A Balanced Diet for a New World


Behind the scenes, the editors are discussing the measures we may need to take to take into account the expected tsunami of information that’ll likely come with the mass arrests, followed perhaps by Disclosure, followed perhaps by NESARA (no predictions, just speculations).

All is flux and adaptation and a letting go of the old for the new. We’re dropping some channels who have themselves not kept up with the times and adding new ones. What Hilarion said in 2009 still applies, perhaps more so:

“There is already, as you have noticed, many new channelers who are bringing forth messages from the Higher Planes of existence and this shall continue in the days ahead.

“There will also be many who will be receiving plans, codes, information, to bring through new technologies, so we from the Spiritual Hierarchy are informing you, the Lightworkers, that this is beginning to occur.” (1)

In addition to capturing the best channeled information and news – the game-changers, barn-burners, tipping points, and trim tabs (2) that this site is dedicated to posting – we also post commentary.

And part of the commentary we post is what I call “shares.”A share is one person sharing the truth of their being, feelings, wishes, etc., to another, transparently.

I mention sharing to other lightworkers, especially those moderating discussion groups and running blogs or radio shows, because part of our work as lightworkers is to model behavior and be wayshowers through our transparency. And sharing and transparency in the last twenty years or so have not had high survival value. Playing our cards close to our chest, passing, having political correctness have recently passed sharing in survival value, although that is shortly to change again.

Transparency has to include when we fall on our faces as well as when we win the race. It can’t simply be about the good times; it has to be about the bad times as well. Suffering is a part of the human experience and cannot be stuffed down or hidden away.

So sharing is a vital part of this blog. As we go through our changes and refining processes, as we rise up in joy or suffer with ascensionitis or loss or poverty, the whole journey needs to be shared and that’s what we try to do here. Some of the shares arise when we’re attacked, when we goof, when we actually get out of line and they can be harder to share than others. But they’re as important as the good news is.

I remember Werner Erhard once saying, “I’m not interested in the positive or the negative. I want to know the truth,”

Now that shouldn’t be taken too far. God is all positivity and no negativity. But we humans occupy a middle ground and we’re not all positivity. Given that we’re also part negativity, our approach to the positive has to be tempered as we cross the middle ground, or at least I think so.

In my opinion, being human requires us to make two changes to the belief that we should concentrate only on the positive.

(1) At times, we need to prefer the truth over the positive.

(2) We always need to put harmlessness ahead of truth.

Why (1)? Because we 3D dwellers only partially understand the importance of the positive. We sometimes try to remain positive when in fact we should be more concerned with the truth. It’s not the positive that will set us free. It’s the truth. God did not create life so that the positive could be known, but so that the truth could be known.

The truth is that you are God. (That will be $1,000 please. Please make payable to the Lightworkers Fund.) Notice that being told the truth doesn’t do a thing for us. We must arrive at it ourselves and know it as the truth, down to our bones and in each atom of our body. But nevertheless it is the truth that will set us free.

Why (2)? Because human beings can make a weapon of anything, including the truth. Many humans have taken the truth and hit one another over the head with it. I may have done so within the last week, perhaps the last day. It’s common. So, as long as we’re humans and therefore imperfect, it’s best to put harmlessness (ahimsa) ahead of truth (sathya).

So sharing is as important a part of this blog as news and channeled information. And you have discussion groups aplenty where you can share as well. And more and more of you are demanding telecalls where you can leave print behind and talk together.

One day after I posted the article in which I mentioned how you are demanding telecalls, a man of depth phoned me up and proposed the idea of starting a telecall. He hadn’t heard that idea from me. It was a completely serendipitous (if anything is serendipitous) coincidence (I know, I know, there are none).

So it looks like it may be the time to be augmenting writing with speaking. That’ll be another instance of the spread of the desire to share.

However things develop, sharing the truth of our joys and pains is a vital part of lightwork. It primes the pump of love. It makes us transparent and transparency, albeit with the provision to invoke privacy when we want, is where we’re headed. An open society. A united society. A transparent society.

So this blog shares the news. It offers what it hopes are the best of channeled messages. And its commentators share. We think of that as a balanced diet for a new world.


(1) Hilarion, through Marlene Swetlishoff, May 3-9, 2009, at htp://

(2) The “trim tab” is the wee area of a wing or aileron which, when tipped, tips the whole plane. So a trim tab is an idea whose time has come, an idea that reframes the whole game or introduces a whole new concept at a fortuitous time. We don’t publish all the news that’s fit to print. We try to publish trim tabs.

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