How Do We Know We Can Trust the Galactics? – Part 3

And the third way in which we can know that we can trust the galactics is to look at who trusts them, who works with them, and who urges us to trusT them.

But here we encounter anomalies which show us that terminology like “galactics” is in the end meaningless. For instance, Sanat Kumara, known to many spiritual traditions as Quetzcoatl, the Ancient of Days, Skandha, Subramanya, Ahuramazda, etc. He is the planetary logos for Earth.

And yet he comes from Venus in a higher dimension. Is he not an extraterrestrial? We had this interesting discussion on An Hour with an Angel that illustrates how often it’s meaningless to use a distinction like “extraterrestrial” in a unitive, multi-dimensional world.

Steve Beckow: Before we begin, can I just confirm for our listeners that you were known to ancient Persians as Ahura Mazda, ancient Hebrews as the Ancient of Days, and ancient Hindus as Subramanya. Is that correct?

Sanat Kumara: Yes, that’s correct.

SB: And you consider Venus in a higher dimension as your home, do you not?

SK: That is correct. …

SB: Well, if I could just make a point for our listeners, we have a television program called Ancient Aliens which says that when some extraterrestrials came to Earth they were treated as gods. In a certain sense, you could be pointed to as an example of this, could you not? You came to Earth from Venus, and you were looked upon as a god.

SK: Yes. Yes. … But let me be very clear. I do not present myself as a god.

SB: No, I understand that, but I’m just trying to illustrate that point about what Ancient Aliens is saying. (1)

So is the ruler of this planet a terrestrial or an extraterrestrial?

Are most of us who read this extraterrestrials? As starseeds, we come from other planets. Many people on Earth have had lifetimes on other planets. Are they extraterrestrials?

If I were to say that Sananda overlit Jesus during the latter’s ministry, I would again be referring to what we would consider an extraterrestrial, because Sananda is also from higher-dimensional Venus.

If Jesus trusted Sananda, is it not safe for us to do so as well?

Among the supposedly terrestrial saints who recommend the galactics is Saul, who is the higher aspect of the one who was St. Paul. Matthew Ward, who I’m led to believe comes from a high dimension, recommends the galactics as well. And we could point to all the ascended masters who are regularly asking us to cooperate with our stars brothers and sisters: Hilarion, St. Germain, Melchizedek, Serapis Bey, El Morya, Dhjwal Khul, etc.

And how could I forget the constant blandishments of the one I serve, Archangel Michael, and the other archangels?

So the third reason why we might be persuaded to trust the galactics is to harken to those who invite us to trust them.

There is also a fourth reason and I’ll touch on that tomorrow.


(1) “Sanat Kumara on the Purpose of Life, the Universal Law, and the Longing for Liberation,” at

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