Rep Loretta Sanchez’ Republican Friends Admit To Holding Economy Hostage to Defeat Obama

To the various people who’ve written me recently and said “Why do you support President Obama?” please listen. This video is recommended viewing.

Here Rep. Loretta Sanchez (Dem,  CA) relates how she has heard “my own colleagues on the Republican side say we just want to make Obama look so bad. We don’t care how bad the economy gets. We can win this election and we want our President.”

“They’ve said we’re gonna make him look bad. We’re gonna get rid of him. We want to get rid of the healthcare reform bill. The only way they believe they can get rid of healthcare reform is to get rid of President Obama.”

If you multiply this by orders of magnitude, you’ll get what President Obama has been facing from the political, religious, and financial right – determined resistance to him personally and a willingness to go any distance to see that the President is blocked. So here is the smoking gun.

If lightworkers would only get that this is happening, they might stop buying the allegations being put out by the Right about the President. So far we’ve taken up those allegations because they are so incessant. But they amount to disinformation, except in a few cases, yet we run with them. In doing that I believe we’re doing ourselves a disservice and behaving like lemmings.


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