Welcome to New Members

Welcome to New Members

Posted to the 2012 Scenario Discussion Group after the Sedona Conferences, Nov. 3, 2012

Hi, everyone.

Sorry I’ve been so absent the last day or two. I think I’ve been sleeping for most of it, unpacking, and getting my bearings after being love-soaked for ten days.

The other speakers and organizers are in the same boat. We’re on several continents and reduced to Skyping each other again after having met each other for the first time (conference people, 2012 Scenario editors, InLight radio hosts and staff, and Hope Chest workers).

Welcome to all new members who have joined since the 2012 Scenario conference.  What a blast we had.

I understand that the organizers have encountered some problems with the archived livestream and are working diligently on fixing those asap. Stephen Cook posted an article on the matter, is in here, and will speak to it if or when further news is obtained. I’m not actually a decision-maker in that process and am trying to “be good” by not stepping on the organizers’ toes (too much).

Perhaps I can say a word here on what Archangel Michael’s original purpose was in inspiring the opening of this discussion group. I opened the group, ostensibly, because I could not manage the task of answering comments posted to the 2012 Scenario.

Steve: OK. You know that I turned off comments because I felt that the degree of psychic stimulation that I was receiving through comments was overwhelming me. Was that a wise move or should I turn comments back on?

AA Michael: No. What we want you to do is to keep the forum [i.e., this discussion group] as part of what you are doing and I must say that, as my partner on Earth, as one of my beloved ones, part of what has need to take place is the coming together of people who are like-minded and of like heart. But even when they are not of like mind and like heart, there is [a] need to [have] a place for that discussion, that exchange, that stimulation … to take place.

Now having said that, the forum is not to be dealt with by you. … What we would like you to do [is to have] only one forum, not multiple forums [so not one on the blogsite and one here]. One place for people to gather and discuss whatever it is that is on their minds and in their hearts.

What we want you to do is to select several people who have your deepest trust and admiration, whom you know are anchored in their hearts but also in their balance. Balance is very important in this undertaking and a commitment to not address questions or discussion that they know not about.

So we were suggesting today that you would have a team of about five or six moderators and let them handle this job for you. …

Now I do not want you dragging your physical body or your mental body to the finish line. So I seek to assist you and I will help you with the choice of these trustworthy individuals that will help you.

Steve: Thank you.

Let me add as well a few words I said at the beginning about my vision for the group. Of course this is your group so my vision is just one among many. It’s your vision that counts and it’s what the moderators can manage that also counts.

I began by considering what the purpose of life is. The purpose of life, according to a vision I had on Feb. 13, 1987, is enlightenment. The purpose of life is for each of us to truly know who we are in our essential and original nature. Whenever one of us realizes our true identity, God meets God.

Here, in a discussion group, we’re not involved in meditating or tending to the sick and dying or singing devotional songs – more conventional ways of spiritually practicing. We’re involved in speaking and listening. How can we serve enlightenment in this setting? How can we invite illumination here?

We invite enlightenment here by “emerging.” We speak our truth in a straightforward, harmless, transparent manner which causes us to “emerge” from our suppression, repression, old business, shell, chains, etc. We reveal ourselves. We unconceal ourselves.  We make who we are known.

We “share.” And those who hear us “listen.” They don’t take us on. They don’t try to be smart or cunning or bait us. They “get” us. They ask themselves: what is this person wanting to convey? What is it they want us to hear? And then they mirror back their understanding.

I got ya, Steve. It sounds like what you want to convey is the incredible opportunity for awakening that exists here. You’re giving us some examples from your own life of what is going on so that people can see what a huge opportunity 2012 represents. It seems to me that you don’t want anyone to miss out on that opportunity.

Yes, thank you for getting that. I actually didn’t see entirely clearly what it was I was driving at but you helped me see that. Thank you. I feel “recreated.” Somebody got me. Gee, I feel great.

So this is what we’re doing here – revealing ourselves and “getting” one another and “emerging” from our shells.

And later, standing forth, committing ourselves, taking on a piece of the world’s unworkability and making it workable.

Andrea Scully and Barry Kapp are my partners in this endeavor; we’re all co-owners. And Andrea is Lead Moderator as well.

This is a safe and sacred place in which to reveal yourself, to stand forth as who you truly are, and to be received by others who are very likely all part of one soul group or family.

We have only 40 plus days until Ascension and much to be gotten done in that time. At some point I will be moving to New York, Washington and Geneva to take on a different role (and others will also change their roles) so everything will be morphing and moving forward which makes it oh-so important that people here rise to the challenge of being adult, responsible, and self-generating.

In addition, the new paradigm is the divine qualities such as love, peace, harmony, compassion so this is the place to practice them.

Welcome to Archangel Michael’s own discussion group and have a ball in here.



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