Why Don’t the Galactics Deal with Us?

I was asked a very good question after posting the article on karma. Perhaps the question and answer should get a little wider circulation in the event others have it.

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Based on what I understand in your articles, we have been manipulated and lied to for eons. We have been taught false doctrines, truths and science. … Don’t the people of earth have the right to hear the truths, so we can choose whether or not to believe in karma or ascension. Why are the galactics working with government officials. Why are they not creating agreements with the people of earth. Sometimes I feel like the dark is keeping us in the dark and the light is too. Thanks for your website. I know I truly appreciate all the time and effort you put into it.

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You ask a few questions. Let me give you answers to each. The people of Earth have the right to hear the truth and the Galactic Federation and the spiritual hierarchy ask certain people to represent them and deliver it. SaLuSa and his colleagues (Ker-On, Atmos, Diane, etc.) are representatives of the Galactic Federation and do some of the work of informing us. Hatonn speaking through Suzy Ward and Wanderer of the Skies are examples of other galactics working for the GF who address us.

Matthew Ward is another person who has been asked by the spiritual hierarchy that’s in charge of our wellbeing to speak on their behalf.  Matthew has people behind him of all dimensionalities who funnel answers through him. “Saul” speaking through John Smallman is another example. I believe we’ll find, when they’re ready to reveal it, that both Matthew and Saul (whom I believe to be the apostle “Paul”) are ascended masters.

Other ascended masters also serve this function – like Sanat Kumara, Sananda Kumara, Hilarion, St. Germaine, and so on.  Archangels are also here giving us much valuable information on Ascension and related topics. Therefore there are large numbers of galactic and spirit sources providing us with truth at this moment.

The galactics are beings from the Fifth Dimension and much, much higher. They cannot do otherwise but obey the universal and natural laws, like karma, free will, and attraction. Therefore they must be peaceful in their approaches to Earth. They must deal with officials elected by the people in the case of democracies. In the case of dictatorships, they may still deal with officials but not for the purposes of “cooperating” with them in their dark designs. In the case of democracies overshadowed by the cabal, they deal with the officials but oppose their dark designs. So just because the galactics deal with a government should not be seen as them cooperating with it necessarily.

The people of Earth express their wishes by way of the collective consciousness and the galactics do honor those wishes. But if the galactics opened up direct contact with people for the purpose of effecting change in government (and they have done this covertly with their Earth allies), they might endanger those people’s lives. They are mindful of not doing these or other things that may cause the dictators or shadow states to harm their own citizens or other people. That’s one reason why they won’t disclose their presence until the cabal agrees to lay down its arms, so that the cabal does not harm those who respond favorably to disclosure.

The galactics and spirit hierarchy have been educating us on karma and spirituality since a very long time ago. Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu all came to teach us about them. The Great White Brotherhood has been speaking through the Theosophists, Alice Bailey and numerous others for centuries educating us. Masters like St. Germaine, Kuthumi, El Morya, and Dhjwal Khul have taken human incarnations to found spiritual societies and lead us. So they have done continuous educational work on our behalf.

The galactics cannot force themselves upon us – that is, until a divine deadline has passed. A divine deadline is a deadline set by God after which point the dark’s freewill in the applicable area can be suspended. Once the divine deadline is passed, the galactics can bring in Disclosure, First Contact, NESARA, Ascension, etc. They still may not choose to force issues if doing so threatens lives. But before the deadline they have to honor people’s free will including the free will of the dark. If they did not have to obey that divine order, they could just sweep the dark aside. But they are lawful beings.

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Thanks for your kind words. If I’ve left anything out, just let me know.



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