Technician Phalia Describes Healing Work on the Neptune

Geoffrey West interviewed Phalia and Serenia from Ashira’s ship, the Neptune, flagship of the United Forces of the Outer Galaxies (UFOG) today. The interview was pre-recorded for An Hour with an Angel and will be featured today at 5:00 PST and 8:00 EDT on Blogtalk Radio.

(Graham Dewyea interviewed Master Sgt Clifford Stone yesterday. Don’t miss that interview either.)

Next week Geoffrey intends to focus on star children so have your kids ready at the radio.

I’m going to report on the share of Phalia, the starship healing technician. Serenia is more a scientist and I will leave her share for you to listen to or read in Ellen’s transcript.

Phalia explained the work that transpires in the healing chambers. She said that her role was not like an x-ray technician or ultra-sound technician. A starship healing technician involves themselves in the activity of the chamber but there is no division, no separation between the technology and the technician as there is here.

She’s from the Pleiadian sector and observes a balance between home, work and play.

She has two children and a mate. Their work day begins early. There is family time and preparation for the day. There are no time zones. They cleanse and take time for sacred undertakings to set the energy for themselves, coworkers, those who they will work with (or on) during the day, and for the peace and harmony of the ship.

Her children are young and spend their time in what we would consider daycare, which is very different from ours.

Her shift goes from 7:30 to 2:30 or 3:30, with breaks. She may take sustenance either as sheer energy or what we think of as food. They have many choices onboard if they choose to eat. They very rarely go to what we would consider a cafeteria. If anyone wishes sustenance, they would receive it through the replicator, which is like a microwave on which you punch in what you desire.

The galactics have been observing and working with us for hundreds of years. Their healing activities with us are increasing now. They treat physical, emotional, and spiritual “injuries.” On average she would have as many as ten patients. Se is responsible for and manages the healing station with two other assistants.

Her healing station has an antechamber where the patient relaxes and prepares for the gift or procedure of healing. During this interview time, there is discussion and disclosure about what’s really going on with the patient. Not to the point where they challenge the perception of the individual but some activations that take place for other considerations to come into play.

For example, the cause of an illness may be in our current personal history or past life. A conversation about that will take place. In asking the questions, the healers are already transmitting energy so that the opening to healing is already occurring.

Some people may not be ready to accept healing because their core issues or vasanas (Phalia used the word) are too severe. Part of our healing is remembering.

There is the technology center and the healing chamber. They have what we would think of as computer screens for scanning, attunements for the eight fields that human beings carry. Healing is by energy flows.

They also have crystal beds, but the crystal has been treated so that it is soft, plaint and gentle so that the person does not feel that they are lying on a bed of rock. It cocoons them. People feel relief and release as soon as they lie down.

The patient begins to receive very gentle laser light of color, broader spectrums of light that are, some of them, not known on Earth, in combinations programmed to reflect the diagnosis. The information gathered in the antechamber is added to the scan to correct imbalances. The light begins to penetrate the individual, not just one field or organ, but all fields, all organs, all bodies.

The light is saturated with sound, and light is within more light, pulsating according to what the individual needs. The technicians are receiving constant feedback from the person on the table and adjusting the technology.

One window looks out onto the universe and the patient can watch the ships floating or coming into port. The ships themselves have a healing energy. The sessions are usually around 20-25 minutes.

At the end of the session, the patient can either rest on the crystal table and receive gentle ambient light and sound, as if they were listening to music and resting. Or they can go to their own chamber if they are onboard ship or be teleported back to their bed or their own residence.

On a break she may go to the collective room for her own restoration.

After 2:30 she retires to her chamber. Or they may have in-service training from 2:30 to 3:30. They study our alternative medical healing systems and procedures at our hospitals as part of their ongoing research.

The children may be brought home or they can be picked up. The ships are completely safe so the kids can be guided home or go exploring. They always have family time at night but also sharing communal time. Sometimes it involves sacred undertakings, or some sheer entertainment.

They’ve been watching some of our Earth films as well, which they find amusing and quite scarey. They don’t like the scarey ones but they help them to understand our mindsets. They listen to our radio shows (like this one) and enjoy them.

They give us lightworkers energy boosts sometimes because we are impacted by chaos or cruelty that we see around us. Some of the fleets may be assigned to Archangel Michael in the dismantling arsenals in, say, Egypt or Syria – or in Colorado – and when they return they receive 15-20 minutes in the healing chambers where they are rebalanced and refreshed, renewed and prepared to go back. They are assisting us far more than we realize.

The notion that they are Fifth or higher dimensional beings who “do not get anything on us” isn’t quite correct.

They have a consistent group of clients because they believe that the sense of continuity and connection is important so they want us to know them because we are connected, we are a team.

Serenia came on and discussed the manner in which the galactics are collecting information to cure cancer, leukemia, etc. She discussed going to Elektra to relax. Because they are at a different frequency it is much easier to take time out than it is for us She discussed how the galactics communicate not make on person right and the other wrong, She revealed that within each of the twelve dimensions is twelve planes. That was a piece of information that I have long waited to hear.

But I’ll leave the rest of Serenia’s discussion for tonight’s show. For all you healers, there’s a look at healing onboard the ships.

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