I Am Complete

I just had an enjoyable conversation with a reader and maybe he (and you) can allow me to expand on it a wee bit. We were discussing my attitude towards Grener and what I might be seeking from him.

An occasion like our discussion is a good thing because it can often be clarifying. And what I see if I take a look is that I cannot conceive of anything that exists on the Third Dimension or in the world around me that I want. I’ve done everything I wanted to do in life. I’ve accomplished the goals I set for myself. I feel about as complete as I could imagine being.

I’m not even much interested in flying around the universe and seeing new sights.

I know that sounds crazy. Here we are about to encounter more novelty, more amazing sights, more profound experiences than we can imagine. And I’m already happy with what I have.

I do serve Archangel Michael and the Mother. That’s true and it doesn’t change. I do the work they assign me. But I’m not looking for anything from the galactics.

And hopefully that allows me to have fun with Grener by saying that I may forgive him if he takes me on board his ship … soon … maybe. I feel able to play because there’s nothing at stake for me.

I don’t say this as a manipulation or an act of self-congratulation. I simply say it because it’s what so. I don’t have any feelings about it either.

My job was done some time ago. I’ll work hard for the time that’s left because I gave my word to do so and because serving the Divine Mother is an honor.

But a great deal of what’s slated to come down the pike, I can skip without any feelings of somehow being left out or missing out on something.

Now if you were to hold out to me the knowledge of God or a supremely loving heart, OK, now you’re talking. Now that gets my juices going. But anything short of that, no, I don’t think so.

I’m happy writing away in my little corner, shopping at the local supermarket, and meeting my few friends for coffee.

The world holds nothing further for me outside of these few things.

I am complete.

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