Share Until You Feel it

This message was posted to the 2012 Scenario Discussion Group, but may be valid here as well.  The address of the discussion group is

For me, the brass ring in a discussion group is sharing and listening and perhaps I can expand a wee bit on what I mean by both.

Sharing is me sharing myself. I could have said sharing my truth. And the value of my share for me and for others goes up the deeper the share reflects my truth or the deeper the truth I share.

Some mentioned here that their molecules were vibrating and perhaps I could coattail on that and say that sharing until my molecules vibrate is what I seek to do. A deep share can literally shake the rust off my metal.

So for instance I get down into my deeper truth when I say that I so want the world to work out.   And the way to have the world work out, for me anyways, is to lessen everything unworkable about myself.  So my sense of entitlement, of me-first, of wanting my share or my cut, of wanting be known and liked – all these are facets of unworkability that belong to me and compete with my interest in having the world work out.

The more I reveal myself in here, the more I move myself and perhaps even move you.  The more transparent I am, the more often things work out.  What I’m in here for is to tell you who I am deeply, the deeper the better.

And the converse is also true. What my mission is in here as far as you’re concerned is to hear you, get you, listen to the deepest truth you want to share and make sure that you know that I heard you.

I’m not here to reassure you (not really) or to advise you or fix you. I think very, very few people actually need fixing. At essence, none of us is broken. What we do need is to have an opportunity to unconceal ourselves, to be known for our deepest truth, to have that truth be heard.

When I’ve spoken my truth deeply, I emerge from my shell. I stand forth as my truth or my stand, in the strength that is native to me and simply remains for the most part concealed by my withholds and image management.

I could try to “look good” in here but of what value is that? That’s the way of the world and at most it results in applause. But it does nothing for me in terms of the real purpose of life, which is to know myself as I really am and to be known as That to others.

So I encourage people not to hide in here, not to present us with an image, but really to reveal ourselves and risk the buffeting that can sometimes come from that. Our participation here is not trivial. It’s not mundane. It’s preparation for Ascension. It’s polishing the inner statue until it shines forth.

That’s different from applying makeup to the statue or dressing it up. It’s letting the native sheen of the statue shine forth.

Tell us who you are. Who you really are, deep down. Share until you feel it. Tell us what you’ve longed to say and have never had a place to say it.

And for our part, let’s hear you without advising you or fixing you but with bare listening and ample comprehension.



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