Summaries for all InLight Radio Shows

Our Galactic Family

April 22: Arcturian Dr. Suzanne Lie/Carroll :

Summary: Arcturian Dr. Suzanne Lie/Carroll shares her knowledge about the Arcturians – the most advanced galactic race – and their specific role with Ascension.

She also discusses the Galactic Wars, the Draconians – her personal experience being Draconian as well as their history – and how the Galactic Federation is in the process of clearing them from earth, how Atlantis was to be a rehearsal for Ascension, being multidimensional and what the different dimensions are like, the Russians and their DNA/light receptive research, serving on a starship, the importance of trusting our instincts, and more.


April 15: Zeta/Grey Judy Carroll :

Summary: Judy is a Zeta/Grey that has incarnated as an earth human. She talks about what it is like to be a higher dimensional light being with unity conscious awareness, traveling interdimensionally, sentient being ships, how Zetas are working with people on an individual level to assist with Ascension, shape-shifting, manipulating time and matter, how we all share the same universal consciousness, that we are all immortal, using semi-artificial Zeta bodies as needed for universal travel, the Akashic records, working in NYC on 9/11 on the rescue team with angels, the Grey disinformation campaign, genuine and non-genuine abductions, Disclosure and First Contact, crop circles, the importance of a spiritual practice to stay in a high vibrational state, galactic humor, and more.


April 08: Sierra Neblina :

Summary: My guest this week is Sierra Neblina. Sierra is an intuitive Pleiadian starseed since birth, an ordained minister, a Desert Storm veteran and an “Ascension Worker.” Before incarnating on earth she was a Pleiadian ship commander.

She shares her remarkable story of being used by the military in the human/hybrid ET experiments orchestrated by the Greys, and an abduction that left her carrying a hybrid child. She talks about the ships, experiments and the real Men in Black she experienced at NORAD in Colorado Springs, going underground and off the grid for ten years, her Pleiadian walk in, the many different races of extraterrestrials helping humanity and the planet for Ascension, the power of our thoughts, her vision for the new earth, and more.


April 01: “The Hugh-Man” (Venus) :

Summary: My guest this week is the “Hugh-Man from Venus,” where in his first public interview ever, he talks about his work with a team of Pleiadians who are part of the First Contact team of extraterrestrials who will make themselves known on earth.

As one of many serving on the Ground Crew on the planet, he discusses his role, and some of the plans that are in place to introduce our star family to people on earth, including how they will be showcasing their ships, and the free-energy technology they will share, including wheel-less, anti-gravity vehicles, and personal communication devices with holographic imagery that enchance one’s spirit and energy.

He talks about the mothership, The Neptune, and that people have visited it recently, but visits are on hold due to the fleets’ high alert status for Disclosure.

We discuss switching from 3rd to 5th dimension, and moving from a carbon-based body to a fully DNA activated, crystalline, youthful body. We also talk about Atlantis, the Annunaki, illuminati, the abundance programs, transitional governments, bending light waves, him meeting Jesus, and more.

Music: Rene Aubry, La Grande Cascade and the Orlando Pops Orchestra: A Space Odyssey.


March 25: Jackie Salvitti – ET Healer/Communicator

Summary: Jackie Salvitti talks about her contact with a wide variety of extraterrestrials and beings from different races and dimensions since 1975.

She shares how she was first contacted by the Andromedons who reached out to her to help heal others. She describes her “team” of ET’s and a variety of other beings that she works with including human and non-human races (including a praying mantis-like medical director) – all of whom are benevolent. She mentions that humans carry the genetics from many different races, that we are from the stars, and that they have a great interest in us and our successful transition into a new race. Many star beings are on the planet right now serving as a bridge for the new world and hybrid children will be instrumental in bringing about First Contact.

She talks about her work with abductees and how the Greys have reached out to her to help raise awareness that the experience was never meant to be negative for some people, yet some people have fear because they don’t remember their connection with their galactic family and the experience can sometimes create shock.

Jackie speaks to Ascension, the illusion of separateness, and that planet earth is the greatest experiment in the universe. She offers that we are much more powerful than we know and it’s time to reclaim our power, and that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

She talks about her experience on healing mother ships, and that many different races work together in harmony on the ships. She speaks of parallel universes and how there are versions of us having extraterrestrial experiences. She offers tips for how to bring about contact with our star brothers and sisters.


March 18: Ufologist Bob Dean

Summary: Graham Dewyea interviews internationally known ufologist and retired US Army Command Sergeant Major Bob Dean.

Bob discusses his top secret clearance that inspired his work to raise awareness about the presence of extraterrestrials, UFO’s and the government cover up of the extraterrestrial presence and beings from other worlds.

He talks about how he has been aboard ships several times as a volunteer and that the ships are several miles across. He describes ET’s as looking very much like us, but taller, that they communicate telepathically, are able to time travel, and are much more spiritually advanced, and are able to manipulate matter and time.

He discusses his six week visit with them in 2003 when they showed him the Akashic history records of earth, and he was told that humans have a unique genome and come from several civilizations.

Bob shares how extraterrestrials are family, that they’ve been with us since the beginning, and they are here to help us transition into a new race. He shares that we are from the stars and will be joining other civilizations from the stars. He talks about the Galactic Federation, that it does exist, and is made up of advanced civilizations.

We discuss Disclosure and he shares his belief that first contact with extraterrestrials will occur very soon, and that the transition for earth and humans will be at the end of this year. Life as we know it is coming to an end followed by a new and glorious future for the human race.

He shares his belief that humans are spiritual beings, infinite and immortal, that there is a God, and love is the power of the universe.


March 11: Mike Quinsey

Summary: Mike lives in Kent, England, he is the editor of Quest, a magazine devoted to spiritual growth and enlightment, he hosts his own radio show on BBS radio, and he is the channel for Salusa.

Mike shares that extraterrestrials have been with us for thousands of years. They are our family and we are part ET. Today’s ET’s come in peace to help with Ascension and help heal the earth. There are many that look very similar to us. He shares his UFO encounters.

There are millions of ships around the earth now. They are ready to assist us, but only after the remaining dark cabal is neutralized. Some ships are 100 miles in diameter. They include a diversity of beings from different civilizations. ET’s live hundreds or thousands of years. There is no aging.

The cabal is losing strength. ET’s have destroyed underground nuclear bases and have prevented false flag operations. Cities of light will be established soon and there will be changes in government leadership. Earth humans will be able to serve with the Galactic Federation, return to their home planets or stay on earth.

ET’s have had bases on earth for hundreds of years. There have been non-benevolent ET’s, but the earth is protected now from these beings. The new earth will have free energy, replicators will produce much of what we need there will be no pollution, no struggle, no disease, there will be total freedom to pursue individual interests. Service to others in unconditional love with be the theme, and the energy will be very uplifting.

Mike encourages us to keep an open mind, and be prepared for a totally new way of life. Things may get more chaotic for a time. Stay out of fear, be patient, and have faith. Nothing can stop Ascension from taking place.


March 04: Stephen Bassett

Summary: Stephen Bassett is the executive director of the Paradigm Research Group, he is an exopolitical activist, and a leading advocate for Disclosure. He discusses the current White House Disclosure petition and offers his perspective as to why there has been a truth embargo regarding the extraterrestrial presence. We discuss the increased media coverage that has been happening, why the extraterrestrials are here, and what might happen post Disclosure, which he believes may happen this year as the most significant event in human history.

While we are not necessary on the same page regarding why the extraterrestrials are here and our history with them, we’re working toward the same goal of Disclosure and all perspectives are welcome. I appreciate that he took time to come on the show.

The White House petition is titled Disclosure Petition II – the Rockefeller Initiative. You don’t need to be a US citizen to sign it, you just need an email account. It takes a few minutes to set up an account and sign the petition. Note: the White House website has been experiencing some problems with the petition page. If you run into problems, it may be helpful to use a different internet browser or try again later. Here’s the link to get to the website:


Heavenly Blessings

April 26 program: Sanat Kumara :

SUMMARY: The first part of the show had Linda offering an introduction to the creation formula and its process, followed by an explanation:


We focus on an intent, and bring that intent energy into the space of our heart/solar plexus chakra and hold it for at least 17 seconds in that deep stillness. Applied with appropriate action unfolds the equation to creation manifestation.

Sanat Kumara talked of three primary Universal Laws. All universal laws are based in a foundation of love.

Law of Purpose: commands/requires/gives the freedom to be in alignment to sacred self.

Law of Mirroring: Can seek help with this from Sanat Kumara and Archangel Uriel.

Law of Change: it is more than just a ‘constant’; it is a universal truth. Learning to embrace change and not resisting it.

The closing of the show brought a quick comment on the Law of Unity/One. We are all one.


April 19: Universal Mother Mary :

Summary: Mother Mary calls us her Ascension Angels. She tells us this is a time of rekoning, of flying free and of coming into balance and wholeness. She describes her Ascension experience when she was in human form on earth, which she did so that she could show it is possible to Ascend in form. She describes the Ascension process as liberating, a glorious freedom, and tells us when we ascend we will hear and witness the angelic and heavenly realms. Our DNA has been activated and we are moving into crystalline form. The time for Ascension is now.

She tells us to never doubt our capacity to create. If you feel despair, let it go and change it to joy. We are mighty agents of change.

She leads us through an excercise to remove the parts of ourselves that are connected to the third dimension so that we can Ascend and anchor to Gaia and our higher dimensional selves.

She tells us her love for us is infinite, that she holds us and protects us. Turn to her for assistance.


April 12: Archangel Gabriel/Gabrielle

Summary: Archangel Gabriel discusses manifesting our desires with his magnets, and protection with his filters.

We discuss how the energies on the planet are intense right now. Love is being beamed to the planet which can feel overwhelming at times and also blissful. Our vibrations are rising.

Linda leads us through a meditation of gratitude.
Archangel Gabriel reminds us not to forget our golden heart of joy and courage. He gives us his golden magnets, which are an important tool for ascension. We are becoming transdimensional beings and co-creators of what is to come. The magnets help us attract what we deeply desire to create and the fulfillment of our mission and purpose. It has never been more important for us to be anchored to Gaia.

He tells us one of the key components to creation is to be clear what you are asking for. It is important to assign timelines to what you are asking for. If something doesn’t come when you are wanting it, don’t give up on it. The heavenly realm is working on it.

He tells us the creation formula is intent+still point+action=creation, and always in joy, gratitude and love. Allow what you are creating to be delivered to you. The still point is where the bringing into physicality is taking place. He tells us that human beings don’t dream nearly enough. Usually, when you have a burning desire, it is aligned with your soul contract. It is important to ask for karmic dispensation.

Archangel Gabriel also offers his filters, which are also important for ascension. The filters filter out what is not of purity, love and wholeness. They allow only the highest good to enter within and protect you from drama and chaos that is still on the planet.


April 05: Archangel Jophiel :

Summary: Archangel Jophiel shares that he is the only Archangel who has ever incarnated as a human on earth. He was Joseph, the father of Jesus. He is assisting humanity and Gaia with the ascension process and offers his cosmic dust, the particles of love and creation.

He tells us if we could experience ourselves for one minute the way the heavenly realm sees us, we’d be blown away. We are each like a blazing comet racing accross the midnight sky, bright, beautiful, and filled with energy. We are the light builders, the builders of the future. Use his cosmic dust when you’re tired, to help create the new earth, to raise your vibrations. If you need ideas or inspriation, ask him for help.

He was present during the intergalactic wars and devastation. He came to help our star brothers and sisters know peace, love and unity and inspired them to come to earth to assist with ascenion.

If your heart desires to enter into the new realm of Gaia, you will do so.

He tells us not to take ourselves so seriously. Inspiration, brilliant ideas, spiritual, emotional, physical breakthroughs do not come from stuggle.

Many planets have ascended. Some like Gaia have not. We as individuals will have the choice to assist other planets to ascend.

There will not be devastation, but there will be some dislocation because many will go running for the portal during the shift at the last moment. The transformation process for Gaia is well underway.

What lies ahead is more than you can imagine.


March 29: Archangel Uriel :

Summary: Archangel Uriel shares his gift of the Silver Flame with is used for clarity and to light our way, particularly in times or places of darkness or chaos.

He tells us we are entering a time of darkness – not of more chaos and upheaval, but of the unknown, and the darkness of our hearts and minds. There is nothing in the darkness that can hurt us. It is the time of disintegration of the old false beliefs and illusion of earth. Burn away illusions that you are not worthy, whole, or magnificent. He opens our forth eye to see through time-space continuum, and see interdimensionally.

The new earth that we are co-creating is more glorious than we can imagine. Our actions small and large effect so deeply what the future looks like. Change can happen very quickly. He speaks of the cities of light on the planet that will be seen as similar to Atlantis, but more glorious.

The future is bright. There is no hunger, no disease or inequality. Diversity is celebrated. There will be clean technology that our star brothers and sisters will help introduce.

There is nothing to fear during this time of transition. Gaia will be shifting, but it will not be cataclysmic, there will not be armageddon or a pole shift, oceans won’t rise and drown billions of people, the sun won’t fall out of the sky. The new will emerge gently, sweetly and in love.

He tells us that humanity and earth will ascend to the fifth dimension, but that we won’t stop at the fifth. We will be able to travel interdimensionally. We won’t be stuck in the fifth as we’ve felt stuck in the third dimension.

He encourages us to share his gift of the Silver Flame so others can see the wonder of who they are.


March 22: Archangel Raphael

Summary: Archangel Raphael provides his gifts of healing. He speaks of how we are deeply and profoundly loved and cherished. When we know this profound love, we are instantaneously healed. Healing is a partnership between us and the heavenly realm. He helps us create our own healing chamber, which is modeled after what our star brothers and sisters use on their ships.

The heavenly realm does not sit in judgment and he asks that we not judge either. It doesn’t matter if you are a saint, sinner, heretic or martyr – you are still the essence of love.

He shares an exercise for us to receive healing. He tells us we don’t need to know the root cause of an ailment or what it is, just allow the healing of love to penetrate and heal.

Doubt is the cancer of the human race. He provides an exercise to remove doubt. One cannot ascend if they are in doubt. In love there is no doubt.

He talks about the angels who work with him to heal the universe and the planet, and that our star brothers and sisters are also helping. He shares that the healing of earth and humanity are well underway. There is a gentler, wiser race of humans emerging.

Earth after Ascension will be without disease and illness. Earth will be restored to her original beauty. There will be true freedom, and diversity will be celebrated.

He encourages us to take care of our bodies, to eat well, to drink clean and pure water that we bless, to regularly and consistently nourish ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually. Exercise regularly, seek joy, laughter, peace and solitude and a regular connection with Gaia.


March 15: Archangel Gabrielle/Gabriel

Summary: Archangel Gabriel is the Lily of Love, the Archangel of joy, the spokesbeing for the Council of Love, the messenger from the heavenly realms, and the central administrator for this universe and other universes.

He tells us he is here to assist us and encourages us to ask for help. We are loved. Each of us are holy and sacred. We chose our bodies. The central core of our body is the heart. The heart is the seat of the soul, where love lives. All aspects have been integrated and reside here. This is a time of rebirth, Ascension and celebration. None of us came to live in unhappiness. It takes courage to step into the unknown, to stand and take action when you feel isolated in your beliefs. It is time to awaken. We are agents of change.

He shares his golden heart of joy and courage through meditation.

Linda and Graham discuss how joy is a choice and how to stay in joy, including having a daily joy ritual, and referring to Archangel Gabriel’s meditation.


March 08: Archangel Michael

Summary: In today’s program, Archangel Michael reminds us that he has given each of us our own sword and shield that are unique to us. The sword has two purposes: to mend, heal, and provide the energy of truth, hope and strength, and also to cut away the illusion of hatred, greed, fear, or anything that keeps us from one another.

He tells us that so many are corded to others and ideas, and that we need to cut the cords to be free to ascend, for we cannot ascend if we’re tied down. He encourages us to use our swords to care for Mother Earth. He reminds us that our shield is for protection and also serves as a soul transmitter. Like the sword, each shield is divinely crafted and unique to us. Hold it in front of you when you need protection.

He leads us through an exercise to reclaim our sword and shield.

Linda provides a meditation, and talks about the Council of Love – who they are and their purpose. Graham and Linda discuss Archangel Michael’s channeling and how they have used the sword and shield in their lives.


An Hour With An Angel

April 23: Ashtar :

Summary: Ashtar reminds us that we (he and many of us) have connected on many levels with Ashtar previously.

— Ashtar offered a bit of his personal history, more than just that of being a starfleet commander. He is currently assigned to the 5th dimension. He is not here as an elevated being, but rather as a helpful nextdoor neighbour, to help. Their mission has always been one of love.

Gaia was created as a planet to experience love and form. They are not only here to help, but also to witness the unfolding of the shift/ascension.

Ashtar offered some comments with regards to channelling, and those who claim to channel Ashtar and the lesson this brings for humanity. Those who wish to be a voice for Ashtar can ask to receive help.

They have ‘stepped down’ their vibration of the entire fleet to help from the 5th dimension in order to meet us. They fluctuate to the 7th as well, as some humans will move to the 7th.

The Ashtar Command is a part of the Galactic Federation. They have a seat at the Intergalactic Council.

Ashtar offered an understanding of how beings act and interact between the various dimensions where various sources such as the Ascended Masters can be connected to.

Ashtar talked about disclosure and how things may unfold. He addressed the control of the media; Obama and how disclosure may come up in the US election. Look to summer months for disclosure.

There are 5th dimensional beings on Earth right now. Humans can help by reacting and welcoming them with kindness and gentleness.


April 16: AAM : Twin Flames/Soulmates

Summary: Archangel Michael tells us that peace is spreading. Your participation is key. You are valued, loved, trusted and part of the whole.

He discusses soul mates, twin flames, and twin rays. A soul mate is a being that has connected with you deeply that agrees to incarnate with you on earth. Sometimes they are your greatest enemy to show you what you need to work through. This is why Jesus tells us to love our enemies. Soul mates can be friends, partners, and sometimes you can be in sacred union with a soul mate. When you meet someone and have an instant connection after a few minutes, they are likely your soul mate.

A twin flame is a being of the same energy and mission, like an identical twin. It is rare that we incarnate with our twin flame. They are like a guardian angel for us. Often a twin flame is a star being that is hovering above earth. It is not necessary to connect with your twin flame to ascend. A twin ray is a being that assumes a similar color ray as you.

Before leaving a love relationship, look to each other, feel the love, and ask what else can this mirror show you. Hold onto the love, let go of drama. If you’re having difficulty in a partnership, ask your twin flame for help. Same sex partnerships are no different than any other partnership. Love is love. Love takes all forms.

Many have felt impatient and have been growing weary. Military all over the planet is becoming a force of bringing the light. There are many sightings of ships. Do not lose heart. Changes are progressing rapidly. We are with you and never leave your side.


April 09: Gaia :

Summary: Gaia shares that it is critical that we remain anchored through this ascension together as one.

Gaia was an Archangel before incarnating. It’s normal for oceans to change course, islands to rise up, and deserts to form. When humans cause devastation, it is tragic, but there is no judgment.

About ten years ago, the energies were very Atlantean where a repeat was possible, but this changed with the help of our star family and the heavenly realm. Our star family have been assisting Gaia for many decades, protecting and healing her, helping to steady her, and keeping her grid clean.

Atlantis will rise again, but not in devastation. There will be hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes, but this is normal. We have not come this far together just to witness devastation.

When the Gulf oil spill occurred, Gaia became extremely disheartened and seriously considered going home, but many lightworkers and star brothers and sisters have comforted her to help her regain hope.

We can assist Gaia by expressing gratitude. Also, when we nourish ourselves, it helps as well. When we are in balance, Gaia is in balance. Stay in your hearts. Let go of fear.

Gaia tells us her spirit is strong. We are only aware of a fraction of the beings on this planet. We are in unity with realms that we don’t know of.

In the future death, disease and despair won’t exist. Climatic zones will change slightly, rainforests will be renewed. Cities will be recreated. Water and the air will be pure, the soil will be rich. It will be paradise.


April 02: Archangel Michael

Summary: The angelic realm is working on us to dissolve old barriers and to help us receive love in our hearts.

There will not be severe geo-physical events and relocations on earth. This was a former scenario, but it is not a current scenario. Aside from the angelic realm appearing before us, channeling is the best way to communicate, but sometimes distractions and misunderstandings can occur. Be discerning and always look into your heart for answers.

The increase in love and bliss brings an increase in intuitive and direct Knowledge. Knowledge cannot be separated from love, joy, trust, and wisdom. Bliss helps to bring this as it is from the deep state of connection that one’s knowing grows.

Angels do not create life form. They provide support to it. Angels were created for the expression of love and to support the ultimate creations to take place.

There are not exactly limitations on what angels can or cannot do, although what they can do may be limited by the free will choices of those who are involved. They send love to help one come into alignment and thus be responsible in making higher vibration choices.

Call on the strength and experience of the angelic realm as needed. Learn to interact with your guardian angels. They are there, even before one’s prayer to Heaven for help is acted upon.

Humans can assist themselves in assimilating the waves of love and light at this time by not only receiving, but to open the heart and crown to receive with gratitude.


March 26: Archangels Michael and Gabrielle

Summary: The time of war and chaos comes to an end. There is fundamental change occurring. Don’t engage in the chaos. We are changing what it means to be human. Never before has the angelic realm heard such a consistent plea to be in the sacred union of partnership. This is a grand opening of the heart and a readiness for love.

Archangel Michael speaks to the different kinds of angels. Angels can assume many forms, including orbs, beams of light or winged-like beings. The angelic realm is not a hierarchy. It is more of a spiral or a circle.

Each of us have connections with angels and have our own angelic protectors. We began our journey as an angel, as archangels or others, and have incarnated here on earth. Whether we are starseed, hybrid or earthkeeper, we are still angelic. Hybrids can also be an angelic human. Most of us are hybrids in one way or another, some are pure starseed.

Humans can evolve into angels, but can also jump right back to source. Some of us will remain in this realm as our angelic self, some will incarnate as starseeds, or go on other planets or to ships. The progression back to the source or to the heart is not purely linear. We can be in human form and reunited to source.

There are many angels to help us. Call on them. They hear and act upon all prayers. When we think they are not helping us, our ego cancels out the help. There is divine timing, which is why prayers may not be answered right away. Stop pulling prayers back.

Archangel Michael describes how angels are able to be fully present in many places simultaneously.


March 19: St. Germain

Summary: St. Germain indicates that his greatest interest now is healing, ascension, and the anchoring of grace, freedom and equality on the planet.

He talks about his role with the Declaration of Independence, that the founding fathers of the United States were within their divinity and not part of the cabal. The US was founded on liberty, equality and justice, where each person was to have the right to pursue and fulfill their destiny without hindrance.

He talks about the decline in the human race which began over the ownership of human beings.

He continues: The time of illumination is occurring now. The dark period is coming to an end. We are being given a great deal of help, including from our star brothers and sisters to bring about love, a higher dimensional wisdom and peace to the planet.

We are creating a new world community of freedom, forgiveness, compassion and abundance for all. Do not stand in the shadows, claim your God-given birthright of freedom and your right to wealth and comfort. There are infinite resources in the universe.

Vote for people who have integrity, experience, who are wise enough to guide the collective, who will stand up for what is true and right and not hoard.

Reach out to the disenfranchised. The wealthy and the powerful will need adjustments and healing as well. Send the violet flame to anyone who is sick, poor or limited in any way.

It doesn’t take years to remedy world problems. When there is will and grace, change can occur rapidly.


March 12: AHWAA Roundtable: Linda, Steve, Graham, Geoffrey

Summary: Steve Beckow, Geoffrey West, Linda Dillon and Graham Dewyea discuss the delayed trip to the Neptune, disagreements and disappointments, the purpose of channeling, and the goals of the show. Archangel Michael joins the discussion later in the show.

Steve is welcomed back after being away for a month and it is announced that Geoffrey has joined the show as co-host.

Below are highlights of what was shared from the group and Archangel Michael:

We are creating a new world together, one of greater awareness and unity consciousness, where we celebrate and welcome our differences and move past the place of conflict. Our star brothers and sisters have worked through this and are here to teach what they’ve learned.

We have a lot on our plates right now. A lot is coming up for us as individuals. It is important to be fair and gentle with each other and reach out to each other. Go into your heart to find truth.

The purpose of this show is to prepare people for the New Age and to share messages of hope, love, healing and promise.

Archangel Michael reminds us to use our sword and shield. Stay in the love, and have lively debate, disagreement – with discernment and introspection – but not loneliness. Stay in your heart and move forward with integrity. When you are honest with yourself, you know how to proceed with integrity, with ethical understanding, compassion and forgiveness. That is the role of the lightworker. The key to community is to put differences aside. Don’t be defensive. Your opponent is your best friend as they bring up what you need to look at. The only enemy is yourself. Love and cherish yourself.


March 05: Archangel Michael

Summary: Many planetary events are transpiring. How these events take place depend on us. Joy is an expression of love and community. You can’t take joy in the demise and judgment of others. There is divine justice and a balancing that is taking place. The ripple effect is taking place throughout the entire universe. Make peace with the third dimension to ascend. There is no room for blame and guilt in the new earth. Feel compassion about fallen angels and lost souls. Send them love and forgiveness.

It’s time for a renaissance of integrity, generosity and truth. As political changes occur, hold the vision of a peaceful uprising and that those assuming center stage are of integrity and truth. Vote with your heart. Obama is still aligned with the divine plan. Trust him. There is a bigger plan afoot. War will not happen.

Disclosure is underway. Sign the Disclosure petitions to declare truth. Have casual conversations about our star brothers and sisters without fear or concern. Offer to be the welcoming committee to your brothers and sisters, that you are ready, and can help. Lightworkers are being protected. Ask to go to the healing ships. Ask your star brothers and sisters to make themselves known to you.

The global abundance program is not fully in place, but it’s underway. Move it forward by visualizing equality and a new system of freedom without struggle.

In the coming weeks, those thought untouchable will begin to fall. There will be a global groundswell through the media for truth around Disclosure, finance, politics, and a demand for peace.


February 27: Sanat Kumara

Summary: Sanat Kumara tells us he is from the eleventh dimension and his role is keeper of Universal Law and to awaken within each of us our remembrance of Universal Law and order. Call upon him with anything to do with balance and order, elimination and letting go. He is here to help us create.

Things are moving very rapidly. There has been enormous rebalancing with the last year. The resignations and impending arrests, and the shifting of the political scene this past week is the rebalancing of the planet’s energies. We are coming to a place of considerable shifts. The preparation has been extraordinary for Disclosure, NESARA, shifts in consciousness and the return to love. The events will be very rapid. Stay in your hearts, keep faith, we are almost home.

Electromagnetic shifts are happening on earth and in our bodies, which is why many are feeling upset, disconnected and depressed. We are leaving the third dimension. We need to be firmly anchored within Gaia to Ascend.

He speaks of the Council of Love as an umbrella, under which there are many brotherhoods and sisterhoods, but all are united by the fabric of one working toward the same purpose and mission.

He describes Kumara as a vibration of unparalleled love, respect and honor, a champion of fairness and integrity.

He tells us if we’re not feeling love and joy to turn to him. There are many available to help us. He reminds us to bring forth what our hearts desire and to get quiet in our hearts. Do not give up on your dreams.


February 20: Archangel Michael

Summary: Archangel Michael tells us we are in the midst of magnificent change. The Ascension process is happening. It is important to hold the vision of the new earth: There will be room for our creative abilities, freedom of belief and desires, freedom from conflict, differences will be celebrated, work will be joyful, relationships will be valued, learning will be open and available to all, politicians will be genuine leaders, a financial system will support the collective, no one will go without. Hold on, the changes are coming. Hold the vision and the higher ground.

He speaks of love relationships and the importance of coming into our hearts. Listen to what your heart tells you. Ego looks for partnership and union, the heart looks for sacred union. The heart doesn’t get needy or push.

Many are feeling unfulfilled in their work. The old paradigms are being eliminated, the global economy is depressed, people aren’t feeling the satisfaction they used to with work. Bring the totality of who you are to your work. Bring the love, light up your professional relationships.

Relationships are changing, including family and friends. He tells us to hold the light and faith for those who are not awakening or interested in hearing us.

Children are arriving on the planet more aware. The role of the parent is to help them toward their destiny. Movement and time in nature is important not only for children, but for all. Nature is a great healer.

Send all beings light and love. Never judge.


February 13: Archangel Michael

Summary: Archangel Michael speaks of peace and anchors peace within us. He tells us having inner and outer peace is necessary for Ascension to occur. You do not ascend when you’re in fear. We need to have peace, calm and serenity within to have it in our world, galaxy and universe. Invite peace into your home with friends and family. When peace reigns, creativity and co-creation begins to flourish because people are not in a place of fear, there is room for inspiration and to come closer to all beings. Become closer, more loving, more unified with each other so the holding and sharing of peace acts as a foundation for Ascension.

He tells us our light fields have grown, and encourages us to beam love and tranquility around the earth. Do this together and it will very quickly change the planet. Peace needs to be part of every action, word and every behavior that we take during the day, as well as in our private thoughts when dealing with people and in situations.

He tells us it is possible to have peace in the third dimension and in duality, that we are in a time of creation and choice like never before on the planet. Peace is action oriented, not a state of being or state of absence.

He talks about relationships and the importance of feeling at peace to feel safe enough to truly express who we are without fear of criticism, disdain or being thought less than. Let go of human drama. We come together to create and share love. When peace is compromised in a relationship, come together and restore it. When a relationship comes to an end, it may change form, but hold onto the love. Release and bless them.


February 06: Grener, President-Intergalactic Council

Summary: Linda shares comments regarding the Neptune trip and speaks to the growth and clearing among people. She reminds us that this is a journey of love and to let the love and support from the universe come into our hearts and anchor us.

Jesus encourages us to stay in our hearts, hold peace in our hearts, and to join together in love.

Grener indicates that even though the trip was altered, our partnership with the Galactics hasn’t changed. He shares our desire for Disclosure. The postponement was a joint decision. The Galactics had concerns around the fear and panic that those who would be left behind were feeling. They come in love and seek to anchor peace on earth, so it was important to avoid this difficulty. Grener indicated that there were also decisive actions being taken among dark forces to interfere with the trip.

The accounts from people purporting to be on the Neptune are accurate. Billie Woodard’s statement that he has seen the Neptune is accurate. More people will be coming to the ship.

The Galactics are chiefly interested in the growth of the human spirit. They are here to help with Ascension and are observing to see how we manage the shift to the higher realms. There are many beings on earth that are part of the Galactic family. There are millions of ships over earth.

Grener and Linda finish the show with a meditation.


January 30: Grener, President-Intergalactic Council

Summary: Grener discusses the Council, which represents many beings, cultures and galaxies. Its guiding principles are peace, cooperation, non-violence and love. Earth is a member. He welcomes all human beings to the Council.

He indicates that there are millions of ships here now that have come in peace to assist as equals. Those on the ships look human. They have no need of Earth’s resources, only to share their knowledge and information. They want to see how we build love to serve as a model for other universes. He talks about Ascension and the Shift. He indicates that it is time for us to acknowledge our membership in the Council and to acknowledge our brothers and sisters from the stars.

He shares that the biggest obstacle to Disclosure is from those mainly in the military and financial sectors who believe they are in power and don’t want to give up the power that they think they have. They want to keep people in fear to control people.

He indicates that the Intergalactic Council has been waiting for human beings to join together to announce Disclosure on their own, and have not wanted to intervene to avoid creating fear. The Disclosure process is happening now.

To advance Disclosure, Steve offers a proposal to Grener to have human beings visit with members of the Council, visit ships, and possibly travel to another planet and to come back to earth to share experiences. Grener agrees to 20 plus people to do this on Saturday, February 4, 2012.


January 23: Archangel Michael

Summary: Archangel Michael speaks of Ascension and the importance of being in balance and to act from the heart. There is no need to wait to Ascend. Many have Ascended in a previous life and have returned to help with the process now.

The low level sounds many have been hearing is mostly Gaia, but also humanity, breaking shackles – it’s the sound of freedom.

Obama won’t announce Disclosure directly at the January 24 State of the Union Address, but he will make subtle references. Other subtle announcements have already begun.

NESARA has been held up by bureaucrats not wanting to let go. He speaks of the importance of the partnership between humanity and Heaven to move things forward. We have more power than we think to make things happen. Sometimes things take longer than anticipated, but if Heaven says it will happen, it will happen. Everyday send energy to those involved with the Bridge Fund, NESARA and Disclosure to help move things forward.

There have been many witnesses of massive flyovers of our star brothers and sisters, there have been massive changes to the armament structure of the planet, there is a lot happening behind the scenes re: financial changes and Disclosure. Eric Holder is being set up.

Archangel Michael also speaks of the Divine Plan, including how it comes about and is communicated.


January 16: Jesus

Summary: We honor Dr. Martin Luther King by playing an excerpt of his How Long, Not Long speech on March 25, 1965.

Jesus tells us the building of the new world begins with us and to commit our hearts to the change that we are seeking. He talks about how doubt is based in fear. He tells us to follow our hearts.

He talks about his life, that he came to remind people of their potential for love. He says he was indeed crucified, that his family went to France after he died and that his daughter Sarah embraced the people and they embraced her.

He says that he was a full participant in the creation of the Course of Miracles, that the lessons are eternal and valid, but now is the time to bring forward the lessons.

He tells us now is the time to clear karma and provides a karma clearing exercise. He speaks of reincarnation and that many have had many lives on earth, and that many of us are Starseeds.

Jesus tells us that when we are in the truth of our being, our mind, and our heart and soul, anything can be forgiven. The biggest obstacle has always been the forgiveness of self and each other.


January 09: Jesus

Summary: Jesus makes some startling revelations, perhaps the most interesting of which was the acknowledgement that he was indeed married to Mary Magdalene, had a daughter Sarah who journeyed to the South of France after his departure from this plane, and that she was indeed what is known as the “Holy Grail.”

He states that his family of origin were well-placed and that times varied from peaceful to less orderly because of mass migrations. But his family was not poor as has been often represented in the Bible.

He describes the journeying he made to other lands to study under teachers of many religions. In olden times this round was called the philosopher’s circuit. He describes his learnings in India.

He acknowledges that we are all already immortal and, when he speaks of immortality, he means the end of the need to be reborn into matter rather than becoming immortal, which we already are.

He gives a message to Christian fundamentalists who might be expected to reject Ascension. He cautions against making one’s beliefs written in stone and verifies for us that Ascension will occur towards the end of the year. He says many will choose to ascend at the last moment and that the key to Ascension is holding love in your heart.

He talks about his birth, childhood, and education, and that he travels among star brothers and sisters today.

He speaks to those who are feeling a lack of hope, and the importance to reach out to others to offer them hope. It is time for standing up for what you know to be true.


January 02: Archangel Michael

Summary: Our efforts to anchor peace are going forward and we are doing well. We are pivotal in this work. He describes it as a partnership with the Angelic realm and our galactic brothers and sisters, that they are not doing the work for us.

NESARA has begun, but it’s being done quietly. He acknowledges our frustration that events haven’t moved forward as fast as we want them to. He tells us that those of the Angelic realm and our galactic brothers and sisters are also experiencing frustration.

Governments have been particularly resistant, but discussions regarding a new economic system have been very encouraging. The James Martinez video is a not a hoax. It’s a quiet announcement of hope and encouragement that things are moving forward. It came from a consortium of terrestrials, galactics, and celestials, not from the Monaco Accord.

Those involved with the Philippine treasure are protected. It is among many many caches around the globe. The galactics brought gold and materials to earth for recovery at a later time. Their greatest gifts, however, are peace, brotherhood and community.

Use discernment when receiving information and follow your hearts – that is where your truth is.

Anger, fear, and frustration are of the old paradigm. The best way Lightworkers can serve now is to let go of lower-level frustrations – give them away. Create joy. Raise the bar. Be brave. Raise the collective consciousness of what is happening. Occupy your own neighborhoods.

You have not been given empty promises. When we say it will occur, it will occur.


December 26: Archangel Michael

Summary: Archangel Michael encourages us to awaken fully in our warrior/creator selves. There are too many still hiding their light, though those who are ready to ascend have increased exponentially.

He tells us to not spend time in worry or fear, and have trust. He speaks of faith as well. We have a partnership with divinity and they are patiently waiting for us to step up. Ask for help from the Angels and Ascended ones.

Disclosure is still expected to happen by the end of 2011. Japan does not stand threatened by nuclear threat at this time or at any time in the future – that that kind of devastation will not occur again. The progress of the Bridge Fund is still underway – human fear and trepidation is holding up the process but that if we follow the recommendations he provides, the fund will be expedited.

The Illuminati is 67% removed or disarmed. Those who have wielded the puppet strings are mostly gone. We are part of a Divine plan, which will go forward. We are part of a magnificent expansion and are bigger and brighter than we have ever been.


December 19: Jesus

Summary: Jesus tells us that the time to ascend is now and that we have the power to create and bring forward not only Ascension, but what we desire here and now on a soul and personal level. He talks about his life teachings, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam, the Bible, the Trinity, Enlightenment, and Immaculate Conception.

He describes how part of the Bible is written in code and looked at some examples, such as the light always burning on the altar (the Christ light or soul), Moses’ journey up Mt. Sinai as a metaphor for the kundalini mounting the spine, and the parables of enlightenment (treasure buried in a field, pearl of great price, etc.).

He encourages us to follow our hearts and provided a prayer of freedom, peace on earth and love. He stresses the importance of honoring and loving our neighbors. Now is the time to make peace with others, he says in answer to a question on his attitude towards America’s criticism of Muslims.


December 12 : Archangel Michael

Summary: Archangel Michael talks about the significance of 2012. Everything is in divine order. This is a time of love, a golden age of peace and balance within the human collective, the planet and the universe. December 12 is significant, because it is a time when the floodgates are opening up to a greater awareness to the interconnectedness to everything. Many have ascended this day and are returning to assist.

The galactics, or our star brothers and sisters, are here to help us. They look very much like us and have had a presence on earth for many years. Disclosure will come very soon as well as NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act) to bring about freedom, equality and fairness. The Bridge Fund begins pretty much right away.

Barak Obama was born in Hawaii. While some criticisms are legitimate, there are many untruths about what is being said about him. Use discernment when considering criticisms. In his desire to be conciliatory, and because he has been weighed down by politics, he has not accomplished as much as he has wanted to.

Earth was meant to be a place of love, joy and physical experience. This came to be lost. Ascension is well underway which will bring about equality, compassion, where all thrive, and all are welcome including beings from other worlds. Do not underestimate your power to effect change. When the announcements come, hold the center of peace, be the voice of reason and the anchor.


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