Come, Go, Be Happy

I was amused the other day to read an article that said that numerous readers of this site were leaving and going over to another site which was preparing several million star seeds and wayshowers to ascend next month.  These fleeing readers were disappointed by my information and behavior in the last few months, blah de blah, etc.

Folks, people come and go from this site every day. I’m happy (and I’m sure the other editors are as well) if people come and happy if people go.  I serve the Boss. He wants this “platform,” as he calls it. The day he doesn’t, I’ll be off doing something else, perhaps meditating as I’m told I enjoy doing.

The relative success of this site, which I’ve said in the past and repeat, is as much a surprise to me as to anyone else. I’m just doing what I do. But if you’ve ever approached me to up my readership or add a gadget that would have more readers find this site, you’ll know I’ve said “no” to all such offers.  Whoever finds this site is fine. I’d rather not get into a game of trying to boost readership and watching the stats, except if doing that improves our service.

I’ve also turned down offers to donate to me personally – not to the Hope Chest or Mike Quinsey, certainly. I’m no more interested in wealth than I am in boosted readership.

I do from time to time note the number of hits a day to gauge how fast people may be awakening. It also tells me a little bit about how many emails to expect.  But my niece can tell you that, though she introduced me to Google Analytics last month, I promptly forgot about it and would only use it if it helped. As long as I can get by without it I will.

Seeking power and prestige is a trap. I battle with arrogance every day and know how it can undermine one’s usefulness. I see it arising within me on occasion as a primitive vasana. I don’t resist it but I also don’t yield to its siren song. Arrogance is actually a pleasant feeling. Self-satisfaction is enjoyable, but it leads one to the most offensive statements and attitudes and is very difficult to remove once it gains a foothold.

I have mostly declined interviews. Stephen from ABC will tell you that I declined his as well initially, but yielded when we had a further and deeper discussion. I am an “owner” over at Share11 because I was requested to join them. I “own” 2012 S discussion group because the Boss requested it. None of this means anything to me.

You may not know it, but I live in a single room, by choice. That room is located in a neighborhood of Vancouver that has a modest reputation, shall we say. I don’t drive a car. My wardrobe is modest. There isn’t very much I need or seek. I look forward to leaving when the Boss says my time is up. And then it’s on to the next assignment – or so he tells me.

I do notice that some recent attacks against me come from people whom I’ve asked to leave discussion groups or who have left for near-similar reasons. I suppose that goes with the territory of being a gatekeeper for a group and I’ll have to live with that.

As for the claim that millions of starseeds and wayshowers will leave next month, I’m not aware of that. The Boss said that some would.  I’ve come to accept the notion of early Ascension, but I don’t think it will include large numbers of people. I’m not sure how we can confirm who has left because many who leave have no relationships that are exercising a tug on them and their “disappearance” leaves no one to report it.

Anyways, I guess I feel inclined to caution you against allying yourself with anyone who attempts to turn spirituality into a rampant business (not like people should not be compensated for their work or supported if in need; they should) or who offer themselves as your savior. The galactics saved the Earth, I grant, but we must “save” ourselves.  “Saving” ourselves is interior work and cannot be done by or guaranteed by another.

My visit with Occupy Vancouver reassured me that the youth of today have the smarts and character to see to their own future. And my recent discussions with you have reassured me that I needn’t worry that people will succumb to rampant spiritual bunk.  But I guess at some place within myself I do have concerns about it.

So do leave this site as soon as it no longer serves you. Go with God and with our best wishes on your spiritual unfoldment and blossoming.  None of us are operating out of need but from an inner impulse to serve.  And none of us are seeking reward or benefit from that service.  The minute our service no longer suits you, we’ll find some other way to contribute.


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