Karmic Knots and Soul Asignments

Originally posted to Galactic Roundtable, Jan. 19, 2009.

Dare I post the night before the inauguration of the first African-American President of the United States?

I’m sure we’re all glued to the screen and bawling our eyes out at what is happening. Three-hundred years of history about to be effaced. Speak of erasing timelines.

But I am very moved by Susan’s share and wanted to respond.  Susan and others are talking about a special set of events in their lives.  I call it the “karmic knot.”

In my view, we are all of us given a karmic knot. The karmic knot is a troublesome situation that contains a lesson for us.  Our “karmic knot” is usually triggered by events that happen fairly early in life.

Susan’s was triggered by the nun’s harsh treatment in response to an important and innocent question, plus the events that followed all the way up to her mother’s reprimand.

Mine was by triggered by my Dad socking my Mother and knocking her unconscious when I was around eight. I swore I would make it up to Mom some day. (I later became an adjudicator of refugee claims – speak of standing up to bullies. I specialized in gender claims).

We are also given a “soul assignment.” Matthew Ward (author of Matthew’s Messages) calls it the “soul contract” and another writer calls it the “blueprint.”

It is a socially-useful accomplishment we agree with ourselves, prior to being born, to carry out in this lifetime.  It seldom is accomplished as long as we are tied up in our karmic knot. Observe Barrack Obama.

What we notice, if we look hard enough, is that the karmic knot usually propels us in the direction of accomplishing our soul assignment.

Susan’s karmic knot galvanized her to know what God was and she got: “I AM THAT I AM.”  That was probably what she agreed with herself, before she was born, to accomplish in this lifetime.

My karmic knot propelled me to shake off personal fear so that I could stand up to bullies like President Bush and Vice-President Cheney and tell them publicly that they were mass murderers and high traitors, no matter what the risk was for me. Once I had shaken myself free of fear, I could be socially useful.

If we try to accomplish our soul assignment without untying our karmic knot, we can come across as ungrounded, divided, squeaky. I certainly did for many years. It took a lot of growth work to emerge from the hole I was in.

We untie the karmic knot by telling the truth.

That’s why it’s so important to speak the truth here, to tell it like it is, as deeply as you can. Tell the truth until it hurts.

I have an invisible friend. I talk to animals. I am a telepath. I have been chipped.  That is the truth that we’ve been withholding all these years which, as long as it is held back, has power over us.

Tell the truth in here and the truth will set you free. That’s the idea behind all this communicating for people slated to be tomorrow’s leaders.

A few of you may not take yourselves that seriously now, but I guarantee that you will one day. And the more work we do together here and now, the more use we will be to others when events unfold.



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