Corroboration of Humanity’s Quarantine

Bob Dean's Image of a Mars Base

We’ve heard it said often that humanity has been quarantined on this planet but that that quarantine will soon be lifted.  I was looking through New Maps of Heaven for other reasons and came across a number of discussions of exactly that situation.

These are not galactics speaking, but terrestrial spirits like the novelist and afterlife researcher Steward Edward White and the spirit guide of psychic Betty Bethards.

White reveals that the Earth has been quarantined in an interview with Dr. Robert Leichtman.

Steward Edward White: Man is always going to satisfy his curiosity and this is healthy. It is meant, you know, for man to travel in the universe. This is intended.

However, at the present time, there are several influences – and it’s not just the White Brotherhood – that are keeping man earthbound. The universal community is waiting for man on earth to grow a bit more.

And, yes, there is a universal community of living beings. I don’t want the flying saucer enthusiasts to get all excited over this, but there are intelligences on other planets, and it is meant for man to travel. Man has already traveled off this planet eons ago, but you have all forgotten how to do it – intentionally.

Leichtman: Intentionally?

Yes, scientific thinking is being influenced in slightly misleading directions by beings from another planet so that space flight won’t be practical at the present time. (1)

Leichtman’s colleague, Paul Winters questions White on the reasons for the quarantine.

Paul Winters: Would [the] restriction on our space travel be because of our stage of evolution?

White: Yes! The universal community has “quarantined” the earth for the time being. This is not a punishment; it is just that man on the earth is not ready to join the universal community. And the universal community does not want to be infected at this time.

And all the flying saucers floating around are not from Mars, nor are they hallucinations. There are some that are from other solar systems. …

Winters: There was a “space message” sent out recently with two pictures in the human form and various symbols. Was that an inspired thing?

White: Apparently it was. I’m having to ask for some help answering that, because the question is a little bit out of my ken. Part of that design was inspired by an extraterrestrial. That little plaque has an additional meaning to the universal community.

Winters: So mankind will see the purpose of that plaque fulfilled? White: Oh, yes. You may yet see it in your lifetime. Apparently, a lot will depend on what will happen in the scientific community in the next few years. (2)

Betty Bethards also asked her guide about the quarantine and received this answer.

Q: Are we on earth meant to establish colonies on other planets in our solar system or not to do this?

A: This will cause a great deal of consternation among scientists as well as the general public. We feel that mankind must work on himself in his own planet first rather than trying to contact or to improve relations with someone on a distant planet. It is more essential to change this world at this time than it is to go searching for the stars. Yet mankind has a history of looking everywhere but within himself. (3)

So both the space coalitions like the Galactic Federation and our own White Brotherhood, the local hierarchy, are agreed that humans will not be allowed to explore and colonize space past this solar system. We’ve heard that from our sources in the Company of Light as well, who say that humanity is too belligerent at present to be allowed to leave the local system, even though the secret space fleet, Solar Warden, travels as far as Mars and has bases there according to people like Billy Meiers, Bob Dean, Andrew Basiago, Arthur Neumann, and others.


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