Sharing = Communication + Listening

Now that Galactic Forum is open, perhaps I can make a few suggestions about sharing, if you’ll permit me.

Sharing involves communicating and listening. One person communicates and the other person listens and, when the speaker is done and has been heard, they reverse positions.

What’s there to communicate is anything that’s there for us. The brass ring in communication is emergence; that is, stepping out of our shells and saying how things are for us.

The booby prize is telling another person how it should be for them. That will only start a brawl and does not forward the action in any way that I’m aware of.

However, listening and feeding back what we hear forwards the action.

If we’re triggered, perhaps don’t respond to another from that space for a number of reasons.

First, if we’re triggered, almost guaranteed that our awareness is down, especially our self-awareness. Tension and awareness vary inversely to each other.

Second, almost guaranteed that our judgment is impaired.

Third, almost guaranteed that our response will be offensive and just lead to a feud, one that will grow and grow and take in everything, until a major falling out results.

Is that not how we’ve done things for perhaps most of our lives? Isn’t that why things have not worked out for us if they haven’t?

If we’re reactivated by what someone says, almost guaranteed that a vasana has been triggered – a behavioral pattern that’s anchored to some past event, some ancient hurt, which the other person’s unwitting statement has jiggled loose.

Given the rising energies, we can expect more and more of our vasanas to rise to the surface to be cleared, but they won’t be cleared by identifying with them, projecting them onto others, and starting a war. They’ll be further energized and we’ll become more rigid as a result.

They’ll be cleared by owning them, standing in the face of them, observing them, locating where they’re anchored to our past, and allowing them to play themselves out until they’re gone.

We’re lightworkers here, using the time together to bounce off each other, clear ourselves of our rigidities, keep abreast of what’s going on and prepare for the busy and exciting times ahead.

Our egos served their purpose when we were cavemen; they helped us stay alive and divide work into roles and tasks and so on. But they’re relics now and have lost their usefulness.

They will survive into 5D in the sense that we’ll retain individuality but they won’t survive as devices that keep us separate.

I’m biased in this area because, between communication and listening, I think the least understood skill and the one that brings the greatest benefit is listening. Getting what another says and feeding back our understanding so that the other gets that we got them. I value listening and I know that others do as well because they say so. It’s the greatest gift I can give another.

In communication, I value transparency and depth. I want you to know me deeply and I want to know you deeply as well. Shallow fights and disagreements are valued on TV and in films but in real life they lack juice. Deep sharing has juice.

So it’s my intention that this be a space for deep sharing, deep listening, deep communicating. Harmlessness, compassion, and most of all depth are what I value.

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