Building Nova Earth: Toward A World That Works for Everyone


My heavens, your response gives a new meaning to the term “break-out pages”! I’m so happy so many people want to get together.

The function of this page is to provide a place (the comments section) where people can arrange to meet-up with each other.

Please include in your comment the area in which you live. Others who wish to locate people in their area can “search” on the comments.

All meet-ups are your responsibility to manage and cannot be considered the responsibility of the Golden Age of Gaia.

Have fun!


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  1. This is a shout-out to the Durham and triangle area light workers. Let’s connect!

    Love, Light and Peace

    • Hey! I’m one, let’s meet up!

    • Hi Nora. I live in Seven Springs and attend the Eck worship services in Raleigh regularly. Would like to meet some time when I am in town.

    • Hi Nora,

      I’m moving to Cary in January and would love to meet lightworkers in the area! It’s hard leaving my lightworker buddies in Ohio, so would love to have people to connect with down there! Thanks for the shout-out!!

      • Your ligthworker buddies in Ohio already miss you friend.


        • Im from ohio, email me at if you would like :)

          • Hi Jason,

            What part of Ohio do you live in? I am in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.
            Would like to meet with other LightWorkers.

          • Hi there!am moses 23 male ugandan living here in kampala uganda.i need help on how and where”am eager” to join lightworkers group in the world.pliz any 1 help me….on email;

          • Wana become 1 but idont know any member in uganda,am ready to travel and meet any.pliz any 1 help me….on email;

          • What part of Ohio are you in Jason? I’m in the Cleveland area. I’m always open to meeting more Lightworkers. I can be reached at

        • Hi Dana,

          I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and would love to meet some LightWorkers in the Tri-State area. (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana)

          • Hi Fran & Dana,
            I live just outside of Columbus, OH,
            and would love to meet some LightWorkers in the area too.

          • Hi Fran. I’m in the Cleveland area and always open to meeting more lightworkers across the state as well as anywhere else. :) I can be reached at


          • Hey, Ohio Lightworkers!! I’m Diana and I live in Dayton area. Do you all have any regular meetings set up? So happy to meet other Buckeye lightworkers!

      • hello, interested in lightseeker and ascension stuff. let me know if interested

    • Hi Nora -I would love to know some light workers in the Triangle area. -Sara

    • I am from near Raleigh , N.C. and wondering if a group is forming in that area

    • Hey Nora
      This is my first time on this site. What i would like to say is that i have been a lightworker for 3yrs now and i have relocated from NC to Milton NH so i would like to get together to talk if you are OK with this.Live in the light TC.

    • While I live in Charlotte — I frequent the Durham/Raleigh area on a weekly basis.

      Nothing But Love,


  2. I am in North/Central Montana and would love to ‘meet-up’ and work together to help create our beautiful new world.

  3. I’m here and in North New Jersey, Bergen county, very interested in Meeting with +Positive+ +People+

    • Hi, good to see folks that are awake and aware in these neck of the woods. I’m located in Middlesex County NJ.

      • I’m here and in North New Jersey, Bergen county, very interested in Meeting with +Positive+ +People+

        Hi, good to see folks that are awake and aware in these neck of the woods. I’m located in Middlesex County NJ.

        Hi Julio, do you perhaps have a facebook page I can look you up? we can also exchange emails, mine is you can write a lil bit talking what you are doing in middlesex. Thanks a bunch Peace!

        • Hi,
          I am alive and awake here in Monmouth County NJ. Was beginning to feel
          like the only one in the state! A big hello to all, especially my Northern neighbors.
          Would love to meet up! Let me know!! Thanks Kathy

      • I’m in Middlesex county too! What a great coincidence!

        • I am in Middlesex County too! I am in Metuchen near Edison. Please let me know if any meetups are happening in NJ!

  4. I just started a meetup in Denver. I encourage all lightworkers to check it out!

  5. I forgot to add the link to my meetup before hitting ‘send’. Here it is:

    • Jodi, hi, my name is chuck montoya, id love to join your group, I live 225 and parker rd. area, it would be great to meet other lightworkers, in denver hope to hear from you soo, GOD BLESS to you and yours, and peace be with you, fellow spirit in the flesh chuck montoya!

  6. Anyone in the UK?

    • Hello Dave,

      Yes, I am from UK or rather live in UK, North Yorkshire, are you anywhere close? I would love to know if anyone around my area has the same interest as I do, it can be quite lonely at times.


    • Hi Dave
      Yes I am from Stratford-On-Avon

    • Hi,im living in weymouth,southwest england,uk.Im 8 years into my awakening(realization of light-worker responsability).Serious about finding like minded people to meet & share correspondence,these are amazing times we are in at present.It can only be a good thing to open our minds & share & help to re-remember our amazing universal consiounssencess.

    • Hi, I’m from Belper in Derbyshire, UK

    • I’m in the West Midlands – a little village about 8 miles south of Rugby.. Would love to meet up but have two children, so will see if I can manage if when something gets finalised between you guys.

    • I’m in Preston, Lancashire. Anyone else?

      • dorothy PERMALINK
        October 2, 2011
        H i Jackie, I was born in preston but now live in halifax west yorks would be great to get in touch

        (Dorothy replied with a new post so I’m cutting and pasting so they connect)
        Jackie C

      • OH! Lancashire. My grandfather was from there. The Clegg family. Clegg Hall I believe is in that area. Someday hope to visit. Maybe we can Meet up. Smiling….

    • I’m in Essex London suburbs. I believe we are being guided to link up physically now as of today I’m being guided to do this, I believe we have to link up our grids now for sure, it feels like the time is right, Bernice

    • Hi – I’m in Wales, but willing to travel if/when I can (can deffo make it to the North West, Liverpool or Manchester) Great to make contact with UK people – been feeling a bit lonely!



      • Also in Wales. Nice to talk to like-minded people, but unable to travel too far due to work/family commitments.

    • Hi all…

      I’m from the Haworth/Keighley area in West Yorkshire!

    • Hi. I live in the UK, l am in Broadstairs, Kent.

    • Hi Dave ,

      I am in North London, Enfield and would love to chat to someone.

      Please add me:

    • Greetings All

      Currently Residing in Luton, Feel Free to take my Email
      Plenty of Greatness to talk about, However i Am Surrounded by People Carryin the Blinders on Their Face, So Would be Nice to Communicate and Elevate With Those Ready

      Love and Light

    • Hi Dave
      Linda and I were at the 1st 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona and met with all the speakers and had a fantasic experience there.
      We have a small group here in South Shropshire who have been tuned in to all the Ascension ‘goings-on’ for some time now. We are holding a Solstice Celebration here on the 21st December at our Holistic Centre.
      Love and Light

    • Hi im on the isle of wight in the uk

  7. Awake and aware here in new braunfels texas north of san antonio a meetup with like minded souls would be good and great. namaste rick

    • Hello there!!!!

      Happy and encouraged to see someone else awake and aware in Texas. I’m out here on the edge of the desert in San Angelo. Kay

      • Hope this note finds you ready to fire the grid 11-11-11 . I’m doing what i feel i need to be ready with children of the sun and the hathor sound gifts along with daily meditations and giving selfless of myself . I really do feel i’m ready as so much light is coming through now, i’ve never been able to hold it this long before or in between sleep time at night. I’m very thankful and humbled by it all. God bless you it want be much longer now. Namaste rick

    • Nice to see three other Texans here, Rick, Kay, and Rose Day from Kingwood. I’m in Beaumont, near Houston, betaphi@gmail.

      • I am from Houston. Just came upon this website…and still learning. Living south of the city…interested in connecting!

        • Hi, I’m from the South Houston area, I just found this website today, are you guys meeting anywhere? I’d love to join in

          • Did you guys get together? I am also from Houston.

    • Hi Texans! I’m up here in Dallas…’s great to see others close by! I’m also following Hathors & Children of the Sun. The City of Shamballa is also a great source for inspiration! Namaste

      • Hey Ya’ll, I am in New Braunfels, Texas, also new to the 2012 Scenario. This is amazing! I thought I was pretty much alone on a lot of things. I dont feel out of place here. Namaste!

      • Greetings Theresa! I am in the Dallas-Garland area and was glad to locate someone of like mind nearby. Nice to know the uplifting Energies are merging here as well. I am a June 5th Gemini, got any suggestions?!!! Just buckling my seat belt!

    • I am in Dallas. Texas represent!

  8. Is there anyone in the Reno, NV area that has a grasp of what’s happening right now?
    Would love to meet up with some”light” people.

  9. I am residing in Staffordshire, Burton-on-Trent. Would be great to share resources, Meditations and Healing for all the changes that are unfolding.

    Namaste, Jules.

  10. Russia?

  11. Anyone out here in the area of Knysna, South Africa? Together it is much easier to create und having fun while creating. Love!

  12. Memphis area and interested in meeting with ‘like hearted’ folks. Not sure if lightworker describes me but would really like some interaction/discussion/confirmation about what I feel/believe is very near to becoming our new reality on this little blue planet. Exciting times we are in…
    Love is all there is

    • Ervin Hypnosis Center is the place in Memphis. don’t live there now, but they have new and full moon meditaions as well as other events.

  13. I live in Western New York, East Amherst to be exact. Would enjoy coffee with anyone interested in 2012 light work.

  14. I’m in Oklahoma City and would like to meet like minded people to discuss things with. Please send me and email if interested..thanks

  15. I am in southwest Michigan, and would enjoy chatting with fans of this site, and already have Skype running, so am pleased to hear this will be using Skype.

    • Northern Michigan, lower peninsula.

    • Hi Ronald and Jared, I live between the two of you here in Midland, Mi. I don’t have skype and don’t plan on getting it any time soon, but I would love to be able to talk to you about what is happening around us. I am on facebook and they have that chat room, it only handles a one on one conection, but it is a start. If this clicks, I could set up a conference call account where up to 50 people can get on the call. Let me know what you think. Just friend request me on facebook and leave me a message.

      Love to All
      Roxanne Bohnow

    • I would love to hear from Light workers here in Michigan as well. contact me at the following email address, and we can get something started here is Michigan.

    • Hi sw mich. lets bring the vib. to a higher level by having 2 people joined together.
      email back or find me at main street pub on w. main kal, mi. on thursdays after 3;00

    • Hi, I’m new to this site and looking for connections in Chicago and/or Southwest Michigan.

      Contact me if you are still looking for meet-ups.


  16. I helped start a group in Vallejo, CA, just north of San Francisco. We started with my twin brother and a friend in July. Now we are up to 10. I encourage you all to form a group, no matter how small. You won’t believe how grateful people are when they discover like-minded believers.

    We meet for dinner about once a month or more often. It helps that we have talented cooks among us.

    One of the members is a channeler-healer-Pleiadian. Most of us are boomers and have known all our lives we were different. We just added a couple of Crystals!

    There is no leader in the group. It helps to have something like a “talking stick” because everyone wants to talk and question question question. 2012 Scenario is our main staple and we’re all so grateful for it. A wonderful thing happens: when we talk over big questions and don’t get an answer, the answer invariably shows up the next day on Steve’s site! So we are obviously being listened to.

    We also keep in touch several times a week by forwarding links to important blogs. Some of us have busy work lives so it’s not easy for everyone to read blogs extensively every day. It’s therefore, to get recommendations from someone you trust. We also discuss books we are reading or make recommendations on certain topics. Since most of the books don’t find their way onto public library shelves, it’s nice to be able to lend them out.

    We might end up meeting much more frequently this month since things seem to be heating up!

    And, in honor of SaLuSa, I usually sign off as


    • You are very funny! I like your sign-off. I am in Fresno and am willing to visit your area for meetings if nothing turns up locally for me. Have a niece in SF I can hang with. Hope you get this and reply or someone locally sees it. Been hoping to find like-minded people in the flesh for a long time. Known truths that are unpopular for far too long and need to commune.


      • Hi. I am in Coarsegold about 40 miles north of Fresno. I know your post is old and you may not even be in that area anymore. But I figured no harm in checking. :)

    • Hi GreGoRy, I am a Lightworker from Santa Rosa. Are you open for new members or a get to know check in visit at one of your gatherings?

    • I live in Santa Clara. Any one in the South Bay?

    • Hi Gregory,

      does your group still meet up? I am in Glen Ellen.

    • Are you all still meeting? I’m in Santa Cruz,Ca

  17. I’m near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  18. from brasil
    Let’s start our network ,let’s share our experiences, visions and our communication “star “sistem of love and kindness.
    We are ready and aware!
    Let’s practice ! ( in english or in portuguese, it doesnt matter !!!
    Love and peace for you all

  19. Anyone in the Port Coquitlam area of B. C. that reads Steve`s stuff and thinks like this, I would like to meet up with.

  20. Seeking light-minded hearts in the Charlotte, NC area.

  21. Any lightworkers in the Sarasota, Venice, Englewood part of Florida? Where are you? There’s a few of us here that we know of, but we can’t be the only ones. Florida needs to wake up from its trance. It’s like being in the Land that Time Forgot…

    But it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. We need to start finding each other.

    Thanks to Steve Beckow for giving us the chance.

    • Hello,
      I lived in Sarasota for a brief time. There is a bookstore called Elysian Fields, 1273 Tamiani Trail South (at Bahia Vista) where you might be able to make some connections. It is very “spiritually” oriented. There are a number of activities in the area (especially Venice) where you might also meet other Light Workers. Try accessing Natural Awakenings for related information and activities within the Sarasota area. May Spirit guide you quickly, Miki

  22. Victoria BC

  23. Wow! This is really AWESOME!

    Kat here, Kennesaw Georgia.

    • Katalyst, I’m over here in Stone Mountain and pray that one of the landings is going to be over where the laser shows are at Stone mountain park. I am very interested in getting together with like minded people in the ATL area. I think this is wonderful. Atlanta, “where you at?” (Big Smiles!)

      • Hi Campbell, I live 70 miles north of atlanta,would love to talk to like minded people. blessings,Jeff.

      • Oh my goodness! I haven’t logged in for a while and did not see this. I’m near Town Center in Kennesaw. My email is . If you see this, both of you, I’d love to connect!


    • Hi Kat, I live 70 miles north of atlanta contact me thanks Jeff.

  24. Melbourne, Australia – I am longing to connect with like-minded people. I love the speed of manifestation, though – just yesterday I was scanning Steve’s website for some ‘Community’ page to connect with others!

    • Hi Cindy,
      I’m near Canberra, and was googling for ascension or ‘wake up’ groups nearby just yesterday! It must be time to pool our light and really make this thing happen. Love to hear from you.


    • Hi Cindy, I was skipping through all the people trying to connect with like minded people and low and behold I came across you. I am also from Melbourne, living down on the Penninsula and would love to catch up with you. I am sure that we would have lots to talk about. Until I hear from you Fay

    • Hi Cindy & Fay,
      I’m in Melbourne Australia as well and would love to catch-up! :-)

  25. Anyone close to León, Guanajuato. México?

  26. Would be great to have some like-minded friends in Las Vegas, NV.

  27. Would love to get together with olther Lightworkers along the Front Range in northern Colorado.

  28. Hi all
    I’m from Stratford-On-Avon UK

  29. I’m from the Okanagan, Vernon, BC and would like to get together with anyone interested in helping our homeless brothers and sisters – let’s come up with ideas!

  30. Anyone in the San Diego, California area? I live right next to Imperial Beach. Would love to meet anywhere in the San Diego area any lightworkers/starseeds…

    • Hi Rodney,
      I live in Ramona and would really like to meet lightworkers
      in the San Diego area. Pamela

      • Pamela,

        I am in the San Diego area… and would like to meet other fellow lightworkers. I am not far from Ramona, living out in Lakeside, east county San Diego. I know exactly where Ramona is, as I pass through there often to go to Julian or Santa Ysabel. My email is: hope to meet with others who are dedicated to lightworking, and that we can all work on ascending…


    • Rodney,

      I am in the San Diego area! Looking to meetup with other local lightworkers and Starseeds to get together and discuss the 2012, Nesara and other enlightening things… and to help others to make sense out of the world changes now happening…

    • Two of us here in NORTH San Diego County and I would love to host at least one meeting / juicy healthy meal / party …. can you go to this website and/or send an email so we can get connected with each other? … email to info@ (the named website). Blessings to all starseeds and lightworkers. It is time to activate, flip on our light switch, and share our gifts / talents / genius with the planet.

  31. I live near Canberra, Australia. Love to hear from anyone in this area. I go to Sydney from time to time, and could meet up with anyone near there.

    • Hi Shanti, Shane here. There is a large circle of light brightening on the South Coast around Batemans Bay. I am in Moruya and run Ka Qi there, a New Age shop, with my fiance Pamela. Drop in or contact us :)

      • Hi Shane,
        Great to hear from you! We actually moved to Canberra from South Coast a year ago. We hope to visit the area in near future. We will look you up when we do!
        Love and light

    • Hi Shanti,

      I actually live in Melbourne which is not exactly Canberra but still would be very interested in us actually being in contact and swapping our stories. I use to do healing work and actually went under the name of Ashanti. So there is a connection before we start. Look forward to hearing from you Fay

  32. Dear Steve ~ You have again, out done yourself, with helping so many of us.

    I say yippeeeeeeee :))

    So how many of us are in Portland OR, or SW suburb area ?

    • Hi, I am really excited to possibly start meeting others who are awake. Im SW by the Ross Island bridge Lair Hill is the area…. My email is

    • Hi, I am from SE Portland, Milwaukie area. Starting to get a quorum for the PDX area!

      • Hi Chezanni, please keep me informed and let me know of any way I can help. Very excited to meet fellow lightworkers! Namaste

        • I live in Olympia, WA and Chehalis/Centralia is not too far to drive at ALL for meet-ups. Not for me, anyway. I’m a daily reader of The [Occupy] 2012 Scenario. :) Would love to meet others. :) email me at exopoliticswashington[at]

    • i’m halfway between portland OR and seattle WA, near the twin cities of centralia and chehalis. i am looking for my peeps! i would be willing to travel to portland to get together. i also have skype. olympia is only an hour away so that is another spot where i bet there are some folks just waiting to get together… love lizzie

    • Anyone in Portland, Oregon looking for light.

  33. Thank you Steve. I am currently in North Babylon, Long Island area and I would love to meet others. Anyone interested in meeting up to discuss ascension and spirituality feel free to contact me via email. namaste.

    • yes i am from oakdale ny and have been waiting for something like this tohappen i have felt so alone in my spiritual life lets talk. in the light of love kathy

    • I’m in East Rockaway NY. I would have thought there would be more of us from Long Island. I was under the impression that our email address was going to be posted, I was wrong, here’s mine to start the ball rolling.

      • Hi Chris B.

        I just stumbled upon this interactive space on occupy 2012…don’t usually join in.

        But, this is not the usual chat-room venue.

        I am so delighted to be a part of the healing of our civilization…

        I live way out east on Long Island…originally from Astoria, NY…

        It’s 11/13/11 and a few friends and I are riding the way of this magnificent light.

        Each day ( and night!) we check in on Steve Beckow’s beautifully informative site.

        Look forward to hearing from you…and anyone in the nyc area.


    • Hi Neel

      I’m in Rocky Point, NY…

      Look forward to connecting


  34. Hello! Looking for conscious beings in the upper Montgomery County area in Maryland, USA.

    • To Phyllis,

      I’m in Howard County, Maryland; next county over to Montgomery. So how do we “meet up?”


      • Hello Monica, Lovely to hear from you! Howard County is a bit away from me. Contact me Actually, my daughter lives in Mt. Airy, which borders Howard County, so maybe its only about 30 minutes away. Anyway, would love to hear from you. Namaste’

        • hello! from baltimore, maryland….. would love to get together with like minded individuals!
          phyllis, you are not far from here! lets converse…..anyone else in b-more area??!……im waiting!!

  35. ASHLAND OREGON: AnyBody from Ashland area wanna go for a hike??

  36. Does anyone live in New York; on Long Island?
    Please reply if you do !


  37. Hello,
    I live in Fairport, NY, a suberb of Rochester, NY. Would love to get together with other light workers in the area and start a meetup. Please contact me if interested.

    • Hello,
      I found your post from 2011. I work in Fairport and I would be interested in meeting you. I am a nondualistic kabbalistic healer and study with the A Society of Souls. I logged on to this site to read about vasanas. Do you have a group that meets regularly? I saw one other post from someone in Rochester, NY.

  38. Southern CT…..near New Haven

    And thank you Steve for being the “hub” for this.


    • Hi Mary
      I also live in the New Haven area, Southeastern NH County.
      Would love to talk, with like minded people in the area


    • Hi – We live in North Haven Ct – not far from New Haven

    • Hi- I’m Juliette, I’m an Indigo and Crystal Child, rarely do you find someone like me and I’m from Westchester County, NY….I’m very rare as I stated before and very alone in all of this…I spent the summer with another Indigo Child teaching him about Crystals and their incredible powers…Unfortunately he resides in the Dominican Republic and I am now alone in my missions to truly bring love, light and peace to the people on this beautiful planet. I would love to meet up with others who share my endeavors…..

  39. In Volcan, Panama, Central America!

    • Hola ! Jeannie ! I am JC I live between Chitre & Las Tablas I know that this reply is rather late . But I will try anyway as I have no one here to relate to on this or other related subjects . As I am awash in a sea of Catholicism & Gringos who’s views mirror that of CNN, Fox news , Google & Yahoo And wish to remain asleep ? ( God Love them ) I desperately need the conversation of like minded individuals. So I am Praying that this reaches you . May this find you in good health & peace . Chau. JC

  40. I live in Brisbane Australia :). Would love to connect with people on the same frequency :)

    • Hi Ty,

      I’m in Perth and the only one on the west coast so far – hard to believe, there has to be at least a couple of others who read Steve’s site from here.
      Did you connect with anyone else in Brisbane?



    • Hi There Ty!!

      My name is Eliana & I currently reside in Sydney, I know it’s a bit far, though time & space will will be less of an issue soon enough LOL.

      Pease feel free to keep in contact so that we can share stories & experiences, I’d love that.


      • Hello Eliana, I’m at Penrith, NSW, what about the interview on the ABC!?! I listened to it today on the website, I’m excited because this information has jumped from the internet to more mainstream media, it’s a good sign of movement in our country. Am feeling the anticipation :))

        • Hi Helen!

          Sorry bout missing out on your response, I haven’t had a look on here.
          I think it’ll be better if I give you my email for communication, even though I don’t check it every day….

          In regards to the ABC interview, whether on radio or TV, I don’t watch or listen much to either, so I missed it. Tell me about it through email.

          BTW…I live in Carlton, south of the city…hope we can meet up soon.

          Take care ’til the next time!!


      • He Eliana, I’m from Sydney too, I’ll send you an email. Keep up the good work! Craig.

    • Hello Ty,

      I am also in Brisbane and follow this site very closely. I am keen to stay in contact with like minded souls in Brissy.


    • Hey Ty, just heard about this part of the site so I’m cruisin through to see if there’s any locals ( Ontario, Canada ) but I had to write ya cause my daughter did a year and change nursing @ St. Andrews in Spring Hill, Brisbane obviously, or Brizbreeze she called it. Stayed there 2 weeks myself with the ex, man didn’t want to come home. Spent 4 days in NZ, they’re like Canadians, why travel all that way to meet people just like you, lol, good people I’m kiddin’, couldn’t wait to get back to Oz tho’. Anyway, I am a retired teacher, reiki healer, been tuned in since 1990, did a meditation with a bunch of Hamiltonians on 12/11, man there’s a lot happening fast now. Hope you don’t mind I dropped you a line, name’s Brock, – take care eh

  41. Hey, I just read my GF and myself all of the places that people are from. I think this is just +AMAZING+ to see all the different and various locations! I’m very excited! Thank YOu.

  42. From good old Trinidad in the Caribbean.

  43. Hi, I live in Portland Oregon but would love to hear from anyone in the Northwest. I have only lived up here for a year and a half and dont know any one else who is interested YET in all of this. Really I dont know that many people at all. Feel free to email or Facebook me. In Love and Light Namaste

  44. Forgot to leave my email

  45. Anyone from the beautiful island of Guam interested?

  46. Hi I’m in Perth Western Australia.
    Please contact.
    Love light and life

  47. Rose Day,

    I am in Kingwood, TX and would love to start a meet-up!

  48. Hello to all, :)

    Amazing already the first day and so many international locations!


    I am originally from Germany and speak German as well.

    Please reply if you are in the area, thank you!

  49. Bellingham, WA here. I’m still fairly new in my awakening (and to the city of Bellingham as well), but learning about ascension and all the remarkable changes in our world has become my new hobby!

    My wife and I would enjoy connecting to some like minded people. :)



    • hi I am from South Africa and familiar with the shift, am a keeper of the frequency,
      would love to hear from you and your wife, solare,

  50. Central FL…Looking for people to connect with from the Gulf to the Atlantic!

  51. The Netherlands.

    This is realy great!
    Thanks Steve.

    Love and Light

    • Hi Esther (and Davy),
      I’m from Meppel, the Netherlands. There múst be other Dutch people reading this, but let us make a start and meet somewhere. You can both contact me: I hope you’re not disappointed that you didn’t have a reaction sooner and are not looking at the meet-up section anymore ;-). I hope to hear something from you! Love, Lia

  52. East Rockaway, NY (South Shore of Long Island). I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along for a long time. If there is anyone interested in the area we can gauge interest and see if we can find a common place for everyone to get together. Chris

  53. I’m here from the Netherlands.

    • Hi Davy (and Esther),
      I’m from Meppel, the Netherlands. There múst be other Dutch people reading this, but let us make a start and meet somewhere. You can both contact me: I hope you’re not disappointed that you didn’t have a reaction sooner and are not looking at the meet-up section anymore ;-). I hope to hear something from you! Love, Lia

  54. Anyone in the Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho region? I hail from around Spokane(Props to us for OccupySpokane solidarity w/ around 50 protesters and growing), but I’d love to get a regular group together to discuss the most effective and efficient means of accomplishing our lightwork.

    Contact me at

    I’m very excited at the prospect of cementing the foundation on a Global Lightworkers Grid.

  55. i’m in SW Washington, lewis county, and would so like to connect….i’m in the woods here and so wish/hope there are others nearby! su

  56. We’re from Calgary, Alberta.
    We’re excited about sharing the reality of what is happening.
    God bless Steve and all of the lightworkers in the world.

    • Namaste Ed and Val ♥~
      Sweet Lightworkers in Calgary!!..smiles

      email @–
      Many Blessings Love and Light to ALL!! ♥~

      Much Love Jade ♥~

    • Hi: I’m from Calgary, Alberta too. Love to meet like minded people.


        ~♥•Hey Lynn and others from Calgary•♥~
        Lets meet Up!!….Cheers
        (\_ /)
        (◕ ␣ ◕)
        ~♥•Peace, Love & Harmony•♥~

  57. Lightworker Meetups in Tucson, AZ ?

  58. Fairly new to this; it’s compelling.

    Anyone in the greater Boston, MA area?

  59. H i Jackie, I was born in preston but now live in halifax west yorks would be great to get in touch

  60. Pasadena, California area—Would be great to meet with some like minded Ascenionists in this area.
    Lets get it started. There is a lot happening and the big stuff will start very soon.


  61. Island of Hawai’i, or “big island”
    Have been wanting to create a group whom wishes to discuss the enormous truth of things, as well as see if there is a way we could assist those still on the fence, to open up their minds.

  62. Steve, this is amazing! And wonderful. Thank you.
    Sonoma, CA. Anyone else?

  63. Pensacola Florida Here!
    Any one in the gulf coast Area?

  64. What a great opportunity!!! Hope to connect to others in Sonoma, Napa, Santa Rosa,CA. I already meet with Marilyn!

  65. Tinkjoylove

  66. I am experiencing in Hampton,N.J. …….11.11.11 Love to and from all Life!

  67. El Dorado, AR…I am in the Ark/LA/Tex region and would just love to meet up with fellow lightworkers.

    Thanks so much, Steve.

    Many blessings,

  68. Hi J Garcia or anyone else from South Florida. Email me at I am ready for the Meet Ups to begin. Thanks Steve!

  69. Hello to all my friends in UK, anyone living in Harrogate,North Yorkshire or close by who would be interested to connect and create a group for meditation, healing, talks etc? please let me know. My email is:

  70. I’m located in the Charlotte NC /Gastonia, NC/ Rock Hill, SC area. Peace and Blessings

  71. anyone near saratoga springs ny?

    • Hi, Just found this site today — must be the 11.11.11 energy as I can’t remember how I linked to it while waiting for the last live streaming of Braco from Portland OR today — saw him for the 1st time yesterday 11.11 and a lot of energy got stirred up. I was excited to see a post from Lisa in Saratoga Springs. I’m north of the city and get there often — today for the Farmers’ Market. I’d be happy to talk with you about anything connected to awakening. Namaste

      • Colleen, there is a page in the righthand column called “Meet-ups.” Perhaps mention there that you’re interested in meeting up with people and give the name of your city so it can be searched on.

        Welcome to the site.



  72. Well….I’m in Mid-Wales, UK. If anyone is around here give me a shout and we can meet if it’s not too far.

    I live between Welshpool and Newtown, Powys.


    • Finally!!!! Someone I’m geographically close to….stunned and amazed! I’m in Aberystwyth!

      So happy Steve’s set this up – looks like it’s been going a while and I’ve only just noticed it in the links – really do need to pay a bit more attention.

      (Steve – you’re a legend!)

      Aidan, if you want to get in touch it’s



  73. Thanks Steve, this is great!! I’m in Ireland there must be many :)

  74. Hello to all light tribes of mother earth I am in Essex, UK… Peace and Love to all of you guys and everyone involved in this great site!!! I read every day and have a lot of respect for Steve, he is a living legend!!! Namaste

  75. Hi again gang. I have one other, not on this site, who’s going to regularly meet with me later in the month. I live near Belper in Derbyshire, UK. If there’s anyone out there who feels that they could make it over here, please email me
    We’d love to meet and greet you



  76. Anyone from Prince Edward Island? It would be fun to meet!

  77. I love the site, am from South Africa, would love to meet like minded
    people from here and elsewhere, Solare

  78. Vegas! Soul City! I posted under Vegas earlier but thought I would let everyone know that since Las Vegas is a destination, you can come to Vegas and Get vibrationally infused, mind, body Spirit! Ganesha Center is moving from 2,500 square feet to 6,000 square feet to make it the largest personal transformational center of its kind in Southern Nevada becasue of volunteers and those attracted to the vibration and mission. We have a grand re-oping on 11.11.11! We are thrilled to offer this center of light in the community for Vegas and far beyond!

  79. “Ive recently been led to this site! Amazing!!! Love all the positive energy I feel…blessings to all of my relations, you who are all over this beautiful planet!
    Anyone in the Nashville,TN area? So ready to join our Light and create community!!
    In Oneness,

  80. Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, Earth I live in Eastham on Cape Cod. would love to communicate with GFOL or anyone local to lower Cape area.
    Don’t forget the movie “Thrive ” internet release world wide 11/11/11
    Love & Peace
    David the Human, Belle the Cat and Midnite the Black Lab

    • Hello David, Any response yet? Looking to connect. Let me know please? Ready!

    • Hi David …I’m new back in Boston after eight years of cosmic adventures in Hawaii. I’d love to meet some galactic friends in the neighborhood. I’m 33, mother of a 7 year old. We’d me an email if you care to I’d like to hear from you and maybe we can get together.


    • Hi David, good to find you here. I’ve finally gotten settled into my new place in Provincetown. Happy to join (or host) meet-ups over the winter. You can always reach me at

  81. Hi all brothers, and sisters of the light.

    I am in the Southeast Michigan area (Canton, Plymouth area), and looking to start a group of like minded.

    Please contact me at :

  82. Anyone from the Orange County, New York area like to get together to talk?

  83. Hi All!!

    I’m a Universal Soul that would love to connect with others in Sydney, Australia, especially with the speeding up of the pouring in of LOVE.

    I’m also willing to travel, not having a car it wont be toooo far, though willing I am.

    Lots of LOVE to all my brothers & sisters out there!!!


  84. Is there anyone in the midwest (central Wisconsin) area who would like to chat. I have difficult time finding like minds for some of this and I’ve been well aware most my life. Blessings.

    • Hi from Wisconsin here as well, maybe more northern than central but not too far. Bright Blessings!

      • Hi Margaret and Suzanne, are you both still in Wisconsin? I’m in north central Wisconsin and would like to connect with like-minded folks.


        • Hi Lisa!

          20 minutes north of Milwaukee here. i would be overjoyed to meet up with a like-minded woman. please, if you see this, drop me a line.

          • my email address is quarks . and . christ @ gmail . com (spacing added to keep spammers at bay) – please don’t hesitate!

  85. hello my name is Ireny i’m in Saskatoon but come out to Calgary some times give me a shout happy to meet you .love

  86. Hi Ginger on the big Island,
    I’m fasinated by this island and the miracles of the New Paradigm happening all round. Please tell me it is alright to contact you. I’m in Puna

  87. I live in Niles, Oh and would like to meet-up in Ohio.


  88. i love to meet new friends! in person or online. here in the san fernando valley of los angeles california!skype me @ kenya818

  89. San Diego!

  90. I would love to join a meetup group in Central NJ. Im in Monmouth County but very close to Middlesex county. If anyone else is interested EMAIL ME. I guess this is how we would put this together? Helaine

  91. Looking for Meet-Up group of Light in San Francisco or Marin County?

    • Hello, I’m in Marin county. I’m not a group but I did see a post on the meet up B page right at the top of the page that was for a marin/sonoma meet up. I like Salusa the best but I also read the other channeled material on this 2012 scenario site.

    • I just found out that maybe I have to put my email addy here for you to see it. 8infinitefreedom at

  92. Big up to our guy Steve! Thanks for setting this up, it’s brilliant!

  93. Any meet ups in columbia Missouri on these topics?

    • Hi there, Patti! Just checked out this Meet Up site and SO relieved to find someone in Columbia MO also querying a lack of meet ups “on these topics” here in mid-Missouri. Wake up, Missouri, it IS 2012 …. hellooooo! Send an email to and let’s get together for a chat!

  94. I’m from Penrith NSW Australia
    I’m so excited to hear the recent ABC Radio interview speaking about the expected events, instead of me just reading about it on the internet and wishing there were more people to get excited with. Bring on the L I G H T!

  95. Australia. Gold Coast. Namaste.

    • Hi There Taylor!

      I’m in Sydney, though I’ll be in the Gold Coast for a week from the 21st Dec. How bout we at least communicate before the moment I’m there??

      Keep well ’til then :o)


    • Hi There Taylor!

      I’m in Sydney, though I’ll be in the Gold Coast for a week from the 21st Dec. How bout we at least communicate before the moment I’m there??

      Keep well ’til then :o)


      My email is…feel free to make contact!!

    • Hi,same here, Gold Coast,my email adress is

  96. Good Afternnon Steve, My name is Tim writing to you on behave of Revolution Radio to ask if you’d like to join me for an interview on my show Phenomenal E.T.s Airs Thursdays at 8pm Est.

    I hope this message reaches you, and if you have the time please let me know and we can go from there. I greatly appreciate your time.

    Thank you.

  97. New to Russ Michael’s books. Would like to meet people who work with his positive energy
    and start creating some prosperity. Anyone near LA or Santa Monica or South Bay, Calif.?
    Need some spiritual help here.

  98. Please, is there anyone in the northeast Atlanta, Tucker, or Gwinnett County area interested in talking about what’s going on (Oct. 28, 2011; ascension of consciousness; etc)?

  99. Hi anyone in South Africa, I would love to meet and chat, I know a few like us, Solare


  101. Hello Phyllis and others in the metro area!

    I too am here in Montgomery County, MD! Love to connect.


  102. Hi Fin, Carol & Monica,
    I’m here in the Baltimore Area and would love to get together with other like
    minded individuals! This is so very exciting.

    Please contact me at:

  103. Wow, the energy from everyone’s comments and invitations is amazing!!! Anyone in the Philadelphia, PA western suburbs interested in meeting up?



  104. Anyone here who has set up a 2012 scenario meetup in San Diego, CA area?

  105. hello all its nice to see so many awake and aware and wanting to meet up anyone near brownsburg Indiana?

    • is that anywhere northern Ky? I’m from Florence!

    • Hi Amber, I just found out about the meet up. Looks like this was a couple of years ago, but if you are still in the Indianapolis area and know of a group or want to meet a fellow lightworker I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

  106. Hello to all! I am on the beaches of St Petersburg Florida….anyone in the area that wants to meet up let me know!!

  107. Anyone near or in London Ontario Canada to meet for forming a 2012 group ?

    • Hi Deno, so far you are the closest person I can find, I am currently in Thunder Bay, ON… I grew up in Sudbury mainly…. The whole financial situation is rough so I can’t see me getting near yo uunless I made it my mission to do so, which would end up hitchin it… which I lvoe to do i nthe 1st place…. hmm I don’t know though, hope you get this and pehaps could sort something out, meet in the middle.
      With love,
      Andrew Clark

  108. I am a light worker and live in Ohio. I had an NDE out of body. Since then life has never been the same. I look for people like you.

  109. Hello again, Carol from Montgomery County, MD again.

    I am in Rockville :)

    My email is

    • Hi Carol,
      I am in Arlington! Have you been able to meet up with anyone else in the DC Metro Area? I will shoot you an email in case you don’t get an updated for this reply. :)


      • Hi Anna, I am in Alexandria – – My name is Rick.
        I would like to know if anyone else saw the clouds on the evening of November 30th 2012…

      • Hi Anna-
        Did you ever find or start a group in the DC area? Otherwise I’m going to start one. I’m in Arlington as well. I will e-mail Carol & Rick.


  110. I’m in southern Kansas, and would love to meet if anyone’s close to here.

  111. Hi,

    I’m in Vegas too! I’m at


  112. Hi,

    Anyone in Toronto, Canada want to talk? I envision a world where life companions life.

    Such grateful thanks to you, Steve.

    Lovingly, Paula

    • Paula! I am from toronto Canada and have been studying meditation, chanting, kriyas, opening chakras, raising vibrational frequency and now the ascension, light workers, 2012 etc. I’m in India right now but will be home in december! I to envision starting a group in toronto of like minded individuals to connect and progress in our understanding!

      Would love to meet! add me on Facebook – Lauren dela pena


      • Hi Lauren,

        Sounds wonderful – I’ll look forward to meeting you in December and perhaps will be able to join your group! I live in the Cabbagetown area – Parliament and Carlton, etc/

        Happy Landings,
        In Loving Oneness,

        • Sounds like Toronto, Paula.



          • You’re right! Am fairly new to your marvellous site, Steve, thanks to Marilyn Raffaele.

            What a glorious time we’re living in – during this Renaissance. Just full of joy and sending love and Light to all life. By the way, am not someone who cries – the house could fall down and it wouldn’t bother me, but when I saw Free Hugs I couldn’t stop! Bless you Steve for all that you do (and I’ve had time to read much of your site).



    • Im in Thunder Bay about 16 hrs northhighway 17… approximately…my email is

  113. Wow! This is awesome! Thank you so much, Steve!!
    Would love to meet people living in the Scottsdale/Phoenix (or surrounding) area in Arizona who enjoy discussing ascension, ufos, Light, etc.

  114. Hi I just moved to Honolulu from CA… I don’t know anyone yet and would love to link up with others.

  115. This is so heartwarming….I see a few people from the Big Island, anyone from Oahu? I would love to meet other like minded Lightworkers………

  116. I’m looking for a virtual Meetup in the Palo Alto – San Jose CA area; I had no idea there was a meetup until today 11-11-11; go figure, huh…..

  117. Anybody up here in central Vermont also near Hanover, NH? Would love to get to know some lightworkers in this area! Really resonate to Steve’s site and many of the articles. Great job Steve, thanks. My email is

    • Rita,

      In the pages column, there’s one called “Meet-ups.” Perhaps repeat your invitation there. Thanks for the kind words.



      • Hi Steve!

        I thought that was what I did! From my computer I went to the “Meet-Up” page and that is where I wrote my invite. Anyway, your website is a staple for me these days. I can always find an article to keep my focus on a higher level when my daily life gets to me sometimes. Had a great, calm, meditative day on the 11th but have had more “old stuff” to clear come up since then. It has been easier to move through it though which may be a result of the stronger love/light energies flowing now.


        • Glad to hear it, Rita.



          • Homage to the Teachers and Thanks again to you Steve and all who aid you in your work. I am, as has been previously mentioned, a June 5th Gemini, 06-05-1943 to be exact. Any chance of getting feedback from you regarding any significance of the current dates (If any)?


  118. TORONTO Canada?
    I would be so grateful to find anyone interested in chatting or starting a group? I’m currently in India at an ashram studying meditation kriyas awakening the chakras raising vibrational frequency and ive been learning about the ascension process and 2012!!! Ill be home mid december. Need to join together now – only a year left – please let me know or add me on facebook “Lauren Dela Pena” my picture is black and white :)


    love and light

    • Greetings,
      I am in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, just outside Toronto and would like to have a group which is likeminded to talk and discuss these exciting events as they unfold. Just send me an email (

      I am soooo ready for this..bring it on..

      Heart felt love to all


  119. I just read Steve’s piece on 11.11.11…
    I so understand the dilemma of the pulse of life. The ‘wave’. It goes like this; contraction – stasis – expansion – stasis! I, like the waves of the ocean, the change of the seasons, the phases of the moon, have my own unique ‘pulse’.

    Where I was born and raised, NYC, expansion was of the utmost importance. How exhausting it was. I now live out east on Long Island, NY. My property is crowned with dozens of trees, very few cars travel on my street, and the birds sing joyously.

    I am a sensitive and unknowing felt tortured for decades by the big city lights. I love the calm of nature. I now live to visit the big city lights!

    I vibrate with nature though. It is alive. The frequencies feel kind to my essence.

    So, the connundrum of our individual life pulse is:

    Can I check in with the divine within regularly to see if I am in need of ‘en’folding rather than ‘un’folding?

    It is an art, likened to the mastery of playing a Stratavarious.

    I shall be learning this art forever, and isn’t that wonderful.

    It is wonderful to never be bored again; to know that life is filled with such excitement even as I sit and do needlepoint in my easy chair.

    The pulse is divine. Our pulse, collectively and uniquely (indiviually as beams of magnificent light) we are on a journey of intensified Pulsations.

    Now the mastery takes on a whole new meaning; one of increased vibratory frequency.

    Rest, eat well, be kind to self first and foremost, then to all sentient beings, take my vitamins, and forgive.

    Forgiveness has taken on a whole new meaning for me. It is no longer an action, it has now become a constant state of BEING.

    do be do be do be do be….in out in out in out shimmey move stay rest invite in invite out be at peace, even in the shadow for peace in the shadow bring glistening light to all that peace touches.


  120. Hi, I live in Seattle area Eastside would love to meet up with local folks who follow
    Steve’s 2012S

    Thanks Steve for all that you do.


    • Hi Karen!

      Are you still out there? I today just noticed the meetup part of Steve’s site. I’m in SE Greenlake. my email is or preferably call @ 541-517-3606 (sorry I know, Eugene) I know of Jackie and E Marie who would be interested in discussing this. Let’s talk! Time is Short! :)

      Love, Brad

  121. Hunterdon Co. N.J…….Thinkjoylove, Becomejoylove!

  122. Hi, love to connect with all…. love to meet those in the Edmonton Alberta West side area, thanks Steve for the Meeeting place, just came across it today!

  123. Hallo. I am a volunteer soul looking for some one in common who knows about the shift,the Et’s and so on. I live in londonderry. does any one live neer me that could meet up and move together into the new earth. lolx


  124. I’m a Light Worker in Lake Elsinore California, U.S
    I would love to meet more people interested in these topics. I have a group of friends who are continually educating themselves and working toward self-empowerment and ascension. Message me at my facebook account if you want to meet or just discuss!

  125. Hi, I’m lightworker, Doreen from Manistee, Michiagn… A small northeastern town. Anyone in my area ? Would love to meet and discuss these topics with like minded souls…Namaste.. :) Later!

    • Hi Doreen. Ever come south a bit? I’m in White Lake, about 40 miles or so NW of Detroit. You’re the first persson I’ve noticed from MI. All the best to you. Hope our paths cross! :0)

  126. Greetings,
    The message from AA Michael was terrific..regarding abscension, disclosure and NASARA.
    Wow, it was exciting to hear that we are already detatched from 3 rd density Duality and making our way to 5 th density…Definately feel the peace within..must be those calming energies. Trying to meditate and searching for my desires…but keep coming back to 3 rd densitiy I don’t know what 5 th has?

    Lets discuss on skype or meet up if anyone is close to Toronto/Mississauga in Canada.
    Email me if you wish…

    • Hi Kizz,
      Are you still looking to connect with people. I am inBurlington and looking to start a group that is interested in meeting.

      Kindest regards – Judy

  127. I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada…any one out there want to meet up?

  128. I presently reside near Bluffton, Beaufort & Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

    I will be re-locating to Florida in the near future. Probably near St. Augustine.

    If anyone wants to conect with me, please do so.

    Rachel S. Kohler

  129. IAM from Dunedin, Florida and wanna share sum Sacred Knowledge that i have
    educated myself with. IAM an enlightened one who believes in the Higher Self, without
    doubt. Things are not what most think, and IAM here 2 spread the “Truth of God” or The “IAM
    Presence”, or “The Christ Consciousness” or “Zero Point Energy”, or “Balanced Polarities”, or “The Divine Plan”, or “Divine Knowledge, or “Creation Experiment”, or “Universal Creation”, or “Duality Project”, or “Creation of Heaven”, or “Way 2 4th then 5th Dimension”. Its infinite in nature and based on opposite energies and interactions. And Universal Laws of Science. Our bodies are magical and DNA has all information inside it.. Only oneself can find these DNA codes of Creation.. IAM a starseed sent 2 help in Ascension Process on Earth, or better known in Andromeda as Tiamat. The Planet is ascending as we speak, and so is everything on it, and in it! We will becum the next evolution of Earthlings, or Homo Galacticus.. Love is also God!! I can go on 4 ever, all part of my DNA activation, or Light Body Activation. All being triggered by the new cycle of 13,000 years.. Peace Out!!


  131. I am from Poland,is there anybody from here?

  132. I am conducting “Ancient Awakening” groups in Phoenix, AZ which are guided by the Masters to assist people in their awakening process and to prepare Light workers who are ready to participate in the more advanced readiness/Disclosure projects. If you are in the Phoenix area and beginning to awaken or are wanting to further your awakening process than visit our site at or email me at

  133. Dear Steve Beckow,
    about a while ago I’ve just sent a message to you (through your “Contact Us” page), introducing myself, and of how my heart and soul really yearn to be included in ‘the Trip’ if 4 February.
    I’m sorry that I’ve write to you a bit late, as honestly I’ve first checked about ‘the Trip’ thing from Lucas2012infos webpage here: , and also secondly, because of the Time-Zone Difference thing (I’m from Indonesia).
    But I sincerely and earnestly hope that you’re still kind enough to include just ONE more person for this first trip. Know especially the ‘benefits’ that I’ll perhaps be the ONLY first Channel not only in Indonesia, but possibly in Southeast Asia too (with the help of Internet, and some of my friends’ contacts).

    For further conversation, please email me at:
    I’d be much more than happy to receive your reply/feedback, as to be very honest, my heart at this time yearns for NOTHING more, and I feel that THIS is probably really my ‘Purpose’ in this human’s earthly life (and hopefully the ‘path’ will be opened).

    Thank you
    Much love and Warmest Regards from Indonesia,
    Niki (

  134. Looking for lightworker in my area Palo Alto area (SCV) CA USA

  135. Hi Everybody,
    there is the global meditation for Unconditional Love and Peace on 26th February at noon,no matter the time zone.Would you like to join us?

  136. HELLO every galactic loved ones!!

    i am Galactic dan from PAris. I recently joined the planetary activation organisation at SHELDAN NIDLE AND FRIENDS…… wonderfull

    There is a community growing up and we like to chat live audio and video at

    come and join a light workers live workshop!!!

  137. BY THE WAY I LIVE IN PARIS ; and i am looking for light workers / galactic humans in Paris7

  138. Hi everyone! So HAPPY to see that there are so many of you! Anyone from middle Tennessee? Haven’t seen anyone yet… Maybe southern Kentucky? Crossing my fingers, although I always have the internet. :)

    • Hi all. I am overwhelmed to know that there are so many of us out there. I wish I could say I always felt this way, but that has not always been the case. Anyway, I am from Middle Tennessee as well, so I hope that this finds you Joy. I have been wanting to start a group of Wanderers/Starseeds for awhile now.

  139. Looking for like-minded people to share with in Sudbury ontario. Thanks.

  140. I’m from Batangas City Philippines one among the many of a continuum jointly celebrating the universal reunion with our star brothers and sisters. I would like to meet like minded light being in the area and or elsewhere. please, email me

  141. It’s interesting that “Gaia” is an acronym for “Global alliance investment association”. I thought Gaia meant “Earth”.

  142. I would like to get together with any light-workers from the San Antonio area!!! Larry W.

  143. I found out that “Nesara” is a hoax. It’s unfortunate but it’s not true. I believe if we are not careful we will create our own ‘disclosure” but it will be the government using their own back-engineered spacecraft. What they will do then is use it as a national threat to create a “One world government!” Use your dis-discernment people. Don’t forget to pray to Our God for peace and no have “NO other Idols!” Start doing research on these things such as who “Hatonn” really is. I am concerned in our want for a different and more peaceful world on which to live we will created/believe anything that “apppears” to be not of this world. So God bless all of you with peace & harmony to all “human” beings on this beautiful planet which we should keep grounded on. Let us all start with peace among us before we can think of peace with other beings, not that we shouldn’t be loving with all.


    • Lynn,

      I appreciate your point of view, but there is nothing to fear, and if we were not being helped by positive ETs, the Golden Age would not be upon us now. We would have blown-up ourselves and Mother Earth five times over by now, at least. Everything that is coming is NOT NWO agenda but World Liberation agenda. As with anything, you have to ask how you feel when you hear it/read it/see it. Does it resonate with you? ETs have always resonated with me because I have always known that we could not possibly be the only life in the Universe! Why would God/Source only create life in a tiny fraction of the Universe?

  144. Anyone around Everett WA? Just trying to locate more like minded people. Pretty new to this site and feeling like a big sponge trying to learn as much can.

    • Hi Wildflower!

      I live in the Greenlake area of Seattle. It appears that Karen (see above) lives on the Eastside, I know of a couple of people, we could get together, maybe start a meetup group. I’ve reviewed the Meetup groups in the Seattle Area and none are of PAO or 2012 Scenario or very akin to that, although many sound good. I know
      it’s not Everett, but hopefully not too far away. email: or 541-517-3606 let’s talk and maybe set up a meetup!

      Love, Brad

      Anyone around Everett WA? Just trying to locate more like minded people. Pretty new to this site and feeling like a big sponge trying to learn as much can.

    • Lovely wildflower..i’m in Sydney..if you’re ever this end let me know..would LOVE to meet you

  145. Hi everyone,

    I just found this link and I’m very excited to meet anyone close to me. I live on Cape Cod, MA, but would travel a bit to find some kindred souls.

    Here is my facebook page link if you’re interested:

    Great site Steve! These last 2 weeks of April should be amazing as the changes accelerate. :)

    Dave B.

  146. I live in Burbank – looking to connect with other Lightworkers/Starseeds in the area. email is

  147. Hi, I’m in Bellingham, WA, and love to meet up with aware folks!

  148. Hi Steve,

    A nice website with a strong spiritual aroma in and around it. BY the way Steve, have you read – 1. Ramakrishna- As We Saw Him 2. They Lived with God 3. God Lived with Them written by Swami Chetanananda? They are masterpeaces in themselves.

    Dr. Chetan, Ramakrishna Mission, India

    • Hi, Dr. Chettan, nice to see somebody in India who follows this site. I would like to know more about you and your work in Kolkata (if you are in Ramakrishna Mission, i assume you are in Kolkata).

      • Likewise, I am so happy to find others in India who are following this stuff. For months, I thought I was the only one here. I tried to get a few interested with not much success so far. But keeping on trying. I am in Gurgaon, next to Delhi. I would love for you to join my 2012 Transition / Ascension group that I just started a couple days ago in the

        Lots of Love,

  149. I am an indigo child. who wants to meet up?!

  150. Atlanta, bring on the love & light. i am newly committed to this journey lets come together, who’s in?

  151. Hi from Chicago, any light workers out there wanting to meetup?
    I feel I was sent here for a real purpose. Apparently, per the First Nations, the soul of Mother Earth is in Lake Michigan, so I do a lot of ceremony at the Lake. Contact me at and we can get together. Great meditation tonight for the liberation of the World!

  152. Whos in the Kingston, Ontario area, I have been told I am an indigo child, still just at the tip of the iceberg though. Searching for answers

  153. Hello, I have a Place in Arlington Texas specially for Workshops and Healing. If you are in the area and would like to meetup.. Please visit us on facebook at:

    Thank You
    Namaste :}

  154. I live in Central Florida, in the Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland area and I would love to meet up with kindred spirits.

  155. Hi! Is anyone in San Antonio? :)

  156. I am located in Northern Nevada, anyone around?? :(

  157. Hey all, anyone living in New England? Connecticut, Rhode Island area.

  158. My husband and I are new to the awakening process and are still learning a lot, and enjoying the learning. We would like to meet others in the process in South Eastern Idaho.

  159. Zena from NYC. Anyone in Manhattan who’s into 2012 Scenario? Please contact me for Meetups.

  160. Hello,
    I’m kind of new to this whole idea to be honest but have had some very interesting dreams and visions in the past and i’m getting tired off trying to forget them. I’m 25 and would love to talk to someone about stuff in general. Perhaps someone who has been around a bit longer than i have. I’m living in Toronto at the moment so please contact me.
    Thank you.

  161. I live in Downeast Maine, close to Eastport, the eastern most point in Maine and all the U. S. too. I have been interested in this whole ascension thing for many years, long before it was actually called ascension by consensus agreement. It was called everything from enlightenment, to adeptship, 5th initiation, arahatship, attaining “nirvana” and even then I think the terms all meant different things to different people, even though every one of those terms often had very specific and exact meanings for many different people depending on their background. Bottom line, it means whatever it really is and turns out to be, and it sounds very wonderful and exciting. Let us join together with the power of our combined hearts’ desires and bring it in and be home together in our true home of eternity.

  162. Just found out what i am always knew something was diff….want to talk to others like me….Longveiw, tyler tx area

  163. hi, i am in India. I do not see much information about banking arrests taken place in India. I saw recently that the 2012 scenario took iniciative in regards to China.

    I do not know any lightworker in India. Anybody around?

    All this 2012 issue is quite unknown here, although at spiritual level, due to the many gurus and masters, is quite advanced, but only those involved in spirirual activities know a little about the new consciousness and the next Satya Yuga,

    Still, the facts of day to day basis are not known, like the banking arrests. Instead there is a social movement regarding stopping corruption in the government.

    • Hey Laura, Where in India are you? I am in Gurgaon, right next to Delhi. I have felt the same as you. I need to connect with Lightworkers and Starseeds as I am a Starseed. I am true blooded Indian but have lived outside of India most of my life. Please read my profile. I want to connect with you if possible and have you come join the group I am starting and do some meetups etc. in the New Age Foundation .org. Love it that there are at least a few like minded souls here.

      Lots of Love,

      • Laura, I just figured out there is no easy way for people to connect in this Meetup board because one cannot find out phone, email or anything else unless you logged in with Facebook. (And no way to make corrections to previous posts). So please connect with me at Or better please read what I have written in the 2012 Transition / Ascension Group that I created in (India) site and connect with me there. Thank you. Looking forward to connect with you and other Lightworkers in India.


  164. Hey Laura, Where in India are you? I am in Gurgaon, right next to Delhi. I have felt the same as you. I need to connect with Lightworkers and Starseeds as I am a Starseed. I am true blooded Indian but have lived outside of India most of my life. Please read my profile. I want to connect with you if possible and have you come join the group I am starting and do some meetups etc. in the New Age Foundation .org. Love it that there are at least a few like minded souls here.

    Lots of Love,

  165. I am a Starseed living in Gurgaon India. I have been in the awakening process for 30 to 40 years. I have lived in America most of my life but now since the past year I have been in Gurgaon. I live with my wife and daughter. I love everything about 2012Scenario site and listened to all the radio shows for the past 6 months at least. I am so grateful that there are other Starseeds and Lightworkers worldwide who are doing such incredible work to shift us all into the Golden Age. I would love to meet others in India who are of like mind. I am in the process of posting stuff about this in spiritual forums in India.

  166. Any New Orleans folks?

  167. Hi, my name is Nadia Aharonian and I live in the south of France, in the Carcassonne area. Anybody in the vicinity?

  168. hi steve!
    I am Obert, a lightworker from P.R.CHINA
    all sentient beings came from the same place, the center of the universe(CU). CU is a boundless light ocean with inexhaustible cosmic energy, where is the hometown of all spirits.”“All spirits here own the precious energy resource, and someone start to do what they like. Sometimes they may harm the interests of others, so they separate from CU gradually. They could create anything they want because of their powerful energy. Therefore, one planet after another had come into being, which were created by those high-energy spirits. The earth, a high energy planet, is also a high-power cosmic spirit, who is fostering his offspring on her body.”
    This cosmos became colorful with temporal and spatial evolution, and there were more and more spirits created negative stuff. In this way, their energy became lower and lower and couldn’t return to CU, because CU is a high-energy place. Those spirits misused their valuable energy and became low-energy. They couldn’t return to their wonderful home. Thereupon high-energy cosmic spirits has been making great efforts to salvation those low-energy ones.
    What we are doing is try to find those spirits separated from CU by transmitting high-dimensional CECICC. Now, a rare wonderful opportunity is coming. The direct return route to CU is available(also called Heavenly Gate is wide open), which is a glory occasion when all high-energy spirits wish to find those separated ones and guide them to return to CU.
    “The deva-words I wrote are spreading the information of high dimensional cosmic spirits from CU. If anyone who has natural affinity with me will understand this information and not hesitate to contract us. When some angels from cosmic sourceshow up, we can find more. In doing so, the more information we disseminate, the more spirits can be taken home. Just remember, we are actually members of a same big family. Our master is waiting for us.”
    we have some soul information from cosmic center, If you are interested in this messages,please access this video website links。
    thank you very much!
    your friends obert form china

  169. Let me tell you. I have mentor, and we all call him venerable Master, who is searching for angels from cosmic sourceworldwide. And I am just one of those angels from cosmic sourcefound by Master. At the present, I know, it’s urgent. There are many important things needed to done because many angels from cosmic sourcehave not appeared in globe wide. So I have to spread this information to find them.”

  170. Near or in Sioux city, ia?? I like to keep my conversation higher vibrational .. have started alot of work in this community, willing and open to the wise of this world

  171. Just noticed I was 401just lol feels good to break the ice into the 400s

  172. Anyone in Rochester, NY??

    • I am in Rochester, NY. Your post is kind of old, but hey I thought I will give it a try.

  173. Lightworker since the 80′s. Looking for any awareness in S Lower Michigan; some kinship & sanity would be great! Lookin’ forward…

  174. Ascension Lightworker going ‘mobile’ in the Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico) to do Shamanic Earth Healing work with sacred drums and power wooden staffs.

    I also do ‘Angelic Merkaba Ascension Activations’.

    I’m looking for others who would like to participate in earth healing ceremonies in the Southwest.

    Also I would be looking for places to stay and share my wisdom/gifts in exchange for room/board.


  175. Anyone live in/near Bozeman, MT? Would love to chat. Exciting time to be alive and where we are.

    • Patricia. Hey! I live in Bigfork, MT. The NW corner. If you’re ever up this way please contact me at 406-871-1009. You and one other gal on here are the only ones I’ve found in the entire state so far. My email is I am 32 and have a sweet little two year old boy:) Look forward to hearing from you.

  176. Hey there! Im from Wisconsin. Milwaukee. Any light workers out here? :))) I really want to meet up. Ive been wanting to do this for awhile and I believe salusa and my spirit guides lead me to this site. Let me know!! :)

  177. Hey everyone! My name is Dylan I’m looking to meet up or talk to some like minded people :) I live in the lower mainland of beautiful British Columbia Canada :)
    Feel free to contact me!

  178. Hi all. Im so excited to see how many are awaking. I live in Nevada City CA and would love to have like minded friends with me to help raise our vibration. I have seen many UFO and have been blessed with internal knowledge of many of the happenings on our planet. Please contact me and lets form a local group.

  179. Namaste, Steve. This is a wonderful site. I wish I had discovered it sooner.

    To all: Love, Peace, Light, Truth, Wisdom…
    My name is Rick, I am also called Bear, Crazy Bear, Spirit Bear. (My Great Grandmother’s surname was Bear) I have always known, from earliest childhood, that I was somehow different. I experienced ESP and Foreknoweledge as a child, but my insight was trampled upon by my father, who tried to force-fit me into his mold. I have never fit into anyone’s mold. The harder they pressed me to conform to the norm, the harder I pushed away from it. I will not go into detail now. Suffice it to say that I passed thru the gauntlet and came forth as I am. The insight is still in me, and has passed to my daughter as well. I have had many experiences, events which are unexplainable by conventional means, strange dreams (some of which may not have been dreams) & I have much I would like to discuss with anyone who is interested. I also have many unanswered questions. I have seen Crazy Horse in the clouds, and have been to his mountain in the Sacred Black Hills. I am in northern VA, close to DC area. Any lightworkers, or anyone in this area who would like to meet, or just to converse, contact me at –
    Namaste :)

  180. Hello everyone! My name is Nadia and I live in the south of France near Rennes-le-Château. Anyone living in these surroundings?
    ashtara22 [at]

  181. Any other lightworking people in Omaha Ne, I’d love you meet you.

    Love and Light

  182. I am in Burnsville, NC, 45 minutes NE from Asheville on 19E.
    Anyone close by, or in Asheville?

  183. Is there anyone living around Queen Creek, Gilbert, Chandler area of Phoenix AZ who would like to meet to share experiences of spiritual transition and the truth of what is happeing around us? If so, please add a reply.

  184. Hi all! Monmouth county here! Looking for like minded local souls to share experiences with! Email me!

  185. Would love to see another side of CA;the time has come to immerse myself on a spiritual journey!!! let’s explore together!!!

  186. Stepping in from East-Central Europe – Romania/Transylvania/Cluj. I would love share ascension experiences and visions with kindred spirits, and also to discuss possibilities and avenues to assist this process. Love and Light to All!

  187. Not a big computer user,but enjoy the message of love and light. In the center of Connecticut, ready to make the world a better place.

  188. Namaste! I am Gala from Wilmington, NC…Will be great to reconnect with my soul family here, also if you have a group/meet-up in NC, may be I can come and offer you guys a workshop (The Power of you/Ascension)! Was doing it in Wilmington and SC. I have a small meet-up group in Wilmington at the new Spiritual Center “Inner Sage”, we are welcome everybody! You can write me back at
    much love and many blessings! Gala

  189. namaste :)

  190. Hello people. I’m looking to meet new/more friends online and IRL. Despite many beautiful and very powerful spiritual experiences lately, I often come back to feeling bored, lonely and isolated, partly because of my increasing spirit. Haven’t felt bored for real in years, but since things are changing so much now, it’s happening. Would like to meet fellow hippies/bohemian types, mystics and possibly musicians. I am from very near Birmingham, England, but am willing to travel for new experiences. Peace, love and happiness to you :)

  191. Hi everyone, I’d love to connect with people who live in San Diego. It would be so nice to have more people to share the excitement of our times with. Lots of love & light to all, Stef

  192. Hola! This is a loving call to all of you sisters and brothers in Sydney!! let’s get together and connect with each other..the time is NOW!! MANY BLESSINGS AND PEACE TO ALL

  193. Hey Everyone! Just wondering if anyone is located around Toronto, Ontario. Would love to meet other like minded people. Email me at Love and Light! Jamie

  194. Hey. A shoutout to anyone that might be in the N.W corner of Montana. I live in Bigfork MT. Really would love to make a like minded friend:) If you’re close, send me a text at 406-871-1009. I only get online once a week. Thanks and can’t wait to hear from you!:)

  195. Hi all, Is there anyone in Sydney who would like to meet up?

    Bye all

    ps I am having troubles with contacting with my higher self.

  196. Any group(s) in San Francisco? if not, anyone would like to joy me? :) let’s be part of Earth’s transformation

    • Oh im in the Santa Cruz area it would awsome getting together with others who share similar views ;) 2 DOWN!

    • Hello Cintia, are you still looking for a group? Let’s form a group in the city of San Francisco. I live in North Beach. Are you (and any other local residents) interested?

  197. CALIFORNIA!!!!! im from the 831 Santa cruz area if anyone in the area or in Cali lets get something going and help mother earth and our own vibrations soar like the free spirits we are wooooo!!!! :)

  198. This Is Michael.
    My address is 63 Princes Square. London Notting Hill Gate. W2 4PX

    I am able to spiritually get our bodies together, like a magnet.

    If you want to cooperate and get blessed instead of punished. My email is +447971519152


    Waste no TIME!!!
    1000£ and I will let you chose 3 mates that’ll be forgiven for their greed AS well AS you.


  199. Hi, I’m new to this site and I’m looking for genuine seekers of truth in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne in Aust. Any Ozzies out there!!!

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