The Same But Different

We may not be able to imagine 4D or 5D colors

People are trying to conceptualize what we’ll find on the Fifth Dimension. Of course I haven’t been there this lifetime, although AA Michael has said that I, like you, have ascended in other lifetimes.

He’s said that all Starseeds come from at least the Fifth Dimension. It just makes sense that that would be so. Why send Starseeds to Earth to help with ascension who haven’t ascended before? Doesn’t seem like a wise policy. They’d just end up needing service rather than being able to render service. So I just assume that, if one is a Starseed, one has ascended in another life.

But having ascended in another life doesn’t necessarily allow us to comment on the Fifth Dimension from “experience.” We as Starseeds are wearing blinkers or blinders in this lifetime; our consciousnesses are veiled, a condition which exists now but which will lift at some time.

But returning to my main point, a reader has said that he has read that the world will not look different after ascension. We’ll still have the same roads, houses, etc. How come it is the same?

So, from book knowledge and a teeny bit of Fourth-Dimensional out-of-body experience, let me address the question of what may remain the same and what may be different after ascension.

Do we agree that things can remain the same and yet be different? Thinking of ourselves, we remain the same after ascension but are different, right? I’m the same Steve, but instead of having dualistic consciousness, I have unitive consciousness. Instead of looking 65, I look perhaps 28. Instead of being tired and hungry, I have no fatigue and no hunger. Instead of sometimes being sick, I’m always healthy. Instead of shedding this body at death, I merely change the configuration of my body when I want to. So same Steve but different Steve.

Likewise one could say that flowers continue to exist in the Fifth Dimension, and grass, trees, fruits, lakes, and mountains. But they are different. Let’s take the example of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson looking at a flower in the Fourth Dimension. It’s a flower but it’s different from a flower in the Third Dimension, as he explains:

“As one approached any particular group of flowers, or even a single bloom, there seemed to pour out great streams of energizing power which uplifted the soul spiritually and gave it strength, while the heavenly perfumes they exhaled were such as no soul clothed in its mantle of flesh has ever experienced. All these flowers were living and breathing, and they were … incorruptible.

“There was another astonishing feature I noticed when I drew near to them, and that was the sound of music that enveloped them, making such soft harmonies as corresponded exactly and perfectly with the gorgeous colors of the flowers themselves. … These musical sounds were in precise consonance with all that I had so far seen – which was very little – and that everywhere there was perfect harmony.” (1)

So flowers on the Fourth Dimension exude uplifting power, have a perfume such as we’ve never experienced before, and are enveloped in music which is in harmony with everything around us. They remain flowers, but, as flowers, they have different, more refined powers and capabilities. Now just imagine that the same thing applies to fruits, trees, grass, water, etc. They retain their character as those things but are different.

Now two matters of a general nature. First, it’s a strange thing about life after death. People who arrive on the Fourth Dimension or Astral Planes seem to love to communicate back to us and tell us what they’ve found. They tell us a lot about the trees, grass, fruits, flowers and everything else. But by the time they reach the Mental Planes, if they communicate back at all, they tell us relatively little about the trees, grass, flowers, etc. They’ve long since lost the same degree of interest in those matters that they had on first arrival. So we have relatively fewer descriptions of the more common things and relatively more of how much differently they feel, think, do, etc.

Second, human beings have the power to restrict their attention to certain features of a situation and ignore others for the purposes of analysis and that’s what we’re doing when we look only at similarities or only at differences. But because we restrict our attention to what is similar does not mean that things are similar. It just means that we’re ignoring differences for the moment for the sake of analysis.

I could say that I found myself in the Fifth Dimension in my sleep state and I walked on the grass, looked at the flowers, approached a tree, took a fruit down and ate it. You might think, well, how different is that from life in the Third Dimension? And the point would be that the existence of grass, flower, tree, and fruit is not different, but the type of these things may be different.

Let’s walk on 4D grass with Monsignor Benson:

“I walked the garden paths, trod upon the exquisite grass, whose resilience and softness were almost comparable to ‘walking on air’” (2)

Let’s look at a 4D tree, with Mary Bosworth:

“You are part of the tree, in tune with it; it feeds you and you respond to it in that you recognize it as a reflection of God’s love as you are a reflection of God’s love. It emits a sound like a beautiful tiny bell, again quite impossible to describe, but you hear it within yourself and respond spiritually.” (3)

Let’s eat a 4D plum with Monsignor Benson.

“Our host led us into the orchard where I beheld many trees … in full fruit. He looked at me for a moment, and then he took us to a splendid tree that looked strongly like a plum tree. The fruit was perfect in shape, with a deep rich coloring, and it hung in great clusters. Our host picked some of it, and handed it to us, telling us that it would do us both good. The fruit was quite cool to the touch, and it was remarkably heavy for its size. Its taste was exquisite, the flesh was soft without being difficult or unpleasant to handle, and a quantity of nectar-like juice poured out.

“My two friends watched me closely as I ate the plums, each bearing upon his face an expression of mirthful anticipation. As the juice of the fruit streamed out, I fully expected to spill an abundance upon my clothes. To my amazement, although the juice descended upon me I could find, upon examination, no traces of it. … They hastened to explain to me that as I am now in an incorruptible world anything that is ‘unwanted’ immediately returns to its own element. The fruit juice that I thought I had spilled upon myself had returned to the tree from which it was plucked.

“Our host informed me that the particular type of plum which I had just eaten was one that he always recommends to people who have but newly arrived in spirit. It helps to restore the spirit, especially if the passing has been caused by illness. … The various fruits that were growing were not only for those who needed some form of treatment after their physical death, but all enjoyed eating thereof for its stimulating effect.” (4)

So fruit, yes, but different from that which we have in 3D. If you wish to read more about common features of life in the Fourth Dimension or Astral Planes, perhaps go to the webpage “Common Features among the Summerlands” at

When we finish with life on the plane of desires – that is, the Astral Plane – we go to the Fifth Dimension or Mental Plane, a plane where we are not preoccupied with desires. Same grass, flowers, trees, and fruit, but different again. Perhaps by now they are crystalline. Their colors may be exquisite, superb, and beyond description in Earthly language. Their music may be rapturous.

Of a much higher plane than the Fifth, John Heslop says: “The increasing beauty and radiance of the Higher Spheres can hardly be described in words.” (5) Moreover, how can we imagine a sound or color that we have never seen? Says Frederic Myers: “A human being cannot imagine a new sound, a new color or feeling; so it is impossible for him to conceive the infinite variety of new sounds, colors and feelings experienced by us on the [Mental Plane].” (6)

J.W. Sharpe explains his difficulty trying to describe his sphere, which was well above the Fifth:

“In this letter I want to tell you something about my sphere. It is wonderful in every way, but not easy to describe in your earth language; there are so very many things to which you have no parallel on earth It is rather like trying to make a blind man see by word-pictures or a deaf man the many sounds of nature.

“I woke up in what I believe you would call the [Mental Plane] and thought that nothing could exceed it in beauty till I passed on to [a higher plane]. There the atmosphere was even purer and the colours more exquisite.” (7)

With each new plane that we ascend to, we quickly run out of words to describe what we see, hear, and feel to Earthly ears. Most spirits don’t even try.

The reader said we would have the same roads, houses, cars, etc. No, the same houses but different. They would be different along the same lines as anything else is different. More capabilities, more refined materials, etc. No roads. We would travel by and large by thought projection. Wish to be over there and you are there. No need for a car and no roads a car would travel on.

We may create spaceships for long-distance travel to other dimensions, but by and large we travel by means of thought.

So this is our situation with regard to higher planes. If we speak simply about things, we could say that the same things exist there as exist here. But they have a more refined quality and appearance and they function in different ways.

We could talk about their similarities or their differences. But if we talked about their similarities, it would not mean that they are the same. It only means that for the moment we are focussing on their similarities and not on their differences.

A moment in the Fifth Dimension would make all things plain. It would take only an instant to see what’s being talked about. But without that glimpse we can talk about things forever and not be able to imagine what’s being referred to.


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