Understanding Soul Contracts – Part 3

So far we’ve looked at what our soul contract is, how we forget it once we incarnate, whether there are accidents in life, how our responses are affected by our control programs, and how we discuss our soul contracts most often in the face of  tragedy or unwanted conditions.

Now I’d like to turn to a consideration of the relation between soul contracts and the light and the various roles we agree in our contracts to assume.

So long as we follow our life plan, Matthew Ward advises us, our light will remain bright.

“Persons who heed those messages [from the soul] live true to their lifetime purpose and retain their light. The light starts to dim in those who ignore their souls’ messages, and if they continue to pay no heed to that guidance, they stray farther and farther from their chosen missions and their light keeps diminishing until only the spark that is their life force remains.” (1)

But many of us have no idea of our soul contract and so respond to another person’s darkness with darkness of our own. Archangel Uriel advises us.

“When the ego forgets its soul agreement its journey becomes ‘soul-less’, without the soul’s partnership. It tries to battle the darkness with its own darkness instead of connecting to the light within. Then life becomes a journey of fear, lack and confusion. What is missing is the light of the soul, which is available to the ego when it is willing to share the journey and to be open to the possibility of life beyond fear, because by itself it is not aware of that as a potential.” (2)

What we have to do is to listen to the soul’s promptings, the inner voice, to discover what the soul has in store for us through the events that we’re encountering.

“What you can become is the promise of the soul when you allow it to participate on your journey and co-create your healing journey. What messages does your soul have for you about its promise of fulfillment? Ask this question and you will receive the answers you need to move beyond the ‘soul-less’ life to one that fulfills the soul’s promise of love, joy, peace and fulfillment.” (3)

Different people agree through their soul contracts to play the roles of lightworkers and darkworkers, for the learning of the group, SaLuSa says: “Remember that experiences are set up with souls that have all agreed to play out their respective roles. Someone has to take the part of the dark Ones, and believe us Dear Ones – you have all acted on both sides.” (4)

Some people agree to play the role of perpetrators and others of victims, again for the learning of the group, he adds. (I said in a recent article on karma that I don’t personally comment on this subject, but I will reproduce what the ascended masters say on it.)

“There are amongst you people who have been wronged as you would interpret it, and do consider themselves ‘victims.’ However, this is all by arrangement and you are a willing partner to the karma being played out.

“No matter how severe the circumstances, the fact remains that you were aware of your agreed life plan before you incarnated on Earth. Many will argue against it, convinced that they could not have agreed to suffer or indeed see others suffer.” (5)

Usually those who agree to play the role of victim do so to provide others with an opportunity to exercise compassion, St. Germain explains: “Some of you have taken on karma that will necessitate that you experience need, and you carry this burden so that others can respond.” (6)

Some agree to experience lifetimes of deprivation to complete their karmic education and graduate from Third Density, Matthew tells us.

“Please remember that some of what you see that is worrisome, even abhorrent to society—violence in any form; theft; drugged children and adults, whether by prescription or ‘illegally’; unjust laws and fraudulent convictions; growing numbers of homeless and unemployed; torture; school dropouts—is ‘perpetrators’ and ‘victims’ completing karmic lessons so they never again have to experience third-density lifetimes.” (7)

Often we may stop and wonder if another person is following their soul contract or not. As long as we remain in dense physical bodies, Matthew tells us, we may not have the depth of insight to determine this question: “You have no way of knowing … if [a] person is following the soul contract to the letter by providing opportunities for others to complete third-density karma and continue their soul evolvement. (8)

Those who take their dark roles much farther than they agreed to in their contract are most in need of our prayers, Matthew advises us: “The dark-minded ones whose intentions and actions are way outside their soul contracts are in the most desperate need of the light in prayer—prayers for Earth and all of her life forms is one of the most valuable contributions anyone can make.” (9)

The impact of the rising light energies around Earth is to melt away our control programs and vasanas, the “Spiritual Hierarchy” through Lauren Gorgo tell us, leaving us better able to access our divine blueprints of service: “All that no longer serves your higher path has been melted away by the sheer magnitude of your increasing light quotient so that you may fully access and implement your divine blueprints of service.” (10)

Lisa Renee agrees.

“Many of us have come to a Full Circle with our birth agreements (Blueprint of our incarnation or spiritual purpose) with this planet and hence this is a time of experiencing completion. Completion and endings of an Identity in the world, including the belief systems, values and images that others have held of who they think you are. Much of these agreements have stemmed from the genetic pattern we have received from the history of our ancestral past, and that which has been encoded in our cells since our birth.” (11)

Matthew reminds us that we agreed to come here at this time to assist with Ascension. We may see the big picture of Ascension but not our soul-contract roles in it.

“Regarding soul contract ‘missions,’ you can see the ‘big picture’ but not your specific part of the design, so we tell you again, EVERY ONE of you is important or you wouldn’t be where you are! Only a relatively few are needed in primary leadership positions and some are becoming apparent, but many millions will be in support roles that aren’t yet evident because the need is on the horizon, not at the threshold.

“If you will remember that not only did you choose to live during this unprecedented time on Earth, but you were selected because of your collective lifetime experience, wisdom and spiritual strength that will be needed, you can be patient in the knowledge that when that moment comes, you will intuitively know how to proceed.

“However, since most missions do not come in one AHA! moment, we want you to know that simply by following your heart, the seat of the soul, you are serving the light and fulfilling the lifetime purpose you signed up for!” (12)

And what about the galactics? Do they also have life plans? If so, how do they operate? SaLuSa informs us:

“We too have life plans, but we are constantly aware of them in our conscious state. Bear in mind we live for hundreds of years and can achieve much in that time. We are also allowed more say in what we do, having reached a high level of understanding.

“In your case decisions often have to made for you by your mentors. It depends on how spiritually advanced you have become. After all the purpose of living many lives is to follow an overall plan that leads to your spiritual evolution. It is the only way to advance and leave the cycle of re-birth behind.” (13)

In the last chapter of this series, I’d like to give the postmortem experience of 20th Century psychologist Frances Banks who went through an event popularly called “the Judgment” on the Astral Planes and described in it a fair amount of detail. Everyone eventually goes through the Judgment in the company of a trusted spirit guide. It allows for completion and closure with one’s last lifetime. It consists of comparing one’s soul contract with the actual events of one’s life.


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