What Lies Ahead in 2012?

What are the blessings we can expect as we leave this cycle behind and enter the final year of 2012?

As we progress through the year, we can expect to be feeling and looking younger. You’d probably be a mite more comfortable if I supported what I say with the evidence so here is some, though not all, of it.

Melchizedek, for instance, says: “New possibilities such as reversing the aging process and eliminating disease in the physical body that were considered impossible are on the verge of transcending such limited viewpoint.” (1) When Earth reaches higher frequencies, Matthew Ward tells us, “Western medicine’s procedures will become history.” (2) He continues:

“AIDS and all other diseases of mind and body will cease when Earth has fully reached fourth density. The higher frequencies there do not permit the stress on bodies or minds that make them vulnerable to the kinds of dis-ease that currently afflict masses on Earth.

“In the higher frequencies where spiritual clarity reigns, there will be no new laboratory-made diseases—which AIDS, SARS and many other contagious diseases now afflicting Earth are—or toxic pollution of air, water and soil, which also is man-designed for the purpose of causing sickness and death. And the effects of radioactivity, which even now are being alleviated by the technology of your extraterrestrial friends, no longer will affect Earth and her life forms.” (3)

The closer we get to Ascension, the more diseases will drop away in those who accept the Light, probably not in those who don’t. I’m led to believe that eventually limbs will be restored, conditions that seem permanently debilitating will subside, etc., as Matthew indicates:

“If bodies lack organs or limbs or have physical, emotional or mental disorders, farther along the ascension pathway there will be healing of all disease and replacement of missing parts until the bodies are perfected and mental and emotional health is sound.”  (4)

Matthew continues:

“Before the end of this cycle many opportunities will be granted for all manner of illnesses and afflictions to be healed. It will come in various types of healing, but all aligned with New Age technologies that have absolutely no side affects.” (5)

“There is no reason why cures for all ailments cannot be found and that also includes human disabilities, as there are healing methods yet undiscovered by you that we shall introduce to you. What you may see as miraculous is the application of Universal Laws, and the use of energy through the power of thought. Centers will be set up for these purposes, and we know there are already many of you that can easily apply yourselves to new concepts.” (6)

With the coming of NESARA, we’ll be relieved of indebtedness, inequality, struggle, and wage-slavery. As SaLuSa tells us, “we will re-distribute wealth and ensure that your resources are correctly used.” (7) “Already there is underway a great movement that will lead to the redistribution of your wealth systems, your legal systems, and the way you do business,” Wanderer of the Skies tells us.” (8)

Technology will relieve us of many chores and open up new horizons, as Wanderer tells us:

“Your world will change drastically after Disclosure. In large measure, it will change because even the least of you will have access to free energy and other technological marvels as you can only now dream about but which exist on your world at this time.

“This includes teleportation devices, machines which will allow you to watch past events in holographic format, communication devices that will allow you access to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Third world countries, most significantly hit by the Illuminati’s greed and play for power, will now become equals with all other nations.” (9)

“No longer will you work in dangerous conditions,” SaLuSa reveals, “and in fact operating methods will become far more automated. The dirt and sweat will become a thing of the past, and no one will labor in such a way.” (10) Our attitude towards our neighbors will shift in all ways, according to SaLuSa:

“Working together so that every one benefits will replace competition, and no one will be held to ransom to share them. Instead of the survival of the fittest or strongest, those more able will help others who struggle. The satisfaction of sharing and knowing that no one is in need is a sign that the energy of love is strong and active.” (11)

Crime will fall away, he adds.

“In actual fact, once we come to your Earth and address your problems, and people see a brighter future ahead, the level of crime will dramatically fall. Clearly removing inequality and poverty will by itself remove conditions that often lead to crime. We also see that the need to take drugs to escape your reality, or for social occasions will decline.” (12)

 Everything born of greed and conflict will subside, Matthew tells us.

“The unconscionably inequitable allocation of money in your world will end. … The Illuminati’s illegally and immorally garnered fortunes will be put into circulation and their exploitation of natural resources worldwide will end. Since that power base is what enabled them to set government and banking policies and own multinational corporations, those corrupt controls also will end.

“The huge debts of the poorest nations were incurred by their state of desperation, often caused by Illuminati actions and influence; but the loans went to the despots ruling the countries and did not benefit the citizens, so those debts will be annulled and assistance given directly to the people.

“Many national borders have been set by the victors in war who wanted the natural resources, and that created ‘have-nots’ who formerly were ‘haves.’ When the LOVE in souls ends all conflicts, borders no longer will be cause for dispute because all peoples will be ‘haves.’” (13)

Our computers and communications will be revolutionized, SaLuSa says.

“We … have magnificent computers that literally have a mind of their own. Yours by comparison are very basic, but serve your requirements for present. All of the new technologies will be yours to use to speed up the changes, and establish a communications network that will seemingly overcome the impossible. Distance will be no obstacle wherever you are in the world. …

“Television as you understand it now will be eventually superseded by holographic images that are of course 3D, and in their experimental stage on Earth already.” (14)

Hopefully that includes decent programming as well! Saul tells us what changes will happen to production then:

“Planned obsolescence is finished. What is produced will be efficient, reliable, long-lasting, and attractive. Ugliness will no longer be an indication of economy and efficiency, and items that are ugly will no longer be produced, while ugly waste products will be eliminated by recycling and [being] returned to the earth.” (15)

There is something to excite everyone in what lies ahead. Our environment will be cleansed, as SaLuSa and Saul tell us:

SaLuSa; “Almost at a stroke problems such as pollution will disappear, and new sources of energy will be non-polluting and freely available” (16)

Saul: “The main causes of toxic industrial waste – steel, aluminum, chemical, and plastic production – will be replaced by clean environmentally friendly substitutes that are far more effective and efficient, and that can be produced locally where needed in much smaller plants.” (17)

“Your whole outlook will change,” SaLuSa predicts, “and life will become what it was always meant to be, one free from stress and instead a joyful and happy experience.” (18)

“Every facet of your lives will be made easier, and life will become idyllic and satisfying. You will have more than ample time to pursue your own interests, and travel will become more comfortable and quicker.” (19)

Living, Saul informs us, “will be easy and sweet, as the competitive pressures that drive the world’s economies dissipate, allowing all to relax, rest, recover from the stress of a heavy industrial environment, and discover, delight in, and follow their bliss!” (20)

We are being given the chance to totally remake the world and ourselves and transform a self-serving planet into a world that works for everyone, as Melchizedek informs us:

“You are being given the opportunity to create a new paradigm, a new pattern that will have far reaching effects that will cause profound changes within the psyche of all of Humanity who will begin to experience renewal and rebirth to untold possibilities for the benefit and highest good of All.” (21)

So this is what lies before us in this year unlike any other year. How can anyone, knowing this, not look forward with hope and delight, even though we see structures collapsing around us and must endure a short time more of conflict and deprivation? We’ve waited this long. We can wait a few short months more. What we’ll enjoy then, our sources have assured us, will wipe away all our tears and lead us speedily into the Golden Age.

SaLuSa tells us what awaits us:

“Be assured every aspect of your lives is taken care of when you live in the higher dimensions. All around you are wonderful energies that are uplifting, and bring you joy and happiness. Shall we jest a little, and say that you will never see sad or depressed Space Being. Our lives are one continual expression of the love that permeates our very being …

Naturally we already know what you will require to finally lift yourself up to be prepared for Ascension. You will be a different person by then and more godlike, and you will truly have become a Being of Light. All of the changes you will experience will be quite exhilarating and leave you in a blissful happy state. It will be the real you, as you were eons of time ago and therefore not feel strange at all.” (22)

“We know you cannot imagine such changes yet,” he says, “but they will come as you might say, fast and furious. There is no time to be lost, but then we are fully prepared for the tasks that lay ahead.” (23)

So have a wonderful New Year’s Eve. Tonight we say goodbye to a world that can no longer hold us. The new one won’t arrive tomorrow. Nothing may seem to have changed. But 2012 will have arrived and we begin our countdown to a new world and a new life of satisfaction and ease.


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