Here for the Duration

“Many of you have, so to say, already reached the end of the road now, and you will intuitively know that is so. Your final period on Earth will be well in your control, and it will pass quite easily as you experience an inner peace.

“It comes from knowing that you have achieved your goals and have been able to break your bonds with the earthly links that no longer serve you. Indeed, for those who have not yet fully cleansed themselves of such links, the longer they go on the less you will find that they hold any attraction for you.” (SaLuSa, May 23, 2012.)

How interesting it is to read these lines from SaLuSa yesterday, given the sense of completion that I’ve been experiencing and the sense of having accomplished my goals….

It seems to me that a basic agreement shared by all lightworkers and starseeds at this time – perhaps the basic agreement, although not the only one maybe – is to go through the Ascension process consciously and willingly.

I think we’ve agreed to provide the model, the example, the leadership in all that follows.

What does that involve? Well, it appears to involve comprehending clearly that we definitely have come to do a job and that that commitment supersedes most others. It makes it imperative for us to set aside our personal agendas and serve the greater good. If ever there was a lifetime when this was clear, for me it’s this one.

It would also seem to make advisable attributing all that happens of significance to the Ascension process itself – at least from here on in. That was something I learned from Werner Erhard as a means of focusing me in an activity that I have committed myself to: to attribute, or at least relate back, everything that happens to the chosen and important activity, in this case, Ascension.

It would seem to make advisable remaining calm and balanced through anything like the severe headaches that Archangel Michael mentioned as happening because our brain was expanding and new areas of it were coming online. (1)

It would appear to recommend looking deeply within and finding the equanimity that will allow us to meet and mingle with the galactics in ways that further the action of carrying out the Divine Plan that will lead to Ascension. Grener discussed the need for equanimous relating to the galactics who share a “unified field” that is jarred by our discordance. (2)

That may not be as easy as it sounds because there’ll be those who’ve been conditioned to expect a takeover of the planet by hostile ETs and some may look upon us as Fifth Columnists and Quislings with a happy face, plants and robots who are selling their planet out from within. So we may be severely tested in maintaining our equanimity.

The sense of completion I’m feeling at the moment is an interesting phenomenon. I’m under no illusions that what I’m expected to do with it is to simply sit here with a smile on my face, tucked into my duck’s nest and remaining blissfully inactive.

No, it allows me to freshly commit myself to what’s next, but without carrying along an excess of baggage.

Admittedly what’s next looks different from a point of completion than it did from a point of incompletion. There’s less rush and frenzy. There’s a depth of groundedness and balance that’s new to me. There’s a growing sense of something that seems beyond mere confidence. I wish I could find a word for it because I think it’s important to distinguish.

It’s a vague and growing knowingness, born of what I cannot say. It’s a developing sense that I expect will grow over the coming while, whether that may be days or weeks or months.

But I’m not going anywhere. There’ll be time to watch it and communicate. Like so many lightworkers and starseeds, I’m here for the duration.


(1) “Archangel Michael on the Transition’s Impact on Us and World Leaders,” May 15, 2012, at

(2) “Transcript of Grener’s Interview on An Hour with an Angel,” May 22, 2012, at

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