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This Site is Pro-Obama

Obama Wins

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  1. I am very happy to find a pro-Obama site. So much disinformation about Obama is all over the place. He has always resonated with my heart. I want to thank you for posting positive information.

    There are other sites that present Obama in a positive light, such as Mike Quinsey, as well as Matthew, through his loving Mom, Ward Suzy Ward.

    I wish others could see what I see in Obama’s heart. Anyway thanks for being positive loving and hopeful.

    Love and Peace


  2. What’s in Obama’s heart? I guess our unborn children?

  3. Let us hold the light united.

    Follow your heart and you will decide the necessery ways.

    Obama is the right man on top of a powerful America.

    I keep praying for him and the millions of victims in this world.

  4. At first he was a little bit strange person to me but later I voted for him and I will do that again and again, I like this President I watched him more than any other Presidents of this great country. He is a good man I can feel that every time I see or hear him on the TV or radio. I trust him and I will no matter what.

  5. ~I believe in President Obama… I felt the goodness in him the first time I saw him. He is here to clean up our act…and it is going to be slow. Because the real powers that be behind the ruling of America want him out!!!

    I support him all the way love and light Susan~

  6. Any doubt that anyone has about Obama being filled with light can just take a look at his wife, Michelle. If she’s not the most beautiful soul I’ve ever seen, than I don’t know who is. For the first time in a long time, I really feel drawn to love, protect and trust these people I barely even know. I guess this is something we should share for all of our brothers and sisters – something I’m gladly learning to do everyday.

  7. I am glad this site is pro-Obama. There are so many more sites that are against him. Casper specially thinks Obama is the devil incarnate. I believe he is good and wise and without him we would of ended in WWlll. thank you for letting me have my say.

  8. I could easily see Obama and Michelle introducing their own D.C. to the media; a Domestic Connection in every home around the world. Womenfolk supporting Obama from their own kitchen table, raising their children to live from the heart, feel with their gut, use their reason and discernment. We are the force in these momentous times that will tip the scales.
    There is too much ‘false yang’ whirling around, and women’s and children’s conditions have never been so dire on such a large and brutally blatant scale. Using Obama’s successful election strategy of asking for and appreciating every penny to get him in office, this could work again. Wise Women of the World could unite, and make their plea be heard from where ever they are. This is not just America’s president, you see, I envision him to be much more than that….. and his counterpart should be Michelle as the President of the World’s D.C.’s. Besides; they’ve got a great publicity channel through Oprah.

    Back to the Kitchen Think!

    (I wrote to his office, but never got an answer.)

  9. I too am rooting for our amazing President!! It saddens me to see how much his hair has greyed in only 2 years. I am sickened at the complaining brat news media including the Daily show and the Cobert report. It seems the only thing they notice is what is not (in their opinion) being done not what HAS AND IS BEING DONE!! It is ridiculous how these AMERICAN SPOILED BRATS are not looking at the positive They only see the negative. If they only knew how fortunate we (and the world) are to have him as our President.

  10. Hey Steve, great work. I am Pro Obama, of course, but there is a question that I want to ask that has caused me some confusion. If Obama is the good guy, how did he get elected and receive support from the cabal? Didn’t they know who they were supporting? Well, hopefully you can point me to a link or an article with an in depth explanation on this matter. Thank you for all that you do!

    Kind regards,

    • support from the cabal? that’s what you think he’s getting? President Obama was elected by the people

  11. Hi Allen,

    I think he outsmarted the cabal by twittering and texting his funds together, and by really, genuinely establishing a heart felt connection with ‘common people’. Like in Matthew’s message; what each and everyone has to contribute to this dream matters, so give it your all, be it ever so small. That’s what made the one and five-dollar bills flood in. He truly inspired to ‘enlighten’ his voters into voting, and that concept is pretty alien to the cabal. “The last shall be the first”, is probably not one of their favorite bible-quotes.

    This is just my two cents, though I have read several articles that dealt with the ‘nickel-and-dime’ tactics of his campaign.

    May he walk a blessed path, anyways…


  12. “All is not as it seems,” is the understatement of our times, and I believe that this holds just as true for the ‘game’ that your President (I am British) Barack Obama must necessarily play until the time comes for him to reveal HIS agenda. He is the world’s leading force for these times, not just for your country, and for us to expect him to show his hand before his master plan is ready to implement, is unreasonable and naive.

    Like Steve, I favor SaLuSa and Matthew over many, many others, but I would like to share the following message that also has the distinct ring of truth. It is from Ashtar.

    This message is a very important one, especially those who are interested in knowing the true History of Barack Obama.
    He truly is a “Black JFK”, and will carry out what JFK could not do, due to the dark elite’s assasination of him.

    This message was Channeled through Michael Ellegion

    “Greetings In the Light of Our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command, of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. I want to give more insight into the soul you all know now in this life as Barack Obama, a little about his background, of his soul’s origins, and his Mission for being here as a Volunteer in Earth embodiment, and yes, from a far more evolved world and star system. Though he has lived on many other worlds of our Federation, and also a key member of my Command, the Ashtar Command, and other Commands of the Federation, his true soul’s origins, in fact is originally from my own star system, that of Sirius.

    As a fellow Sirian Brother of Light, Obama is a very “old soul” who has, as I often used the phrase, “been around the Intergalactic block many times” and as a fellow Elohim, has held a key membership within numerous Higher Councils. As a great Intergalactic Diplomat on our higher levels, he chose to take Earth embodiment this final time, to fulfill his Destiny of becoming the leader of the United States of America, and to do this despite the attempts of the cabal to block his actual candidacy. Though the cabal thought, they would just let him, at first, attempt to win the nomination, but in the end the cabal had intended and planned for Hillary to win, by manipulating the votes, because they knew that she was more likely to be controlled, and they were not sure if he would allow himself to be totally controlled and be just another one of their puppets. In fact, Obama had actually received a far greater number of votes in these earlier primaries, combined, far, far more than the “official tally”. Even with the ‘‘normal amount of the usual” manipulation of the actual number of votes, because of our neutralizing most of their manipulation, Obama still came out ahead of Hillary’s own number of votes.

    I would also like to confirm what this channel heard earlier from us and more than one “alternative Earth source”. There have, in fact already been at least two major attempts by the cabal to assassinate Barack Obama–but we helped block and neutralize each of these attempts. He is very protected from any more attempts that the cabal might try in their desperation, to get rid of him because we sense that he will, in fact (with our help, of course) ultimately expose their conspiracy and all of the many evil things they have gotten away with until now. Also, unlike President Kennedy, who initially had contact with the Federation, he unfortunately had ignored our warning to him about not going to Dallas, Texas that day in ‘63, or he would not have been assassinated by the cabal. But Obama will be more alert and not let himself be distracted from our guidance, and he will Awaken to his soul’s original Higher extraterrestrial origins, and in so doing will be a powerful and inspiring leader and diplomat for planet Earth, who will help bring peace to the planet and to help Prepare the population for our First Contact scenario. One of this Channel’s friends had made the comment, that he had perceived Obama as a “black JFK”, who will, once he becomes President, set in motion; all the many things that President Kennedy had planned to do, but was stopped by the cabal. This time, though, they will not be successful, and we will help him usher in a true Golden Age, and these forces of darkness will loss their power and influence.

    So we of the Federation want you all to truly tune-in, go within and sense that which I am sharing with all of you. Not only is Obama the better choice for President of the United States of America, partly because of his Inner strength of character at this challenging and epic time of human history, it is, in fact his Destiny and his Mission to fulfill this for not only those of you living here in the U.S., but it is also how he will influence and help transform this planet, politically and spiritually, as his wisdom and love for all humanity shines forth and is a healing force for the challenges that have to be faced. And with our help, we of the Federation of Light look forward to meeting openly with him, and all of you, in these next few years, as First Contact finally takes place, as well as NESARA finally is officially activated. Blessings to you all, and as usual, “keep your Eyes on the Skies”, as more and more off our ships are sighted, on a mass level, as Preparation for this most wondrous and glorious event takes place. Adonai Vassu Berogus!”

    This message is a very important one, especially those who are interested in knowing the true History of Barack Obama.
    He truly is a “Black JFK”, and will carry out what JFK could not do before the elite assassinated him.

  13. I am British too, resident in Europe but I was totally riveted to the news leading up to President Obama’s election. There are other lightworkers who like me, consciously remember having been introduced to the soul now incarnated as President Obama before they were born (I was born in 1954). In the timeless continuum we were ushered into a huge hall and shown a video of what role he would play; it was part of our preparation to be lightworkers. An interesting demonstration of this was the many young ladies with tears rolling down their cheeks at Obama rallies. The tears were brought on by the force of their recognition of him after remembering, either consciously or unconsciously, that this was the soul they had been introduced to before they were born. Any lightworker with these pre-birth memories has absolute certainty of Obama’s complete integrity, and s/he will not countenance any of the reports against him.

  14. I’m with you Katrina; as I saw the situation in the U.S. looking across the pond from Europe, specifically he was elected by the American grassroots. The fact that so many voted for him indicates to me that there was a huge surge in spiritual awareness and intuition as American people came into their “God-Selves” and became empowered as spiritual beings. I could feel this surge powerfully, it came across to me as wave upon wave of joy, pulsing across to where I was in Europe from the direction of the U.S. It came throughout the primaries and continued until the election was over. I can only guess that earth’s extraterrestrial helpers were putting in a special effort at that time to beam “awakening” energies of pure unbounded joy to the people of the U.S. to help them intuitively recognize Barack Obama’s high spiritual station as they were deciding which candidate to vote for.

  15. This Job requires the consciousness of a God/Man, God/Woman realized, and I support the light of love, health, clarity and power surrounding OBAMA and his family.
    Fear not for mighty dread…