Why Do I Support President Barack Obama? – Part 2/2

(Continued from Part 1)

I realize that people new to this site or people who are not readers and do not believe in the existence of extraterrestrial humans will look with disbelief on me saying that I follow the messages of galactic visitors who are here to help Earth emerge from the control of a dark cabal.

You may think I’m gullible and a flake. But I reply that I think that it is you who are behind the curve and may need to change your views within a few months, when disclosure and First Contact occur.

Be that as it may, the galactic brothers and sisters who’ve been interacting with Earth for decades have saved us from depopulation, genocide, World War III, pandemics and tainted vaccines, the depredations of HAARP, false-flag or state terrorism and many other ills and crimes perpetrated on the population by the shadow states and Illuminati who’ve controlled this planet for millennia.

Uniformly they praise the character and intentions of President Barack Obama. They see through the flood of negative criticism from the elite of this country to the qualities of the man himself and call him a spiritually-advanced soul capable of leading his country out of the Dark Ages and into the Light. I second their findings.

Alleged depiction of Cdr. Hatonn


Hatonn is director of interdimensional communications and commander of a fleet for the flotilla of galactic ships that are here at this time to assist us with the events leading up to Dec. 21, 2012. On Oct. 10, 2010, Hatonn turned to the subject of the President in his contribution to Matthew Ward’s message of that date. Of President Obama, Hatonn said:

“Generally speaking, people know US president Barack Obama only by what he says and what your media report. Most don’t have a clue about what goes on ‘behind closed doors.’ You see stubborn partisan politics.

“We see Obama’s powerful enemies within and far beyond the government who are determined to smash to smithereens his attempts at reform. You see him looking worried and know some call him weak and say he’s leading his country in the wrong direction. We feel his pain as his efforts to improve the lives of all who are downtrodden are scuttled by a few self-servers. You see him trying to end foreign conflicts and think he should stay home and fix what’s wrong in his own country. We feel his discouragement and exhaustion as the dark ones keep stirring up trouble to dash his efforts everywhere.

“The folks you call ‘pundits’ speculate whether voters will give Obama a second term in office. We sing his praises for staying the course day after day! He has to deal with some of the very ones who threaten his life and his family’s, yet his intention to keep working for a peaceful world without poverty anywhere remains firm. You know that he and his family are protected by the Christed light grid around them, but Obama doesn’t know that.

“You know that he is a major part of the Golden Age master plan, but he doesn’t know that. He acts on his convictions, principles, aspirations and innate experience as an honored leader in a highly-evolved civilization who agreed to serve Earth in the most demanding position on the planet. If everyone could know this soul as we do, all the doubts and carping about him would come to a screeching halt and you would thank God for this man’s courage, wisdom, spiritual and moral integrity and his willingness to persevere!

“You know that your thoughts create what happens in your life, in your world, and everything you do affects everything else in this universe. So if any of you are among the carpers and doubters, stop that and start helping Obama to succeed! He’s working for you — do the same for him, yourselves, your world and our universe! You don’t have to become political activists. Just keep your hearts and minds in the right place and help others do it too. We’re in the trenches with you and we need your help—we have more than enough hindrance from the dark ones on Earth!

“I know I’ve sounded harsh, but sometimes people don’t respond until it’s ‘tough love’ time, and it is with love for you that I’ve spoken. And not just for myself and my people. I’m representing countless others who feel the same but don’t have a forum like this to express it. (1)

On Nov. 15, 2010, slightly over a month after the communication reproduced above, Hatonn said that President Obama had been made aware of the protection extended to him and his family and of the plan for Ascension. He told the author in an email via channel Suzy Ward:

“Obama now knows we have him covered and he can proceed without fear for his family’s safety and his own. Media report what they are told, of course, but the truth is, now that he knows Earth’s ascension timetable, he’s negotiating with powers that be either personally or via safe communication channels to shut down Illuminati strongholds in his country, Europe and the Orient.” (2)

So Hatonn is unequivocal in his support for President Obama, whom he sees as an integral part and player in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan for Earth’s Ascension on or before Dec. 21, 2010.

SaLusa and His Colleagues

SaLuSa says of himself that “I along with my companions represent the Galactic Federation where contact with you is concerned.” (3) SaLuSa speaks “more as the collective voice for our group, while the Galactic Federation have many individuals making contact all over the world.” (4)

SaLuSa and his colleagues express complete confidence in President Obama. He tells us that Obama is the galactics’ man, their choice, for the job of leading the so-called free world out of bondage to the cabal.

“Great responsibility lies with President Obama to trigger a number of changes that will lead to major ones that provide real answers to your mounting problems. He has our full backing and is as you might say ‘our man’ and he has as intended emerged at the right time to carry you beyond the plans of the Illuminati.” (5)

While many detractors say that Obama is continuing Bush’s policy, or indeed is worse than Bush, SaLuSa’s colleague, Ker-On of Venus, disputes this.

“The bullish approach of your last administration is to be replaced, with one of friendship and desire to broker peace throughout the world. It will come as the people exercise their power, and demand their rights to live in total peace and harmony.” (6)

SaLuSa also disputes it, telling us something that echoes what Hatonn said earlier: “Already he is making overtures to foreign powers that would otherwise be considered enemies of the Western World.”

“Obama seeks peace instead of hostilities, and knows that he must build trust where previously there was nothing but confrontation. Humanity is being offered the opportunity to consign the past to your history books, and broker a new understanding between each other that leads to friendship and cooperation.” (7)

SaLuSa believes that Barack Obama is the leader who can subdue the Illuminati. On Feb. 9, 2010, he said:

“For many years the Illuminati have used their power to manipulate other countries’ affairs. It has been done through covert actions, so that their influence can bring about changes beneficial to them. The populace, who react against such illegal actions and interference in their sovereignty, knows the truth. We ask you, Dear Ones, who causes insurrection in the first place?

“Many of you understand such situations, and you look for a leader who will take note of your desire for peace with all nations. We will say again that you have a wonderful soul named Barack Obama, and he is clear in his mind as to what he wants to do given the opportunity. With your continued support he will galvanize people into action, and set the path towards a peaceful world.” (8)

SaLuSa tells us that the President is surrounded by dark souls.

“President Obama is surrounded by the dark Ones but nevertheless able to make some progress, and will continue to lay down the foundation for his final years of office. His best work is still to come and he is well aware of his destiny to lead the people out of the darkness. He is a highly spiritual soul, and will with our help and protection work with us to speedily transform your experiences, into ones of happiness and release from the draconian laws that rule your lives”. (9)

He outlines the slow, patient work Obama is doing to bring down the Illuminati:

“It will be a gradual reversal of what has gone before, and President Obama is already busy arranging the legal presentation that is necessary. It cannot be undone overnight, but will gather momentum very soon.” (10)

“You will see that he has played a patient game to take his opportunity to unseat the dark Ones, and he will use all of his authority to do so. Timing is the essence of success, and that is something we have often stressed.” (11)

SaLuSa tells us that the Galactic Federation’s main attention is given to the U.S. and that echoes Hatonn’s assertion that the galactics protect President Obama until such time as he is able to exercise full power.

“Our main focus is on the U.S.A. as it is from here that the lead must be given to the rest of the world. We see a President who has great potential and is spiritually sincere, but has not yet been able to wield the power that is his prerogative. He will bide his time until circumstances allow him to strike out, and we shall protect him against attacks on his person. Leading the Light is setting up a challenge that the dark forces fear, as it will bring people together as never before and they shall demand release from their hold.” (12)

In the later days of Obama’s administration, his actions will be firm and decisive.

“There are days to come when at a single stroke the U.S. President shall astound his critics by the changes he will authorize. No President of late has been one specifically chosen by the people, and therefore his decisions will reflect that aspect of his appointment.

“He is in any event, a highly-motivated soul bringing much wisdom and authority with him. He has a great responsibility thrust upon his shoulders, but is equal to the task.” (13)

But, he says, our support is crucial:

“Support for the new look way of governing is vital; as the dark forces will do all they can to disrupt its progress. Read carefully into reports that twist Obama’s words, as much disinformation will be circulated. Be intuitive, and measure the soul that is Obama by his intentions as expressed with wisdom and love for all people.

“He is charged with a task that holds the future of Mankind in its grasp, and it must not, and cannot fail. His emergence is one that the people of the world can take credit for, as your prayers and longing for a trusted and worthy leader to make peace a reality has been answered.” (14)

Our faith will be amply repaid, according to SaLuSa:

“There is a chorus of unsettled people who have already lost patience with President Obama, but look for the positive signs and allow for slow progress until he can draw about him the right team. The future of your world lies with him, and it is support and not criticism that is needed.”

“Your faith in him will not be found wanting, but make allowances for the task that lies ahead. He will not fail, and we are his assurance of successfully coming through this period.” (15)

I myself regard Matthew Ward, Hatonn, and SaLuSa as the most credible among the sources representing the Earth’s spiritual hierarchy and the cosmos’ Galactic Federation. Their estimation of President Obama is glowing and their support of him has been unfailing.

Their support for the President being unequivocal, so is mine. The attempts of the cabal to bury the President in a flood of criticism have lost him much support even among lightworkers but in the end they shall not deter or defeat the President.


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