The Design Principle that Underlies Sharing

In my opinion, sharing the truth is the process of Fifth-Dimensional communication, is an important matter related to Ascension, and is the New Paradigm in communication. Of course, as always I could be wrong. And if I am, I’ll be corrected and the whole game will be taken ten yards further down the field by the correction.

By the way, it’s articles like this one that I see as my real contribution. And my aim is to free myself up to be writing these.

I was saying on this site [The 2012 Scenario] recently that life has a design. There are principles that underlie that design and we can know those principles.

I suggested that one of the design principles of life is a longing for liberation that keeps the individual moving through lifetime after lifetime towards God, seeking God, thirsting for God.

Another design principle is reincarnation, which sees an individual incarnate, “live” for a while, leave the body, rest for a while on the Astral or Mental Planes, and then reincarnate.

A third principle is that life is designed to return to us what we do to another, for our education. This principle is called a natural law, the Law of Karma. But all of these are design principles of life.

The design principle I’d like to discuss here is the one that underlies the process of sharing and ensures that sharing has its effect on us.

That design principle is encapsulated in the following sentence from Jesus: The truth will set you free.

Sharing means sharing the truth about yourself, or about a situation you’re in, or something else personal to you. It doesn’t mean sharing about Joe or Mary. “Hey, Joe cheats at cards. Hey, Mary is married and has a lover.” Not sharing. Gossiping.

Why does the truth set us free generally? Because it reflects the fact that what life is all about is finding out the truth about ourselves, which, if we do, sets us free from needing to exist “separately” from God.

Apparently God wanted to know Him/Her/Itself and so He/She/It created life forms and assigned them the purpose of knowing themselves. Each time a life form knows itself, God meets God, and for that meeting was all of life created.

This I know from my vision experience in 1987. (1)  I know only one thing in life and that is this: The purpose of life is enlightenment. I know that for certain and that’s the only thing I know for certain. I knew that as communicated by Someone, accompanied by bliss, and known without doubt. But it is the only thing in life I know without doubt.

The purpose of life is that we should know the truth of our authentic nature, our original face. We are God. You are God. I am God. That plant is God. Everything is God.

God so designed life, in my opinion, that each time we discover more about the truth of ourselves, we’re set more free from some unwanted condition we’re in.

More truth, more freedom, until we realize the Absolute Truth and we are Absolutely Free.

Let me repeat that because it’s important: If we share a small truth, it will set us free from a small condition; a big truth and it will set us free from a big condition; the Absolute Truth and it will set us free absolutely from all conditions. Previously that was one way for the individual to become enlightened and, I presume, eventually to ascend to a higher dimension.

Sharing is telling the truth. No truth, no release. If I want to know if what I shared was the truth, all I need to do is see if I feel increased relief or release. No release, no truth.

It’s very simple to do and very simple to check. Hey, I shared? Any release? No, well, that wasn’t the truth. What is the truth? Let me look.

So the object of sharing is to introduce truth into matters. Here is the truth about me, as far as I can see it, as far as I’m aware of it, etc.

When I share the truth about me, when I share the dirty little secrets about me that I hide (as Werner Erhard used to put it), which are dirty only because I refuse to share them, I am set free from ignorance, or withholding, or suppression, or inhibition.

Werner used to say: Put the truth in the place of the truth and the unwanted condition disappears.

So one of the values of a discussion group, especially one on Ascension, is that I get to share about me in here.

“Hey, I’m scared to share.”

“Hey, I have this important job and, when I do it, I don’t know what I’m doing and I think I’ll get fired if I reveal that.” (You probably will.)

“Hey, I think tomorrow I’m going to wake up and the world will be gone.”

Whatever the withheld information or the deep, dark secret is.

Our power is tied up in our secrets. They run us. They keep us small. We tie up a great deal of energy in deflecting attention from them instead of just acknowledging them. We use up a lot of energy hiding from the truth.

“Hey, I think I’m gay.”

“I’m afraid of burning in hell.”

“I’ve actually been aboard a spacecraft.”

“I’m not from this planet.”

Whatever. Our power is tied up in our secrets. Sharing the truth should, if I’m correct, set us free from inhibition, suppression, fear, denial, drama, make-believe, and any other condition that has us be out of alignment with ourself, the truth, and the world.

Very young children don't know how to lie. But unfortunately they learn

Now for the caveats. First caveat: You don’t want to share where sharing will place you in jeopardy.

I’m not going to go to the airport, approach the TSA grope, and shout: “There is no war on terror. There never was a war on terror. 9/11 was a CIA, black-ops, false-flag operation. Rogue elements of the government are the ‘terrorists.’” Not smart. Don’t share with the TSA.

Not smart to share what will bring you ridicule. “Hey, I’m from the 115th Dimension.” Not smart to share. Guaranteed to bring ridicule.

And there are other shares, secrets, and situations that are not smart to be shared. So one does need to be prudent. And the individual is responsible for exercising that prudence.

Second caveat: If you share from a victim place, you’re only perverting the process of sharing. If you share and your share is a lie, if you’ll forgive me for being blunt, then no pass.

For me to lie and then say, “Hey, I experienced no release, but I shared.” No pass. No “Go.” No $200.

I have to share the truth or this process will not work. To represent myself as a victim, unless I really am a victim (say, of crime), is not the truth of my situation. For instance, “you made me do it”: not usually the truth. No pass, no release, no $200.

And there are other caveats, which I’ll share whenever I remember them. I just know there are others.

Sharing the truth (the meaning of “Share11,” by the way) is, in my view, the way of the Fifth Dimension, of Ascension, and the New Paradigm. At least I’m willing to bet my last paper dollar on it.

We’ve heard the Company of Light say that Fifth-Dimensional beings speak only the truth. Here is SaLuSa on the matter:

“Would you really expect us at our level to tell other than the truth? I doubt it, as you are sufficiently evolved to recognize the truth in what we give you. We are your mentors and in a dimension that you are soon to rise up to, where only the truth exists. It is such that the truth is naturally spoken in all matters, and even if we could speak otherwise it would be immediately recognized for what it was.

“That will be one lesson that you could work on now as humans are prone to talk around the truth, or present it in such a way that it is hardly recognizable. Try it until you never give it a second thought, as it is clearly not easy to suddenly change the habits you have developed. Remember also that in the higher dimensions it is impossible for a lie to be undetected in as much that your thoughts can be read. It is easier to be truthful once you are there and find that no one is judging another person, as Unconditional Love does not seek to condemn or find fault.” (2)

Well, QED, huh? (Quod est demonstratum: This is shown,demonstrated, or proven – I think!)

So, if I’m recommending sharing the truth in here, it’s as a preparation for all that comes later.

No, we cannot see your aura to know if you’re telling the truth. But you can feel the impact of your share on yourself and so you’ll know if what you said was the truth or not. Share the truth about yourself. And, for those who listen, don’t fix, don’t counsel, don’t commiserate. Don’t take someone’s truth and fiddle with it. Acknowledge the share and allow it to raise a share in you, which it’s then your turn to communicate. Sharing together, we emerge from a culture of secrets and lies together.


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(2) SaLuSa, Apr. 20, 2011, at

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