorging) probably everything that could be let go of. As well my memory is almost not working at the moment.

If it weren’t so darned interesting to watch and be a part of, I might be a mite concerned. But we all know that we’re being pulled like taffee round about now so, hey, push me, pull me.

I asked AAM what was going on. He replied:

Archangel Michael: You are letting go. I have lifted you up. You have asked and you have prepared. And you have understood that this is an undertaking and a process. It is not just the eradication of memory. It is the putting of memory or events into their proper perspective.

Now I do not mean that your memory is eradicated permanently. But what you are doing right now and by the way what each of you either have experienced or will experience is a period in which all the attention and all the the focus of your being is exactly where it has need to be, which is on you, which is on who you are, your essence, not just your form, which is incidental – beautiful, precious, but incidental.

And the focus becomes you and the One and the place of being and in that place of being is the place of love, is the place of connection where the events, the intricacies, the back and forthing basically disappears.

Now does it disappear permanently? No. You will have that restoration and that understanding but for the moment you are exactly where you need to be.

This chaos and this emotional turmoil, it preys on the soul, it preys on the heart, it preys on the body. It adds very little to any sphere or regimen. And so with your soul’s permission, that attention is simply gone.

Steve: How long is this process going to last?

AAM: You are already in a place of surrender. You are already in a place where you are already allowing so we think this will not take long. We think two days.

This description fits well with the way I was feeling this morning, which was absorbed and to be more specific self-absorbed. I’m not able to recall things from one moment to the next, quite frankly. AAM assures me this will lift but it’s quite inconvenient as long as it’s happening. So I’m going to more or less coast for the next two days, puttering perhaps but probably only writing sporadically and that only in stream of consciousness.

This may be an example of the special work that the archangels and galactics do with people. People have been asking if the Company of Light actually consents to assist us on our journey. Well, here is an example of them doing that.


(1) “Absorption,” at

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