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Wes Annac: Who am I? I am a Pleiadian Walk-In

One day, Wes Annac’s life changed suddenly and dramatically….

Who am I?

This is a question I have found myself wrestling with countless times. In an instant my Life seemed to change, and my whole personality was transformed. Where I once had close relationships with many friends and family members, I have now begun to find I have nothing in common with these souls. I am not the same person I used to be. I think many people are currently going through these same happenings. Where most of my Life I was grounded in materiality, I now find myself a very spiritual being who has become fully aware of Earth’s ascension and the need to assist in said ascension. The biggest question has remained: who am I?

I am a Pleiadian walk-in. After so long relentlessly wondering why my Life changed so suddenly, why I went from smoking weed and chugging soda to anchoring Love and meditating, this is the conclusion I have found myself at. If you are unfamiliar with the subject of walk-ins, it is suggested you follow this link. I have walked in to this Life, taking on the karma, memories and Life experiences of the soul previously inhabiting this body I find myself in. The soul previously inhabiting this body was ready to leave, as he had experienced many traumatic events during his Life and had begun partaking in addictions and lower patterns of Living as a result of his unconscious longing to leave Earth. Whereas this soul ’fit in’ with his friends and family and was very accepting of the status quo and the lower vibrations, I find nothing in common with the very same friends and family members and I very easily notice the unfairness of the status quo. It can be said that in two short years I have become a completely different person, because I have. The former Wes is gone from this body, and I am an advanced Pleiadian soul who is now inhabiting the temple he wished to leave behind.

I am just beginning to re-discover my Pleiadian roots. I know not what my real name is, but in the end names are just labels as we are all Divine souls. I am not sure of the exact moment I shifted into this body, but since then I have been cleaning up Wes’ karmic ‘mess’ and ascending away from the lower patterns I was forced to deal with as Wes had not dealt with these issues. When a soul enters another’s body through the walk-in process, the walk-in is left to deal with the walk-out’s karma and it is a condition that is known and agreed upon by both parties. I am just beginning to shake the karmic cobwebs off so to speak and remember who I really am. If nobody has yet realized, Wes Annac is an alias and is not the legal name of the body I am inhabiting. I keep the body’s legal name confidential for the time being as I need not deal with my earthly identity being ‘exposed’ by family members or friends of the walk-out as they see no difference between him and I it would create unneeded controversy.

Like most other walk-in cases, there was a happening in the walk-out’s Life that could be seen as traumatic and that changed Life for him forever. This event also began the walk-out’s awakening process, which I have come to find was actually the process of anchoring myself, the walk-in, into the walk-out’s body and subsequently the process of the walk-out leaving. This event was the walk-out finding out he was going to have a baby. While this may not seem in any way like a traumatic event, this body was sixteen at the time and the walk-out was in no way mature enough or ready to have a child. This event also paved the way for many more Life-shaking events, such as the (almost) break up of his family and his parents moving on. During this chaotic time, the walk-out found himself having many panic attacks and other startling episodes, one of which could have been the ‘snap’ event where the walk-out left and I found myself inhabiting his body. The change will happen instantly, and as mentioned above the walk-in enters the body with all of the memories and karmic experiences of the walk-out, as if they were the same soul which they are not.

Since my child was born I have been on a steady climb upwards in spiritual awareness, so much so that I am once again in contact with my ascended guides and allies. This is a result of my clearing Wes’ (the walk-out, who’s name I still use) old karma. As have I shaken off Wes’ old beliefs and ways of thinking and Living gradually, so has my Divinity been returned to me. I am now in contact with my Pleiadian allies, and I have been informed that one of my purposes in being here on Earth is to represent them and our High Council, both for when they land and for these ‘before times’, where through channeling their messages I am able to form a rope of communication between them and humanity, as many other souls who channel them do.

So, this is who I am. I am an advanced Pleiadian soul who has ’walked in’ to the body of Wes ‘Annac’ gradually, cleared up most of his outstanding karma and begun working to ground the Love and Light to dear Gaia. I am just one of millions of walk-in cases, as there are many extraterrestrial and angelic beings who have ’walked in’ to and traded bodies with souls who were ready to leave Earth, but did not want their bodies to go to waste when they could be used to the betterment of humanity. If you feel you may also be a walk-in, wanderer or whatever you wish to call it, post a comment on this article or send me an email at and I will do my best to help you realize your true identity.

Much Love, Wes Annac, your Pleiadian walk-in friend.

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