Awaken to the Thrill of It All!

What’s basic to the events of 2012? What’s basic, as far as I know, is this: Enlightenment. Viewed from our perspective as created life forms, the purpose of life, in my view, is enlightenment.

Viewed from God’s perspective, if I’m correct, the purpose of creating life forms is that God should meet God in a moment of our enlightenment. He/she/it created us finger puppets to enlighten, at which point God meets God. (There is no gender in the formless, transcendental absolute.)

Why did God do it? For fun. Life is a leela, a divine drama, that God created for his/her/its own enjoyment.

God did not create misery and struggle: we did. It was never God’s intention that we destroy each other. It’s what we did with his perfect forms and tools.

Ascension is just one of many stages of enlightenment, a waystop on the road Home. A move up from the Third (physical life) to the Fourth (astral plane, afterlife) to the Fifth (mental plane) Dimension.

But on this occasion, we move up with our physical bodies. In the afterlife, moving from Third to Fourth Dimensions, we drop them. And moving up from Fourth to Fifth on the spirit side of life, or to any other dimension in the ethereal realms, we leave our physical bodies far behind.

Let’s spend a moment looking at the wider picture.

Life is a journey from God to God. God sends us sparks of divinity out into the physical world, to experience life from the mineral kingdom, to the plant kingdom, to the animal kingdom, to the human realm, to realms beyond humanity that I don’t know about. There is physical evolution, to be sure, but there’s also spiritual evolution.

In some stages of the journey, we develop feeling qualities, self-consciousness, unitive consciousness, God consciousness, as up Jacob’s ladder of consciousness we go. After self-consciousness we begin to experience levels of enlightenment – spiritual awakening, cosmic consciousness, God-realization, sahaja (the “natural” state) – and at the point of sahaja we’re liberated from the need to be reborn into physicality.

But physicality is not the same as materiality. We don’t escape life in the material world. All of life short of the formless transcendental can be said to be material. Just finer and finer degrees of material. Matter, mater, Mother made all of the material realm and all takes place within it.

The only difference is that now (after entering the Fifth Dimension) we can trade our bodies in without needing to go through a death-and-birth process. We just will ourselves a new form.

Enlightenment continues, virtually endlessly. Perhaps we become angels; perhaps not. But if we do, we go up through nine more orders of life, experiencing higher and higher enlightenments at each step.

Melchizedeks, bodhisattvas, nirmanakaya, elohim (1) – higher and higher levels of existence have us come closer and closer to God, until one day we merge with him/her/it and we’ve completed our journey – and then perhaps we start again. Perhaps we take on special assignments. Nobody really knows.

That’s it. Nothing more to know. Forget all the rest. Just buckle up and have fun, prepared to achieve a really respectable level of enlightenment at the end of the year.

In the meantime, we have the opportunity to enjoy ourselves, working together on projects. And at some point getting a download of money (NESARA), leaving our drudgery and jobs, and welcoming the guests for the party (the galactics, celestials and ascended masters), who are also important figures in the Ascension process.

Then we celebrate and welcome in the New Year and the New World. No hangovers. No leftovers. An entirely new scene with new digs and new capabilities. And new opportunities to travel and see the world, the galaxy, and the universe.

Bring your partner, your children, and your family cat or dog. Children, cats, and dogs travel free. All are welcome. Apparently, all will be looked after better than we can possibly imagine.

This is that year, that time of our life, with magic moments, peak experiences and no bills to pay.

Sounds like a dream come true? It is. Awaken from the nightmare. Dream yourself into your new life. And awaken to the thrill of it all.


(1) “Melchizedeks, bodhisattvas, nirmanakaya, elohim” – Melchizedeks have finished the human rung of evolution; bodhisattvas have declined to enter Nirvana to remain behind and help humanity; nimanakaya are the “Guardian Wall,” spirits who remain outside Nirvana to defend the Earth against major dark influences; and elohim are very high creator spirits, responsible for important issues in evolution and planetary creation.


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