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Meet-Ups II

My heavens, your response gives a new meaning to the term “break-out pages”! I’m so happy so many people want to get together.

I’ve begun a new meet-ups page because the comments on the first were closed.

The function of this page is to provide a place (the comments section) where people can arrange to meet-up with each other.

Please include in your comment the area in which you live. Others who wish to locate people in their area can “search” on the comments.

All meet-ups are your responsibility to manage and cannot be considered the responsibility of the Golden Age of Gaia.

Have fun!


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  1. I would love to connect with folks in the Marin County/Sonoma County California area.I live in northwest Marin near the Petaluma line.
    Currently my sister and I are holding gatherings to inform people of disclosure at her yoga studio in Petaluma.
    warmly, Claudia

    • Hi Claudia,
      You left this message quite awhile ago, so I was wondering if you’ve found others to meet up with in the Marin area. I live in Novato and would love to ground with like-hearted beings.
      Peace, Donananda

      • Hi donananda, I commented to Claudia Lyons and I”m not sure if you got that comment or not so I’m commenting to you too. I live in San Rafael and would love to meet up with like minded folks that live in the Marin area too. I am going to the first 2012 scenario conference in Sedona. I don’t know if your going or not .Also my favorite channeler is Mike Quinsey who channels Salusa. He’s on the website. I also read a lot of the channeled material from this 2012 scenario site. Ok, maybe I’ll hear from you, love and light, Nina Bravo

        • Hi Nina. I was at the conference over the weekend. Did you go? If you did…
          wasn’t it pure bliss?
          I am David Allen and live in Sebastopol. I just found this “meetup”
          portion of the site and thought it may be a nice way for like-minded
          folks to keep the energy flowing!
          I have a little jewelry store on Main street in downtown Sebastopol where
          I create my own designs.

          Say hi if you wish! What a conference eh!!!

        • HI Nina i live in Novato and would love to get together i see we have a few people in this area that would love to get together a group in petaluma and a group in Valjho

      • I’ hosting an 11/11 gathering at Renew Yoga studio in Petaluma at 7 PM. You can get directions at It would be wonderful to have you.

        • It’s Claudia Lyons here. I wanted to clarify for anyone in the SF bay area,that on 11/11/2012 I will be hosting a gathering with a global link up meditation!
          Renew Yoga in Petaluma


    • Anybody from San Diego who would like to meet up and help boost the frequencies of light. It’s so important to connect with others and share in this amazing time. Much love to all, Stephanie

      • Hi Stephanie, I live outside Los Angeles in the mountains , and I am Having a hard time finding people to meet with . Keep me in mind . Barbara

        • Hello Barbara,

          I also live outside Los Angeles near the San Bernardino mountains in Highland, is that close to you? Cathryn

        • Hi Barbara, I live in the high desert and would like to meet fellow real humans of the light. We need to find a way to get together and spread the word about the up coming changes so maybe people will open their eyes and learn to forgive and affect positive change in our part of Gaia. Kindness, compassion, and Love. Mario.

      • Hi Stephanie,
        I’m not new to any of this other then joining this site which I have visited many time in the past and would love to get together with like minded people here in San Diego, I live with my sister in Spring Valley in the East county and I work presently as Security for Solana Beach Corporate center a group of 4 buildings I patrol. So I’m abailable on the weekends and mornings before 11 as I work Mon-Fri from 2-10. is one way of contacting me.
        I’ll try to visit here often and keep in touch.

    • Hello, Claudia Lyons and Donananda, I also live in Marin. I live in San Rafael, and would love to meet up with like minded beings in the Marin Area, I read a lot of the channeled material on this 2012 scenario site and also I read Salusa from Mike Quinsey, he’s my favorite and sometimes Matthew’s messages from the site I know this link is fairly old but maybe your still into meeting up. Thanks, Nina Bravo

    • Hi Nina again, I realized you may not be getting an email notification telling you that I have replied. I’m not quite sure because I am new to this forum. Any ways I am leaving my email so you can contact me if you happen to look back at this forum at some point. My email is 8infinitefreedom at I’m interested in meeting up with like minded folks from the marin/SF/ sonoma area.

    • Hi…. iam just new here in your group… do you have lightworkers in manila or singapore? I want to practice and share it with others the love that you are spreading… all we need is love respect and understanding, hope I can meet some light workers. Im so excited to be part of this group.. I read some teachings of pleidians and I want to be part of and share it with others..

      Hoping for your reply..



  2. Irvine, Orange County CA. Would love to connect with anyone who has literally been contacted by human-looking extraterrestrials while awake. I was several years ago. I was also taken up to outer space. I’ve been feeling this desire/need to connect.

    • Hi Lina,

      Although I haven’t experienced what you have, I’d love to connect with you and other people of like minds. I live near Irvine too.

      • Hi Millie, email me at celinahernandez5@yahoo with “MillieMeetup” in subj line. I wouldn’t want to accidentally delete it. Hope to hear from you! Lina~

        • Im from wales, united kingdom. Is possible u could send me your email address. Ive had a similar experiance with human looking et’s. Just wanted to see if our experiances match up

    • I was visited as a child by a “Being with a blue orb” still trying to determine who it was then again in my twenties where I was left with very specific marks on my body. I believe they were coding. I would be open to talking with you about your experience – or anyone who has similar experience. email at

    • Hi Lina, I live outside Los Angeles , and I am also finding it hard to find people to connect with . I have had experiences since I was a young child . Barbara

  3. I live on the Sunshine Coast, in BC, Canada (north of Vancouver) I am actively looking for others of like mind, and I feel this site is a good place to start. More and more, I feel unable to connect with people as I have known them to be, and feel a trememdous sense of isolation. I live in a semi-rural area, so I am surrounded by nature, but feel more and more removed from humans altogether, even my own family. Even someone who can only email or talk on the phone, I think would help to relieve the profound sense of isolation that I feel……is there anyone else who is experiencing this ??


    • Hi Dan,

      I live in Orange County Southern California, which is a highly populated area and very close to L.A. I had been following Karen Bishop’s energy alerts for a few years, which was very helpful in understanding what’s been happening. She wrote about this isolation you’re describing as the separation of the worlds…the higher and lower densities not being able to reside in the same space. She did say that eventually those who cross over to the new reality (ascension) will find each other and will begin to build new communities and a new world. In the meantime, we’ll be living in our sacred spaces but making trips to “the border” as she called it. I also experience this isolation, even though I’m surrounded by people. It’s hard to connect the way we used to. I’d love to connect via email or find a local group of “cross-overs.”

      • Hi Millie,
        I also live in O.C. and would love to participate in a local meet up/support group.

      • Hi Millie , I live in the L.A. area and am experiencing the isolation that so many of us are right now. I am looking to connect with others also . How do we connect physically and not just thru this site . Barbara

        • Hi, Barbara, Millie, all of you on this thread for people in the LA area. I’m here, too, in Lake View Terrace NW of Los Angeles. Have any of you succeeded in getting together? I’d love to hear from you. My email is

    • Hi Jan! I also live in Orange County Southern California. I would love to communicate with you ( I too have experienced the isolation feeling, whether I live in the city or country. I feel it’s uncomfortable (energy-wise) at times being around people “not like me”, even if they are friendly. As much as I want have friends I tend to stay away from making friendships just for the sake of having ppl in my life. I have a wonderful family and enjoy being around them. Actually and oddly enough, my work shift coworkers share my views and I totally am grateful that I can share my thoughts with them, actually more so than even with family. All in all, hang in there. Know that life will become better and you will connect with other like yourself. I hope you are already making connections here! : )

    • Hi Jan,

      Even though founder, SB lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, I don’t see many Canadians in the Meet-up Forum, not that they need to be. However, it is nice to be able to have a face-to-face meeting with neighbours once in a while if one is feeling lonely. I respond to let you know that I am a short ferry ride from you and I have been to the Sunshine Coast several times. A beautiful place.

      I have the opposite situation: possibly too many connections that it is hard to keep up. Nevertheless, I try and I may be adding you to my “Conscious Living” list. If you are in the neighbourhood, we can chat over coffee, otherwise, the email is fine too.


    • Hi Jan – I am in Vancouver, and feeling fairly alone in all this – let me know if you are still looking for like-minded folks.

      • Hey my names Dylan! I’m in the lower mainland! Would love to talk send me an email!

        • Boy, nice to hear that there are people in Vancouver.

          I’d love to meet but I don’t dare! I’m at my outer envelope of contacts at the moment.

          But I look forward to it after Ascension!



      • Hello all,

        I am a Vancouver resident who is looking to connect with like minded individuals. I am in my 20’s and find I cannot connect with a lot of my life long friends as they have old belief systems and there energies are not like mine. I would love to connect with some other Vancouver residents or anyone for that matter that would like connect about the changes we are all experiencing.

    • Hello Jan,

      I usually visit sunshine coast few times a year, very beautiful energy (especially Davis Bay area is one of my favourites)
      I was given this instruction to deal with these times:
      “stay grounded in to the earth as the metamorphosis within you takes place. drink copious amounts of clean water, be outdoors as much as possible.
      Practice deep breathing to help move the new pranic energy in to your cells.”

  4. Exopolitics Washington Meeting… Friday, January 13th, 2012 is an auspicious day day to meet up… unless you have “Triskaidekaphobia”. :) Exopolitics is one of MANY awesome topics covered here on The Scenario. We are starting a monthly thing in Olympia, WA USA. The Scenario is a daily read for me so I would love to meet others similarly obsessed. :)

    Link to the meeting:

    Exopolitics Washington is part of the Exopolitics United States Network …

    We got a nice little venue here in WA and there are some great “lively locals” of aware folks I hope to eventually include in the monthly meetings.

    Washingtonians and visitors of the Evergreen State very welcome no matter where in the galaxy you come from. :)

  5. Hi, I have been subscribing articles on this website for sometime, and just found this meet-up section. Could be a great opportunity to meet people with same interests. I am in Northern VA. Anyone interested?

  6. I’m in metro-Detroit and feel like I am supposed to be here, playing a role in it’s rebirth. I would love to connect with local like minded people.

  7. I’m in East Amherst, NY, a suburb of Buffalo New York. I’d love to meet for coffee anyone like myself keen on the 2012 expectations!

    • Hi,

      I’ve been dying to meet someone who is like-minded whom I could hook up with. I have been sticking out like a sore thumb and most of my friends think I’m wierd. We could have coffe in the Niagara area on a weekend (Sunday)or Friday afternoon. Do you know of any group in the Toronto area I could meet up with too..?

      • Hello Reyollie,

        I am in Burlington, Ontario. My name is Judy and perhaps we can chat via email until we find or form our own group of people who share the same interest. I recently had surgery on my elbow so I am not able to drive at present so that is why I suggest chatting via email for now. I understand the sticking out like a sore thumb I have lived here for 2 years and have yet to find a group that I feel holds similar interests. I have confidence there are more but are not yet stepping forward. I have a friend in the Vineland area closer to you and she feels that most people she meets is not ready to consider ascension or even heard about it. Anyway it would be nice to talk to you – kindest regards – Judy

  8. I would love to meet some like minded people in the Newport RI area! Even better let’s get some lightwork started, we should start a group.

    Make it happen captain!

    Mikey B.

    • Hey Mikey B.

      Great Idea. It will be great to get like minded people together. Not easy but will try. 2012 is here and no one seems to pop the question on what are the possible scenarios. Hope we can shine some light. Glad to know you are a lightworker.
      I’m in Tiverton, RI. My Email


    • Hi!! I’m Olga from Cranston. Love to find people from around here!!! Recently awakened and loving it!

      • Something terrible happened after 12/12/12. Maybe I was so hopeful to see some kind of change… nothing happened… not even now in 2014. Same or worse, to many killings, war is endless, many abuse from the ones should be protecting us. I used to believe I was a lightworker but now I don’t know anymore. I’ve been in this eternal depression since long time and believing less and less. The worse thing is I’m an empath and can’t get out from feeling the bad vibes around me. If as a lighworker I have to go through this and still doing my part… then boy this is going to be hard. Well, sorry I guess I’m not ready yet. Just hope someday… someday…

        • I’d say what you’re describing here is pretty consistent with what so many of us are feeling too. At the end of the day, it’s a choice to focus on what is being built and my own intent, or to focus on what is crumbling and falling apart.

          For sure, being an empath is a heavy load to bear. It’s taken my whole life to learn to discern what are and are not my own feelings and I completely feel you, my friend, this isn’t easy and it doesn’t have a chance of happening at all without awareness and effort.

          There is, in my view, a great mourning coming out in our collective consciousness field we share. It has to do with the grief we have over what’s been going on for a long time right under our noses which we just didn’t see. The rising of awareness has brought our attention to it now and it’s a sad thing to contemplate.

          Blessings to those who care, and to those who carry the compassion and love to bring us through this passage.

          Blessings to you,
          Andrea Scully

  9. I would like to meet with like minded people in Salem Oregon and vicinity. I can host the meeting or I can attend ongoing meetings. Email me at

  10. Just found your site a few days ago, love it! Thanks for all your hard work Steve! I’m Wondering if there’s anyone out there from Northern Ontario Canada?

    • Would you happen to be near Thunder Bay, ON?
      I live here now, for a few months and am really looking forward to meeting like-midned people.
      Let me know!
      Andrew CLark

  11. Hi,lina this is russ from the uk,I had similer experience to yourself and would be very interested to ear what they looked liked.

  12. Aloha from the Big Island of Hawai’i, and while I don’t have time to dive into the great conversations here, I wanted to share how I created a Kona Disclosure Meetup group that (physically) meets each week and is growing each week in size and enthusiasm.

    So it seems to me that now is the time for lightworkers to be gathering to share what is happening for them each week around all the topics listed on the site. If this speaks to some of you and you are looking for ideas & inspiration, here the link to our group site that I had fun setting up –

  13. Hi everyone! Love here having an incredible day! Would Love to meet up with others in Sacramento, California anyone live nearby>?

    • hello my name is derik i live in lathrop just south of you if you have face book friend me derik gaddis i have many questions for you 209 815 8017

      • hey i left the wrong number anyone can call i would love to hear from sumone my real number is209 815 1353 lets meet up i live near stockton ca

    • My name is Brandy, and I am in Roseville, just East of Sacramento. I would love to meet up with others in the Sacramento area! I can be contacted at Love and Light!

      • Hi messbway. I live in Nevada City about 50 minutes away. I want to put a local group together . I have a lot of information and have seen many crafts in my life. I can be contacted at


        In the light
        Rick B

    • Hello Love , I am here in the L.A. area , and cannot find anyone close by . My e-mail is BRAWDZILLA@HOTMAIL.COM. Contact me anytime , anyone else also welcome . I feel the urgency to connect with others . Barbara

  14. Hi, my name’s Andrew Clark.
    I live in Thunder Bay,ON, Canada
    I am searching for like-minded people
    I will check this site out everyday, hopefully somoen aware is nearby, I can only hope
    Andrew Clark

    • Hi Andrew

      I am in the Toronto area, if you want to chat let me know.

      Light & love

      • Hi Oceanna,

        I live in Toronto too. Would love to chat.

        Marsha :)

        • Hi Oceanna and Marsha,
          I live in Toronto too and I have been trying to go for meditation meetups etc. to meet more like minded people. Please drop in a message.
          Love & Light

          • Send me a mail at – ayan.mukherj gmail com. Didnt add the punctuation as that makes one more open to spam.. Lets do a little meetup of our own in Toronto..

          • Hello Oceanna, Marsha and Ayan,

            It’s been a while since you left this messages and I am wondering if you were able to gather a group of like-minded individuals… I would like to hook up with this kind of group to help me gain some direction. I can not relate to my family and friends who are all of the old belief system and vibration… I stick out like a sore thumb and I need to at least validate everything that is happening around me and to myself too.

            Please write to me at

            Thank you.


          • Hello friends of the light! :)
            My name is Judy and I live in Burlington, on have you had any luck meeting up with people to form a meditation group. I would like to start a group that would be interested in meeting to make new friends that share the same interest. For those who may need a little support or understanding if anyone is interested I will soon be starting some meditation classes and mini workshops in keeping your energy centred and balanced. But first meeting and getting to know more people in this area from Toronto to Niagara that just want to chat or meet up would be nice!

            Drop me a line if you are interested – Judy

        • Hi Marsha

          Sorry for the long delay, but would love to chat with you, do you have email?


  15. Greetings from Indiana!! Are there any lightworkers in the Indianapolis area?

  16. Like a few of you, I recently found this site so if there is anyone in the Toronto area who would like to chat please let me know.

    Light & love

    • Hi Oceanna,

      Maybe we could start a new discussion group in the Toronto area… that is, if you have not ascended yet and still have access to our 3D world. Send me a note at



  17. i want to do a meet up with one or more people who truly know whats goin on in tearms of the elete agenda ascention lightworkers galactic federation prime creator earth healer etc i am 11yrs strong in my awakening and my star family has allways made their pressence known to me maybe we can exchange storys i have many. My search for truth has brought me far . This proccess has been interesting to say the least. I want to start group i live in lathrop ca near stockton i woul like people to call me so we can get started we need to organize in preperation for upcoming events 2098151353

  18. i want to start a group in northern california as to organize and prepare for disclosure we are disclosure. i am over 10yrs into my process of awakening. My journey has been a long one and i have come to know truth on my own.i have much to share209 815 1353

  19. Any one in the middle Tennessee, southern Kentucky area?

  20. I am in Panama City Beach, FL where we have a nice sized group that meets weekly. We post our schedule on the calendar at if you’re in the area, we’d love to have you.

    Steve, it’s good to see you back in the saddle. Keep your chin up, you got a lot of work to do, and we still need you. Thanks for sticking with us. : )

  21. I live in Idaho Falls, and I am a happy happy family member of Light! I would like to be in contact with as many of you as possible in order to spread the love and radiate light of positive frequency towards you and back to me, and towards you again! Let’s do it!

  22. Greetings Every One!

    I like very much what the messages have to say.
    I wonder if there are other readers of this site in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota.

    I now the Law of Attraction works in “Mysterious Ways”, but it doesn’t hurt anything to give it a little assist.

    Have a Great Day Everyone!!!

    • hello rokisha in Minneapolis/st Paul
      i just found your post in 2012 scenario/word press.

      i am looking for those who might actually be interested in having,or are having contact.

      you can or others reading this can email me at…………..(patrick)

  23. Kind of a duplicate to one I just left on first meet up list.
    New to this page and I’ve been making a hobby of learning everything I can when time allows it. Thought it would be helpful to hook up with other like minded people. I’m located near Everett WA. Email if you’d like to chat.

  24. Hi Steve,
    A nice website with a strong spiritual aroma in and around it. BY the way Steve, have you read – 1. Ramakrishna- As We Saw Him 2. They Lived with God 3. God Lived with Them written by Swami Chetanananda? They are masterpieces in themselves.

    Dr. Chetan, Ramakrishna Mission, India

    • Absolutely I have. Dr. Chetan. I’ve also done a dictionary of Sri Ramakrishna’s teachings:

      Sri Ramakrishna is my paramguru.



    • Hello Dr. Chetan,

      Nice to see someone from India, I was wondering if anyone would post from India. I have been longing to meet up like minded people in Chennai. I would like to share my thoughts on ascention etc…And a big thanks to Steve for all the efforts that has gone in creating this haeaven. Would love to see your thoughts on transition.



      • Hey Aravind, I would love to hear your thoughts on Ascension. I am in Gurgaon, next to Delhi. Why don’t you post them in my new group on 2012 Transition / Ascension that I started in (India). I am trying to get more and more Indians interested in 2012Scenario.

        Lots of Love,

  25. I just signed up to this site about a month ago, and would like to meet up with other like minded people that live in the Denver area. I live north of Denver about 30 miles, and belong to a pod group that meet every 2 weeks in Denver . If you live in this area lets get in touch ! My email address is XR3HYBRID@HOTMAIL.COM . Leo.

  26. I am an indigo child, a Messenger of Prime Creator, a Light-worker and Light-bearer. I am unable to keep it in any longer! let’s meet up :)

  27. Hi “Classmates” a metaphor that I use to describe light workers, light holders and all those soon to be the above. Wow, these are certainly amazing times. I am very thankful Steve for all your hard work and this site. Yes, I am experiencing many of the same vibration, sounds, and lights as most of you. I’ve known since a child, that I was from another place, as my Father use to tell me that other dimensions, densities existed. When I was approx. 10 yrs old, I saw a space craft and later that evening was visited by several beings. I would love to meet other people and share our experience and form some kind of support group for all of “us’. I would actually like to meet others who are interested in reaching out with the less fortune, homeless etc. Helping others has always been my passion and enjoyment. There are so many that need assistance with food, shelter and that thing we call money. Thanks to the creators light and his assistance, I am dealing with my own economic dilemmas. I for the last 15-20 years have been in the real estate, financial field; which seems at least in my case one of the hardest hit. I’m getting back on this bicycle ride and using every bit of myself to share, enlighten as many people as I possibly can. So, if you’re in the Tustin to the Rancho Mirage, Southern California area lets email and set up a conversation. Thank you to all our star brothers and sisters. Special thanks to the Creator and my guides.

    Love, light and Knowledge. Namaste

    Rick (YouTube/RBMNEWAGE)

    • Hi Rick, I live in O.C. and come to Tustin often. I’d love to meet up with like-minded people such as yourself. Like you I’m also dealing with economic dilemmas and exploring different options. A support group is a great idea. Let’s connect and see what we can come up with.

    • Hi Rick, I live in the L.A. area , and would like to start a meet-up in Southern Ca. Lets get in touch . My e-mail is -BRAWDZILLA@HOTMAIL.COM . Namaste , Barbara

  28. I’m in the Charlotte area, would like to meet with people with the same interest.

  29. Hiiiiiii. I live in Ocala, FL, currently and will be living in Jacksonville, FL, in early August. I’d love to speak to ANYONE in person. New to discovering this family I believe I’m a part of, and now I’d whole-heartedly enjoy meeting with any brothers and sisters in this area to wander in each other’s thoughts and connect to each other’s beautiful energy.

  30. Hi all. I am currently in Canberra, Australia and would love to catch up with any other awakening souls. I have one other friend in Canberra on the same page and a few catching up and would love to add more to the circle. It is a wonderful feeling to be with like-minded beings at the moment, the energies intensify like two flames held together and you don’t have to try to explain why there’s a huge grin on your face all the time.

    Love n Light


  31. I’m in the UK, living in Buckinghamhsire near Milton Keynes. If anoyne is interested in discussing some of the subjects touched on this website (you dont have to be from the UK) please dont hesitate to drop me an e-mail.
    Love and light

  32. Hi all!

    Southport CT. Would love to meet like minds and open hearts. Or perhaps correspond via email:


  33. Hello! My name is Ali and I live just outside of Annapolis, Maryland. Would love to connect…and is anyone putting together any Skype or Google + meetups? My email is:

    p.s. Thank you, Steve, for putting together such an incredible site here. Grateful. :)

    ~love & blessings~

  34. Brettlands.

    Well Hello to the residents of the UK and indeed across Gaia.

    I reside in Cardiff Wales, and was just curious! The Summer Solstice is nearly upon us!
    Anyone going To Swindon, Or Stonehenge, or to Avebury on the 21-June or maybe we could do a meet up along the way

    Or indeed simply like a chat with a like minded soul, I am pretty broad minded on most subjects, and if I am not, well my ears can be opened!

    Any interested parties drop me a line at

    Kind Regards Brett

  35. I live in St. Joseph, MO. Anyone in the KC area, and upwards towards NW MO? Let’s start emailing each other and then put together a nice group.

  36. Hello, I would like to meet with like-minded spiritual seekers in the Ft. Lauderdale/S.Florida area. Anyone out there??

    • I would also like to meet a like minded person to discuss what i have been reading on this site. I am from the treasure coast, and i will be visiting my great aunts in fort lauderdale on wed 7/4.

    • Hi Knowledge is power11,
      I live in Miami and would love to meet up with you for sharing light or meditation. believe it or not I emailed Steve in 2011 to ask about starting a meet up. I looked for a long time but never made any connection. I would like to join a group for meditation or just communicate for now by email with anyone in S Florida. I recently met a light bearer in Miami at a car dealership. He lives in Palm Beach and doesn’t speak much English. He recently woke up to St Germaine’s presence around him. He has a group in Palm Beach but they only speak Spanish. The time is short to ascension!

  37. Hi, I’m here in So. New Hampshire and am interested in finding others
    in the surrounding NE area who read Steve’s site and are passionate and
    positive about the many changes….now and later on….occurring on our
    planet and elsewhere. In light, Pam

    • Hi, I’m Julia and I live in Methuen, MA… I meat all your criteria and then some!! Let’s chat!!!.. I also teach yoga in Southern NH

    • Hey Pam and Light dance I am in the Maine area and would love to connect I can be reached at justin.mltn@gmail. com many blessings and light to you both

    • HI Pam and Julia,
      My Name is Steve I woke up about a year ago. Since then I have been learning lots of wonderfull things. I have been looking for like minded people such as myself in the area as I come to find this way of thinking is not how most people see things. One candle provides a fliker of light but many joined together can be as bright as the sun. So Possibly you want to get together some time to discuss the light work we have been doing? or just sent an e-mail to chat. Either way I woud love to hear from you. I live in Quincy MA. south of boston.

  38. I live in Chilliwack and would like to meet like minded souls.

  39. Hi, anyone from Chennai? would be overwhelmed to see someone respond to this post. Would like to arrange meetups.

    • Hey Aravind, Did you see the post from Satish a couple below yours or have you already connected with him? I am in Gurgaon, next to Delhi. I have been trying to connect with other Indians around here who follow this stuff as I have been actively following and listening to all the radio shows for past 6 months. Please read my profile. If you feel motivated, please join my group about 2012 Transition / Ascension in (India) that I just started a couple days ago.


  40. Paul In Dublin Ireland here, ANYONE reading this from Ireland or preferably Dublin online?
    I would really like to chat with someone just to make sure this Im not the only one here in the Emerald Isle. Paul- 085 823 4970

    • Hi Paul. I’m in Dublin too. Just came across this and not feeling ready for chats or meetings with people I don’t know on this right now but seeing your message seemed too much like synchronicity for me to not reply so I that’s why I registered ;) Hope its given you some reassurance… Love and Light

      • Hi,

        I work in Dublin and live in Wicklow and am so interest in all the subjects covered by Steve in his website.

        Would you like to chat sometime?

        If you leave a message saying ‘yes’ I can give you my mobile number.

        Love & Light

        Deirdre xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hiya Paul,

      No, you’re not the only ‘awake’ person in Ireland but from personal experience it sure feels like it sometimes!

      My name is Deirdre and I am fascinated and really excited with all that’s happening at the moment regarding Mother Earth’s and our own Ascension. I am part of a group of loving, non-judgemental people who are all on the same life journey, this time around. We meet up in Dublin and if you are interested in coming to one of our get-togethers, you would be very welcome. My email address is Unfortunately at the moment and until the end of this month (payday!) I am not online at weekends or in the evenings but I have access to the net during the day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Hang in there Paul, when things start to kick off, we’re going to be needed. Deirdre

    • Hi Paul and Deidre:

      I live in NJ but have a very storng connection to Ireland. My parents, my ex, and my youngest daughter were all born there, and I have lived there as well. There is so much going on over there!
      Look up my friend John Stokes from Galway on Facebook and friend him. He has a great page and you can connect with so many people from there. If I can be of any help or if anyone reading this is from NJ, please contact me at Good luck, Kathy

      PS. There is a reason we are so spread out. If we were all together, we wouldn’t be able to reach as far, would we? But, it IS so very isolating. Hard to keep the old head on straight sometimes, lol

  41. hi i’m from CHENNAI, INDIA… i’d like to meet with some one around here….

    cheerz :) love & light

    • Hey Satish, Did you see the post from Aravind a couple above yours or have you already connected with him? I am in Gurgaon, next to Delhi. I have been trying to connect with other Indians around here who follow this stuff as I have been actively following and listening to all the radio shows for past 6 months. Please read my profile. If you feel motivated, please join my group about 2012 Transition / Ascension in (India) that I just started a couple days ago.


  42. Calling all 2012 scenario fans , starseeds and lightworkers in Portugal, especially along the Algarve……anyone out there ??

  43. I live in Methuen MA!!! Anyone in Southern New Hampshire or Boston, or between?

  44. Hi- I’m Juliette, I’m an Indigo and Crystal Child, rarely do you find someone like me and I’m from Westchester County, NY….I’m very rare as I stated before and very alone in all of this…I was fortunate enough to find my first other Indigo Child and although he was not a Crystal Child as well I spent the summer teaching him about Crystals and their incredible powers…Unfortunately he resides in the Dominican Republic and I am now alone in my missions to truly bring love, light and peace to the people on this beautiful planet. I would love to meet up with others who share my endeavors…..

    • Hi There, just read your post, I am a member on Facebook and have a friend that calls herself Dollie Indigostar and Brad Indigolightbearer Metzler, there are lots of indigo people on Facebook you can find them by looking on their friends lists, hope this helps you, Namaste

  45. Hi ! Hola ! This is JC I live on the Azuero Between Chitre & Las Tablas in Panama . ( Central America) . I would very much love to talk to anyone on this or related Subjects ?Please let me know. As I’m alone when it comes to the subject of assention . Panama is awash in Catholicism & sleepy Gringos, They want nothing more then CNN, FOX News/ Sports ! I’m spiritual not religious . So If you live in Central America & would like to meet A like minded Individual lets talk . Chau. JC

  46. Hey Hope all is well for everyone, I have recently came across this website and would love to connect in my area. I live in Maine but anywhere in the New Hampshire, Mass area would be perfect. I have been guided to start the process of a school of sorts, that teaches children how to stay in this awareness. Children understand this however through the children we will be able to reach their parents those who are open. So feel free to contact me at anytime. I have developed a circle of awakened souls each on our own path but collectively we understand that we are a wave to unit with many, to was the fear from as many as we can.
    love and blessings to all my dear friends
    ps I can be reached at justin.mltn@gmail. com

  47. Hey Im Jos

    I would love to meet up with some like minded people, if you live in Wellington New Zealand and want to meet up flick me an email

    Peace Love and Happiness Peoples xox

  48. Hello Beautiful People~

    Anyone in Portland, OR wanna meet up and talk about spreading the light, love, and wonderfulness?
    Let me know.


  49. Greetings all, I live at lands end in Cabo San Lucas México and am interest in meeting or chatting with other like minded individuals about ascension here in Mexico and worldwide on Gaia. Se habla español también.

    Peace Love Joy…blessings to all !

    Selamat Ja

  50. I am homeless and need of some immediate dentists help to cure my ailment so my brain will heal (See Tennant institute for integrative medicine) I would love to meet people who have a farm and need hands. I lived on one for a month and fell in love, but it was as cult and I needed to scram. I don’t drink, drugs, steal, anything. I live in my car meandering around the south shore of Mass. but I have e-mail and librarys thank god please reply in kind. I do want and hope to get more invovled in the freedom movment. my mail

  51. Hello friends… I am in Bakersfield, Ca. and would be so happy to meet up with those of like mind, heart and spirit. What a time we have been experiencing, eh?! Amazing and exciting… So much to be grateful and hopeful for. Please contact me at if you are anywhere near and are inclined to share and combine energies for fearlessly and positively manifesting this life altering and phenomenal event. Peace to all of us… Go gently into it with humble awareness. :)))))

  52. I am new to this site, looking for connections in Ft Wayne, In. area (NE Indiana), thanx, John

  53. Hoping for a peaceful transition soon! I live in Paradise, Texas… Woohoo, Its beautiful & very peaceful. Looking for others in my area….

  54. I am a Lightworker, and live in Rhode Island, USA. My profession as a psychotherapist allows me to work with my clients in ways that are unconventional (i.e, ascension, connecting to Higher Self, awakening etc.). I am very connected to my mission and purpose, but I am having a definite prompting to begin to ask universe to meet up with my “soul group” who are of like mind. I am basically on my own when it comes to my work with my clients, and I am needing to have others in my life who are not my clients and who actively involved in their evolvement so that when the times arrives we will be ready to assist others. I am from Southern California and moved to east coast almost 7 years ago. The amount of information that has been pouring in consistently during the past few years has been tremendous.

    I am hoping to reach others now by moving out from the psychology umbrella, and begin to speak and provide teaching to a larger arena. Recently, I have a reading and channeling by Fran Zepeda who was interviewed on 2012 Scenario, and she confirmed that my Spirit Guides are asking that I step out of my comfort zone. I love it when I speak Truth and am ready.

    I am hoping to connect with others in my area . . . my email:
    Thank you for reading my very lengthy comment.

  55. Kansas City Missouri anyone? HOPEFULLY! :)

  56. Hello,

    I live in Pretoria, South Africa and would love to meet up with 2012 ers in this area. Anywhere in SA would actually also be nice…
    Am feeling a bit lonely on the Ascension issue as few people around me believe in it and the whole 2012 scene.

  57. Hello,

    I live close to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and would like to meet other like-minded folks.



  58. Anybody in the Boulder area?

    Have long been inspired to form a group to meditate and bring in Light and Truth. But also to socialize, and to share “talents”.

    For example, I channel and also design “Intention Mandalas and Celtic Knots” to be colored with marker, pencils, whatever. Intentions including healing, balancing, clearing, releasing, etc. or just to explore color, which I believe is healing.


  59. Anyone living in/near Bozeman, MT? Would love to chat. Exciting time to be on the planet.

  60. Anyone in the Loveland/Fort Collins Colorado area who would like to connect?
    I am very interested in getting together with like-minded people.

  61. Hello, I live in Reno Nevada. Looking for like-minded/like-hearted people to connect with.

  62. Hello we are in the central VT area – would like to connect with other like minded folks in the area of Nothern New England.

  63. Hello, fellow way-showers! I just found this site a few weeks ago and it’s become a life-line for me. I’m in Saugerties, New York, hoping to move soon to Phoenicia, New York. Wondering if there’s anyone out there in the central Hudson Valley/Catskills area who might like to connect.

  64. Hey is anyone in the Boulder, Colorado area that regularly reads the 2012 Scenario and wants to meet for coffee sometime to talk? I’m a Lightworker who lives in that area.

  65. Hey everyone! My name is Dylan I’m looking to meet up or talk to some like minded people I live in the lower mainland of beautiful British Columbia Canada
    Feel free to contact me!

  66. Anyone in the south of France? I am near Carcassonne, in Esperaza. ashtara22 -at-

  67. Any mee-tups in the Los Angeles county area specifically Pico Rivera or the 90660 zip code my email is

  68. Hi, anyone here from the greater Montreal area?

  69. Anyone from the Netherlands??? I am a lightworker from Delfzijl, Groningen. Contact me if you wanna meet up :)

  70. Please let me know if anybody has a meetup in San Diego, CA. I would just love to be part of it! The more community and sharing the better :-) Look forward to hearing. Please send me a message to so I can be sure to get it fast.

  71. Hi everybody! New Jersey here! Anyone around?

  72. Without scanning through hundreds of entries, I’m just asking if there is anyone out there in ASHEVILLE, NC who would like to meet up?

  73. Aloha, I live on Oahu, just moved here a few months ago to hold the light for Lameria. I am looking forward to meeting others here on the Island. Love peace and joy to all.

  74. I only found this site a few weeks ago…I’m very excited about what i am learning! But…feeling a little alone, as I am unable to really share my excitement. I live in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, close to Northern Virginia,and Western Maryland. I would love to be able to communicate and/or meet with others who are following the Ascension!

    • Hi, Glad to see your posting. I have been following this website from a while ago. Also, glad to hear that you are excited about learning things. I am willing to communicate and share things. Let me know when you see this posting. Peace!

    • By the way, I live in Fairfax, VA.

  75. Would love to meet up with anyone near Columbus, OH These are amazing, miraculous times!

    • Hi Kathy – I live in Cleveland, Ohio. We’re about 2 hours apart by car. Anyway, I’d love to chat when you have time. Do drop me a line at your convenience. I look forward! Bev

  76. Hello! So glad to be here. Anyone from NWIndiana/Chicago area?

  77. Hello and bless you all,

    I just found this site. Hope I am not to late. Would like to talk with like minded people from the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canaada OR Western, New York, USA

    E-mail –

    TE (905) 714-1639


  78. Hello, I live in Nice, France…is there anyone who speaks English and who lives nearby who would like to chat? lois dot hoffer at free dot fr.

  79. Hello Everyone!

    I am very new to the awakening and would love to meet up with
    like minded people in Ft Myers, Fl. If you are in the area, please
    let me know, I would love to chat!

  80. Hi my names Matthew and i would love to connect with anyone in the Arkansas Louisiana or Texas area im in bossier city Louisiana. Im very much so awake and going kookoo to speak with someone that can understand the words that spill from my mouth lol. im 22. or feel FREE to call me at 1-318-746-4745 just ask for matt id love to meet up or just talk. love you =)

  81. Hi, Would like to connect with anyone in the Central NM or the Estancia Valley area. This region is a rural area and connecting with other light workers isn’t always easy. My work is generally care taking the land or the animals/birds that come for help. Just would like to reach out to those of like mind.

  82. Good morning sleepyheads! Is there anybody waking up in the Savannah, GA area?

  83. Hi everybody!

    I’m in Sydney, Australia. Happy to say I awoke about 18 months ago and come to this fantastic website pretty much daily for knowledge and inspiration. Please feel free to email me at


  84. Hi! I am from a town near Moscow, Russia. I am very interested in the topics discussed here. I know some Russian resources with translations of channelings and a community- but I mostly do not like the atmosphere there in comparison to people here) I wonder if anyone from somewhere near me reads this forum and feels the same…

  85. I live in Prescott, Arizona. Would be interesting in meeting others who enjoy who live in this area. You can email me at Thanks, Dale

  86. I live on the Kapiti Coast of Wellington NZ New Zealand and am seeking to establish a meeting of like minded light workers with a view to creating a group such as the Galactic Center of New Mexico.

    If you are local to NZ and interested in participating plese send an email to


  87. Hi,
    I’m in Idaho near Washington. Is anyone from this area? UofI and WSU are close by.

  88. Hello everyone! Light and love to all! My name is Love and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.
    If anyone in my area would like to meet feel free to reply!

  89. Hi….I live in Tampa Florida……I am one also…….Light & Love.

  90. Hi All,

    My family and I are feeling a strong pull to move to Vermont and I’m wondering if anyone on here is currently in Vermont. I would love to connect with other Golden Age of Gaia-types before we move. I’d also welcome any information about Vermont intentional communities, or the opportunity to connect with others who might be interested in forming a future community.


  91. Hi there I live in the Memphis, TN area and was wondering if there is anyone who would like to meet or chat and talk about all those topics around the Gaia website?

    I would like to get a “Change the World Initiative” together and work with likeminded people to set this up.

    Love and Blessings

  92. Hello, I live in the Southwest corner of Colorado and am a child of the light. I would like to meet or chat with likeminded people about our current path. Feeling a bit lonely out here.
    My e-mail
    Love and Light

  93. I am looking to the near future as to getting the monetary dispersion funds. Afterwards I will be trying to relocate to Sedona and would like to pool finances with a like minded soul(s) to purchase a house in the Sedona area. Anyone interested ? lets get started on communicating with one another to find out if we can harmoniously align on different levels to jointly manifest this idea.

  94. Hello everyone!! My name is Ryan and I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. So glad to be a part of this community! Any fellow lightworkers in the Indianapolis area??? If so connect with me at . Thanks!

  95. This Is Michael.
    My address is 63 Princes Square. London Notting Hill Gate. W2 4PX

    I am able to spiritually get our bodies together, like a magnet.

    If you want to cooperate and get blessed instead of punished. My email is +447971519152


    Waste no TIME!!!
    1000£ and I will let you chose 3 mates that’ll be forgiven for their greed AS well AS you.


  96. Hello my name is Ulises,

    I live in the SF bay area and I’m also looking for light minded people to connect with and share thoughts about our current state in our evolution, ascension, nova earth,

    My email is

    Best wishes

  97. Phoenix, AZ ?

    Hubby and I live north of the PHX metro area ~

    Anyone in this area who would like to meet !

  98. Hello! Currently living in Sydney, Australia! Backpacking 22 years old. Love reading all channels on this page, if anyone wants to meet up to talk or share my email is (From Sweden).
    I also recently started an own blog where I share my perspective and Truth;
    Dont hesitate to add me on blogspot or google!

    Many thanks and much love.

  99. Hey! Im in Redondo Beach area…Im ready for my new adventure, and to connect with my soul family to help evolve ourselves and humanity! This is an exciting time to be on earth, and us renegades decided to come here and do this! Im also looking to move, im not sure where, but I know its time! Anyways, hope all is fabulous! Feel free to friend me on Facebook under this same name, and or email me, ;)

  100. Hey, I am an indigo child in the Haliburton/Minden ON area. Was wondering if there was anyone else around these areas. possibly a get together to get the creative,vibrant energies going that we will need soon. Would love to chat :)

  101. Hello I am in Richmond,va I would like to start a chat group by email so it doesn’t really matter where you are. I have alot of questions and would love input.

  102. Hi there! Are there any meet ups in Seattle, WA? I’d love to connect!

    Much Love

  103. I am in Maryland! Any MD/DC/VA folks out there would like to connect? :)

    • DivineLoveFlow,

      Still willing to connect? I realize it’s been 3 months since your post, but Steve’s trip has inspired me to get off my duff and reach out to someone. I, too, am in MD, on the north side of Baltimore, but I can travel anywhere within an hour or so.


  104. Santa Fe, New Mexico

    • Hi, Nell…I will be living in Los Lunas starting this November (for the winter)…and I would love to meet up with you, sometime. Just let me know. Thanks. Jan.

  105. Jan Egbert Schoon here, living in the Oosthuizen, Noord-Holland, the Netherlands area. I am new to lightwork and still easing into it. I would like to get in touch with fellow lightworkers near me either in real life within my own area or worldwide online.

    My mail address:

  106. California: Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville, Grass Valley. Looking for others interesting in meeting, socializing, spiritual sharing and discussions, or just fun.

    Newcastle, CA

  107. * Greetings! Any lightworkers in Michigan, Southeast Michigan.
    I know I’m not the only one here, but it sure feels like it.

    Please e-mail me:

    Light and Love to All!

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