Will Money, Food and Drink Exist in the Fifth Dimension?

Some people wonder how important NESARA and food and things of that nature will be when we arrive in 5D.  I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the situation is not similar to people’s arrival in the resting places of the Etheric Plane, often called the Borderlands, after the transition we think of as “death.”

That I can speak about from the pages of New Maps of Heaven. (1) Let’s listen in on what some people have radio’ed back from the Borderlands – often Spiritualists like W.T. Stead, who knew enough to send messages back via mediums.

Stead said that in the Borderlands, which he figuratively called “the Blue Island”:

“It seems that all the senses are provided for here. The chief work on this [Blue] island is to get rid of unhappiness at parting from earth ties, and therefore, for the time being, the individual is allowed to indulge in most of earth’s pleasures. There are attractions of all kinds to stimulate and generally to tone up strength. Whatever the person’s particular interest on earth has been, he can follow it up and indulge in it here also for the present. All mental interests and almost all physical interests can be continued here, for that one reason of coaxing the newcomer to a level mental outlook.” (2)

Spirit teacher Imperator described the Borderlands this way:

“This is the intermediate sphere of rest, in which spiritual functions are developed, and that which is lacking is supplied. Such a sphere there is near to each world, and into it the weary and suffering, the spiritually famished, the prematurely cut off, are gathered, that they may be nourished and tended by ministering angels. There they must needs remain till they are fit to progress. Then they go to their sphere, take up their progress, and are developed by degrees. A harbour of rest after a stormy passage.” (3)

Those who transition through physical death are very seldom prepared for it, as we are being prepared for the transition to the Fifth Dimension, so many of them need to rest and sleep as Raymond Lodge tells us. He called the Borderlands “the Vestibule.” (Surely the plethora of names for the same place shows us how little uniformity in naming there is on the spirit planes.)

“[The Borderlands are] a kind of layer in one of the inner planes that helps you lessen the shock of passing over. Again I’ll use the analogy of a baby just entering physical life: the baby sleeps a great deal during the first years of its life. During these sleep periods, the spirit of the baby is returning to the inner planes where it can be a total being. So these long periods of sleep help the baby make its transition and become accustomed gradually to its new life. The vestibule is a period in which a person who has recently died gets used to being just a spirit.” (4)

W.T Stead explains the reasoning behind constructing things the way they are on the Borderlands.

“Now all this is done for a reason. Everyone is provided for. On arriving, here there is often much grief; grief that is sometimes incapacitating, and no movement forward can be made until the individual wishes it himself. Progress cannot be forced upon him. Thus in the scheme of creation the blessed Creator has devised this wonderful means of appealing to the main interest on earth of each one. Everyone comes in touch with the chief longing of earth life, and is given opportunity to indulge in it, and thus progress is assured.” (5)

The one passage I was hoping to find, which I’ve been unable to, refers to the feasts which are given to children who’ve died of starvation. They’re allowed to eat and eat until they’re completely satiated. No attempt is made to convince them that they have no hunger now, because their idea of hunger is mental and will only subside after their ever-present alarm at not having had enough food has been quieted itself.

Some people construct elaborate arrangements for themselves, which people on the other side cooperate in to bring to pass. For instance theologian A.D. Mattson wanted to arrive at and pass through the pearly gates. OK, abracadabra.

“Then I had this magnificent, wonderful vision. There were the gates. I had always envisioned that the entrance to my paradise would be through these magnificent gates. They’re gates of life – of light. They’re living gates. They’re moving all the time. They’re not wrought iron or stone or wood. There was this beautiful gate opening and there were all of my family coming backward and forward to greet me.

“I said, ‘Do you always have to go through gates like that?’ And they said, ‘No, this is because this is what you have always thought and will have what you have imagined. You built this. This is yours – the gateway – your entrance of light. You can have St. Peter if you like.’ At that I had a little chuckle. I really didn’t mind whether I had St. Peter or not. I said I could perhaps do without St. Peter.

“But then, as I turned my head slightly and looked, I saw a figure I knew was St. Peter. I said, ‘I’m coming. I’m coming.’ He said, ‘Take your time, take your time. There’s all the time in the world.’” (6)

We now know, courtesy of Archangel Michael, that advanced masters or angels can be in hundreds of places at once. So perhaps it wasn’t so hard for St. Peter to participate in Mattson’s desire.

But gradually the need for so many things of Earth fades away as people realize that they don’t need to eat, don’t need to follow their Earthly preoccupations, have fewer desires, and have new interests, as Stead tells us.

“In all things that are purely and solely of the earth, the interest flags after a little time; a reaction, a gradual process — nothing is dramatic here — and the person passes from this to another interest which on earth would be called a mental one. Those whose interests have been in this mind-category will continue and enlarge the scope of their work, and will progress along the same lines — the others change.” (7)

“The process of discarding [earth habits] is a gradual one. As we live here we gain knowledge of many kinds, and come to find so many things, hitherto thought essential, not only of no importance but something of a bore, a nuisance, and that is how we grow to a state of dropping all earth habits. We get to the state of not desiring a smoke, not because we can’t have it, or think it not right, but because the desire for it is not there. As with a smoke, so with food, so with many a dozen things; we are just as satisfied without them. We do not miss them; if we did we should have them, and we do have them until the desire is no longer there.” (8)

My hypothesis is that it will be the same for us on the Fifth Dimension. Those who scream through at the last minute and make it by the skin of their teeth may arrive and say “I have no money. I have to have money.” For them NESARA will be maintained. They’ll have as much money as they need, only to find that others don’t need money to trade and that they themselves can create anything they need.

Others may need a Fifth-Dimensional safe harbor in which to get adjusted and may find themselves in the equivalent of the Etheric Borderlands, vestibule, or Blue Island.

But for still others who know they have the power to create what they want, NESARA will have no further meaning or value. The same will be true with all things which people might feel bereft without – food and drink, for instance, or having a bed to sleep on. Very quickly, these things will be seen as completely unnecessary and allowed to fade back into the ether – if I’m right in what I say here.


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