It All Works Out in the Final Reel

In a reading I requested from Archangel Michael, through Linda Dillon, on April 26, 2011, the Spirit whom I serve said something that surprised me:

“We do not ask you to veer away from being a writer but we want you to write what you feel moved to and it is also more dabbling into what you have thought of as the sacred truths.

“And people, humans, hybrids [Starseeds], and beyond, are prepared to receive those [writings] as well. In a fuller and perhaps may we say more profound way than previously. …

“… In the human element their hearts are yearning for more. So you are going to do more writing in that vein.”

I expressed surprise because I’m not an enlightened being but the Boss said that nonetheless that’s what I’d feel drawn to.

And I confess that the desire to turn to spiritual topics is arising in me. There’s a desire to write about enlightenment, the design elements of the human being and life, the natural laws, the Trinity of God the Father, God the Mother, and God the Child. I could have said God the All, since there is nothing that isn’t God. But nonetheless to create this lila or drama called life, God did, as far as I’m aware, step down His (Her, Its) powers in a mysterious way that it’s difficult for us to understand to assume other roles in the play.

The very first thing I feel moved to do is to republish on a daily basis chapters from the book called The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment. (1) I feel a strong desire to begin by sharing something that tells us why life was created and a little bit about how it was designed. So let me say a word about that book.

Back in 1987, while I was driving my car, I had an experience which changed my life. I was in my doctoral years at the University of B.C., studying to be a counsellor. I had been practicing listening therapy, the incredible impact that deep listening could have in the processing of major upsets. I had noticed that when a person was listened to for a very long time, they reached a point where the puzzle they were faced with became a picture.

I should add that I had also attended a rebirthing workshop in Seattle the previous weekend and had what rebirthers call a “full-breath release.” I can’t describe what that feels like. The breath, instead of being a country road, becomes an eight-lane highway. I felt altogether cleaned out and purified. I had broken through the “character armoring” or “pain body.” So I was in a remarkable space to begin with.

But the thought arose in my mind and I expressed it this way: “If our early life is a puzzle, which, when solved, becomes a picture, could it be that life itself was a puzzle and, if so, what’s the picture that life is?”

Back then, this question and what happened after was all marvellous to me. But now I see it as simply one act in the unfolding drama that our lives are. It was my time to have this information downloaded and I now see it was brought to me for a purpose. What occurred after was that everything turned black and I forgot that I was behind the wheel of a car.

For the next eight seconds, I was shown a living tableau, a 3D movie, that revealed the entire journey of an individual soul, through lifetime after lifetime – from God, as Jesus said, out into the world (that is, the Holy Spirit or Mother, mater, matter), and back to God again.

This experience was attended by bliss, which lasted three days and the bliss made knowing easy. I won’t describe what I saw because I have in the conclusion to this book. (2) But I emerged knowing for certain, and I want to emphasize that certainty, like I could bank on it and risk my life on it, that enlightenment was the purpose for which each one of us is born, lives our lives, and “dies.”

That experience lasted eight seconds and, when it finished and the black disappeared, my car had not moved an inch. I was removed from time. I emerged knowing that it all works out in the final reel. I knew what the Trinity was. I knew what our task was. But none of this was explained in words. I saw only pictures. And it took twenty years of research to find the words that would explain what I saw that day.

That explanation is contained in the dictionary, From Darkness Unto Light, (3) and I took a section of that dictionary and converted it into a book called The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment. I found that what I saw was known to countless sages through enlightenment. I discovered that life was designed, that that design was benevolent, that design elements operate on us to keep us moving towards our final rendezvous with destiny, and that God does not create sorrow and pain – we do.

I learned that enlightenment itself goes on so far that for us to call one stage of it that we reach in our human lives “complete” or “final”  is humorous. None of our enlightenments can possibly be seen as any more “final” than a drive from Vancouver to Seattle can be called a drive through North America. There is a long, long way to go before we know and merge again with God.

I obtained a glimpse of how wonderful God is that so many ineffable, majestic views of Him (Her, It) cannot slake our thirst for Him or exhaust what there is to be known. Even Seraphim, who stand in the face of God, don’t know God completely. No one knows God but God. I’m not sure if I’m capable of communicating the eyes-wide-open amazement I felt upon realizing the vastness of God’s Being. To this day I can’t express it. One could exhaust one’s life trying to express that one thing.

This was not enlightenment. It was a vision.

Any knowledge of God, whether a peak experience, an enlightenment, or anything else, repays years and years of spiritual effort and struggle. I used to say to myself that one spiritual experience – a transformational moment, a vision – repaid a decade of labor for it. (And I know that a moment comes when we must not struggle or exert ourselves.) There came a time when I was having one spiritual experience after another and none of it slaked my thirst.

Here I am twenty-four years after that experience, feeling as fresh with the topic as I did then, feeling no diminution of enthusiasm for an eight-second tableau. That’s because, when I get in touch with it, when I breathe into it, I’m breathing into a truth. And so I feel joy or bliss.

After the vision, I insisted that my doctoral dissertation be about enlightenment and my thesis adviser refused. No other department of the university, including religious studies (!!), would agree to my doing one on such a topic. So I kicked the dust of the university off my feet, left an institution that was then wedded to empirical materialism and never cast a backward glance. Goodbye to Ph.Ds. Goodbye to an elephant line, each one’s trunk holding the tail of the one in front. Goodbye to a world bounded by what could be seen and heard and touched.

I’m sure the university has changed by now. But I have no more use for degrees. I only want to know what God is. I’ve been smitten by love’s arrow and I cannot see, hear or want anything else but God. And so it has been for everyone who was ever contacted or awakened by the Divine in any way. So powerful is the touch of God that it rearranges lives, smashes plans, and totally converts the soul. It divides father from son and mother from daughter. I am, we all are, God’s playthings, His puppets, His fools. And rage against it as we might, nothing can change that situation.

But let me not fly off into outer space, lost to everything. There is work to do to serve Him. Later comes the pension. So I shall be posting that book, that frustrating attempt to put words to the Wordless. I cannot say the book is well-written or well-organized or anything of the kind. It isn’t a book really. It’s a report. It just needed to be written, no matter what form it took or what shape it emerged in. It’s practically jottings on paper napkins, by a latter-day Kerouac.

I’ll publish a chapter daily. You don’t have to read it. I just have to post it. The book itself is available here (4) and on The Essays of Brother Anonymous. (5) However the book as published here has been revised and is a better read.


(1) The first page of which starts here; on this site and here on another site.

(2) Available here ( ) and here ( ).

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