Reposted from the Galactic Roundtable discussion group, 2009.

If the purpose of life is enlightenment and enlightenment means to know our true identity as God, then we should be able to see evidence of this in the ways in which life was designed.

And in fact we can. We can see that the truth, consciously stated, releases us from tension. That would make sense, would it not, given the purpose of life? The purpose of life is to know the truth and every truth we know and communicate rewards us with a release from an unwanted condition.

If every truth we told consciously further increased our tension and drove us further into unconsciousness, I’d have to question the way life was designed or my statement of its purpose. It would seem to point to the fact that God does not want the truth known.

Moreover, everything we pursue, every sensation we have eventually pales, except one: the desire for and the experience of the divine. Now that makes sense too, does it not? It makes sense that God, if he (she, it) wanted us to know him (her, it), he would cause every experience to pale except the experience of him?

Enlightenment can be reached by many paths, through many ways. For every sense door, a path. For every mode of experiencing, a path. For every temperament, a path.

And the mode called writing invites, for me anyways, a very particular path, which I’ve called “emergence.”

Emergence is to stand forth as one’s truth, to free our expression from all dogma and equivocation, all fear and anxiety, all suppression and intimidation, as people are doing right here [in this Galactic Roundtable discussion group], right now.

Emergence may not look pretty. It may be a noisy birth or a quiet birth. But the more we emerge, the more we break the knots that bind us, find our native voice, free our natural expression, and the more we stand forth in the way we were first created.

“Show me your original face” could be translated as “emerge.” Stand forth. Stop suppressing yourself. Stop hiding.

But it doesn’t mean attack, insult, or anything close. To do that would be to violate our divine nature. The way God designed life, it seems to me, makes that result in more tension, more layers of withheld energy and consciousness, further darkness.

Emergence is emergence from attack, from duality, from separativeness, the emergence of our nature as it is, free of restraint but also harmless and unconcerned with what others do or don’t do.

I emerge. It has nothing to do with whether you do or not. I stand forth. I don’t have you stand forth. I have me stand forth.

I do that by sharing who I am in the matter, as someone has just done.

The game in here, as far as I’m concerned, is emergence, throwing off the self-imposed chains of shame and guilt, letting go of worry about what others think of us, peeling back the layers and revealing one’s self, warts and all.

The one who can speak his or her truth without fear and yet without harm has achieved the individual sovereignty already that the galactics promise us, as far as I’m concerned. What’s left to win if we’ve released ourselves from our self-imposed prison of fear already?

Stop worrying about how you look. Stop trying to be right. Emerge in here. Who are you in the matter? Not who am I or who is someone else. Who are you?

Tell me who you are, deeply, transparently. I want you to know me deeply, truly as I am. The all of me, the how of me, the beginning and the end of me.

Tell me who you are. I will hear you.


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