Establishing Direct Contact with the Invisibles

I woke up this morning realizing the number of questions I’d have of Archangel Michael if I had better, easier access to him. I found myself with questions rolling off my mind: how corrupted or clean was U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon?  What is the truth about white slavery? How deeply involved in it is Dyncorp? The CIA? What is the situation that President Obama finds himself in at the present moment? What must Aung Saan Su Kyi do to triumph over the Myanmar military? How soon will she triumph?

On and on the questions rolled. I thought how unsatisfactory access to him once a month was. But increasing that access would mean having funds whose amount was well beyond my means.  Besides the amount of access I’d like would practically tie Linda up. No, I needed direct access. I needed to develop my own telepathic abilities so that I could have continuous contact.

The mere thought of this seemed outrageous. Continuous access to an archangel…. “Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars.” Sure, sure.

But then I thought, Matthew has, for one, discussed this kind of development often.

“Telepathic communication between some souls on Earth and those in other civilizations has been going on ‘close to forever.’” (1)

“Everyone will have the ability to communicate telepathically [in the Golden Age].” (2)

“A measure of the light’s progress that is known perhaps only to the affected persons is the many telepathic connections that are opening.” (3)

So I began to research the topic, which may interest you as well. In the course of it I came across a wonderful discussion in Matthew’s archive. (I look forward to Mike Quinsey adding a search function to SaLuSa’s archive as well, which will increase the breadth of research possible.)  Here is what Matthew had to say on the topic of developing a telepathic connection and other aspects of direct communication with the Invisibles.

Feb. 13, 2011

Another area of great importance is, Earth has reached energy planes that are conducive to the opening of telepathic connections. Everyone has the capacity for this soul-to-soul communion as a birthright—it is an ingredient of the soul. With the higher frequencies prevailing on Earth, those connections are opening at a faster pace than previously; however, do not be discouraged if yours has not. It will when the time for you is right, but be aware that a sense of urgency to communicate with a loved one in Nirvana, for instance, can create an energy barrier and delay connecting.

It is essential that you be mindful that not only light beings—your beloved souls in spirit or ascended masters or members of spiritually advanced physical civilizations—want to talk with you. Dark entities are just as eager to reach you with their disinformation; to preclude their doing so, ask for protection of the Christed light and demand that only light beings may contact you.

Although asking for protection and receiving it is just that easy, you must act responsibly. If you are feeling tired or ill or beset with worries about anyone or anything—any type of stressful condition—do NOT attempt a telepathic connection! To do so would be an open invitation to low entities because your energy level is too low to reach the high vibrations of light beings. Novices may experience self-doubt, which also carries a low vibration, so remember your innate capability and let that give you confidence. But feeling egotistical is a certainty that you will reach low-level beings because egotism carries an energy attachment that is incompatible with light, whereas humility and thankfulness have light vibrations.

Be guided by knowing that light emanating from a telepathic source resonates in the heart; the energy of a low entity acts like a resistor or inhibitor, and alerts you to end the connection. As with all other achievements, practice will increase your discernment as to whether a source’s vibrations are light or low as well as increase your ability to clearly receive the transmissions.

Hand in hand with the growing instances of telepathic communication is the explosion of your “information age.” You are inundated with information, and being discerning about what is truthful and what is not is essential not only to be accurately informed, but because developing discernment is a forward step in spiritual evolvement. The Internet has enabled swift global dissemination of authentic information that previously was known by only a comparative handful, and while it is the best source of myriad factual reports, it is equally useful to the dark ones on and off-planet.

Material purported to be a message from a high light being actually may have been written in government or corporate offices to further their agenda by sprinkling lies amidst familiar spiritual data. In other instances, some receivers, or channels, are unaware that they are reaching base entities that claim to be a well known, respected light source, and they give disinformation that their receivers pass on. Some messages—such as mammoth changes in seas and landmasses will require your evacuation by ETs and when you return to the planet, you’ll have to live underground—are pure nonsense.

Be discerning about all information by asking within, connecting consciously with your soul, wherein the truth lies. If the information flows with ease, it is aligned with your soul’s truth; if you experience a jolting or resistance sensation, it is not. More so than at any other moment in the last two millennia, in this time of ever-intensifying light, intuition is clearer, more emphatic. However, if a mind is closed to all information except that which dovetails with rigid beliefs, the soul’s messages cannot penetrate that barrier.

Yes, we know full well that all of that has been mentioned in many messages from us and other lighted sources. So why are we repeating it? About the time our monthly messages are anticipated, my mother hears from numerous individuals who eagerly are awaiting the message that gives them reason to feel hopeful, optimistic. We do welcome your trust in our information, but counting on it to uplift your spirits and reinforce a positive outlook signifies that our messages are not meeting their purpose. Always the purpose has been to offer spiritual guidance and enlightenment about this transitional period as Earth ascends out of third density and approaches her Golden Age, where you will take your rightful place as members of our universal family. Never have our messages been intended as a substitute for your own abilities!

Far, far beyond the readers who write to my mother, we see those who are lagging in developing discernment and instead depend on messengers such as we to provide the answers sought. We see the lapses into fear when a disastrous event of some kind or another is predicted in Internet articles and the sinking spirits at mainstream media reports. We have told you the myriad ways our space family has long been helping Earth—and representatives of some of those civilizations also have told you—yet there is discouragement because no fleet of ships has landed. We know the dissatisfaction, even alarm, about what is perceived to be happening rather than patience while actual happenings are still unfolding out of public view. And even though we have assured you time and again that you are magnificent souls with powers that are limited only by your thoughts that they are limited, you are hesitant to believe in yourselves.

We tell you that without any meanness of spirit, but rather only with love, and we know that not all of it applies to all of you, but if you recognize yourselves in what we said, please heed our words. You brothers and sisters who are so dear to us, it is imperative for spiritual growth that you stop looking externally for answers and start looking within. Everything you want and need you already have—please believe in yourselves! Every one of you is beloved by all souls in higher spiritual realms, and we fervently wish that you would not approach life as if it were a complex and mysterious endurance test. Life is as simple as living from your heart, letting love be your guide, your understanding and your fulfillment!


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