Galactics and Spirits Follow a Divine Plan

What is the Divine Plan?

As more and more people awaken to the galactics’ presence around the Earth, the first and most important question they will ask is: why are they here? The galactics have been very patiently telling us for years through channelled messages why they are here. SaLuSa of Sirius gives us the short answer:  “As you must know by now we are not here in great numbers by chance. It is to fulfil the Creator’s Plan for this Universe.” (1)

What is that Plan? He tells us:

“Your All-Loving God has plans well beyond your understanding and the goal is to successfully move your Universe into the higher vibrations. That process is well advanced, and you and your Earth are being prepared to be part of that upliftment.” (2)

Most other parts of the universe are aligning with the Plan, except Earth, where dark forces, known as the Illuminati, the New World Order, the secret state, or the military-industrial complex, have opposed it, SaLuSa says.

“The Creator has expressed a desire that all within your Universe shall ascend and it is only your Earth that is experiencing a battle to be part of that upliftment. All other planets and dimensions are sufficiently advanced to move with the changes without any difficulty. “(3)

We hear a similar message if we listen to Earth’s ascended masters rather than the galactics. Here is St. Germain for instance.

“There is an immutable plan that is well advanced for your final experiences, that shall lift you out of duality fully into the Light and Love that knows no equal or limitations. Your future is assured amongst the dimensions of Light, and every step you take is nearer to the Source of All That Is. The Angels sing their praises for you and Heaven awaits your return at last.” (4)

If we ever doubted the galactics, we have only to observe their past actions. SaLuSa tells us: “Over the years … our actions have shown that we of the Galactic Federation are on a divine mission.” (5) Their actions will show, Mira the Pleiadian tells us, that “we serve the Creator in whatever manner is needed.” (6)

The Divine Plan has existed since ancient times, says Atmos of Sirius.

“The plan of enlightenment started long ago and has brought about an awakening that has moved you onto the path of Ascension. It is one of major opportunity to leave the Earth in its present lower dimension and proceed with it to the higher levels.” (7)

The Plan has been known for a long time, SaLuSa tells us.

“It was known even when you first came to Earth that the cycle would complete with your successful Ascension. The power behind these events is the Creator, and although freewill is ever operating, some are pre-ordained.” (8)

Many prophets have spoken of it, he informs us.

“The coming Ascension has been the subject of many teachings and messages for a very long time, as the end times have been clearly defined since this cycle began so long ago. It is the whole purpose of everything that has been taking place.” (9)

The galactics’ response to Creator’s Plan, he says, has also “been in place for a long time and updated and ready to commence at a minute’s notice.” (10)

He informs us that, “as you can imagine spiritual matters are highly organised and progress is coordinated for Humankind so that as many souls as possible move into the Light.” (11) “Gradually,” SaLuSa says, “the awakening process has started to yield results.” (12)

SaLuSa of Sirius

The overall circumstances of life, as I have remarked on several occasions, (13) are designed so that the Divine can experience Itself. I’ve called this on occasion a “game.” Hindus call it a “divine play” or leela. As a group calling itself the “Heavenly Hosts” once put it, life “is all just experience to satisfy the Creator’s desire to experience Itself through Its creations.” (14) SaLuSa indicates his knowledge of this game as well when he says:

“You are all acting out your roles for the benefit of the whole, and a game it may be, but one that is deadly serious. The emphasis is on getting you to awaken to your true selves, and taking responsibility for all you do.” (15)

Terrestrial spirits like Saul tell us that “it is your Father’s Will and yours that you make this move back into His glorious Presence where you belong and where everlasting bliss awaits you.” (16)

A group calling itself the “Light Beings.” probably composed of angels or celestials, reminds us that “the kingdom of God is coming to earth.”

“Yes, it will take time in earth days. But remember the kingdom will be rebuilt by souls like you. … Rest assured that the Plan is unfolding exactly as it should.” (17)

It’s unfolding exactly as it should because the Divine Plan is perfect. Says SaLuSa: “The grand plan for Man is perfect in its concept and whatever path you take, it will always lead to your goal.” (18)

The Divine Plan Cannot be Thwarted

God’s edict cannot be thwarted. The galactics are well able to accommodate any circumstance to see that it is accomplished.

“There is a clearly-defined plan for your future, but we can easily accommodate any changes necessary. We follow all events taking place on Earth, and as a result can adjust our actions accordingly. However, there is a core plan which shall manifest and take you through to Ascension as intended. …

“The path to Ascension is to be cleared of any attempts [by the dark forces] to prevent it from manifesting, and be sure, Dear Ones, that when a divine edict is given it is the Law of the Creator.” (19)

Terrestrial spirit teachers agree that the Divine Plan is unstoppable. Saul says: “The divine plan continues to unfold precisely as intended, and as it must; nothing else is possible.” (20) And Jesus: “There is a divine timing about everything. Nothing is ever done by chance; it is all by divine plan.” (21) The ascended master Hilarion informs us that “there [are] just a few more steps to do and complete, from the Cosmic Viewpoint, until the Divine Plan is fully anchored upon the Earth.” (22)

The Details of the Divine Plan have been Worked out by Higher Councils

The Divine Plan was conceived “at a higher level” than our reality, SaLuSa informs us, and “it will not change except for divine intervention.” (23) Matthew Ward reveals that evolved beings worked out its details and the galactics are here to implement them.

“The highest universal council members … long ago conceived and crafted the Golden Age’s master plan. The plan included millions and millions of souls from advanced civilizations whose essential assistance on, within and above Earth assured that she not only would survive death throes, but would be restored to her original paradise self, where all her people live in harmony with each other and all of Nature.” (24)

SaLuSa also explains that “the Elders have ensured that there is no shortage of attention to your needs, and the end times are meticulously planned for total success.” (25)

Apparently we also played a part in its design. Says Damur of Antares: “You helped to design the Grand Plan that you find yourselves in.” (26)  Everything that is happening now in the battle of the dark against the Light is part of that plan, St. Germain says.

“[Your galvanization against the dark] is in accordance with the plan of the High Councils and Elohim for the destiny of Earth and its people. What appears simply a physical confrontation is in fact occurring on a number of different levels and you are lifting yourselves up and driving the dark forces back until they will eventually leave your vibration. What a glorious future awaits you as you take your place amongst the ascended Beings, having achieved your own Ascension.” (27)

There is No Reason for Fear

There are no grounds for fear, SaluSa assures us.

“Your glorious future is absolutely certain, and it is written into the plan decreed by the Creator.” (28)

“Let us repeat that there is nothing to fear, your future is absolutely assured — and that is by Divine Decree. A Universal edict has been served on all creation that has responded by preparing in readiness for the great change to the higher dimensions.

“You have to be helped, which is why we are here in great numbers. Now you can see why we work incessantly with our allies, as we are keen to get started through direct contact with you. That is not far away now, but we shall choose our time well when it is most suitable for a successful open first contact.” (29)

“Part of our actions is to ensure that you safely reach the end of your journey, and we abide by the Creator’s decree that it shall be so. We can therefore tell you that you have nothing to fear where your future is concerned.” (30)

We have much help available to us from both galactic physical civilizations and the spirit planes, Diane of Sirius informs us: “To ensure completion of God’s Divine Plan, many souls have volunteered to assist you make it to the Golden Age that follows Ascension.” (31)

Our awakening at this time is all part of that plan, SaLuSa says: “The Divine Plan is calling upon many souls incarnate upon Earth, to come into their own and be the leaders that they are already.”(32)

First Contact will Reassure Us

As long as the galactics remain on board their ships, it’s hard for us to appreciate their purpose and role, but, SaLuSa tells us, “once we can openly visit you, your doubts and frustrations will disappear, as you will quickly realize that we are the Creator’s representatives on a divine mission.” (33) “Our presence is … part of the greater plan,” he says on, “and we will join you at the appropriate time and ensure your progress takes off in leaps and bounds.” (34)

After First Contact, all will proceed in a rapid and organized fashion. Says SaLuSa:

“There will be a co-ordinated plan between our allies, and us of the Galactic Federation and events will follow quickly once they get started. At each stage we shall prepare you for what follows, as it is so important that our actions are clearly understood. We do not thrust things upon you without due consideration as to how it will affect you. …

“At times it will seem hectic, but the object is to clear out that which has no place in your future.” (35)

Until then, Mira the Pleiaidan tells us that “little by little the divine orchestration continues.” (36) Atmos the Sirian agrees: “All proceeds in an orderly manner with purpose even if you cannot grasp it.” (37)

Of both spirits and galactics, Saul informs us: “We are all waiting with heightened awareness, as the intensity of our expectations increases moment by moment for the unveiling of the masterplan for planet Earth. Its implementation will completely change the way that humanity lives on Earth.” (38)


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